Chapter 864. The Land of the Tiger and the Wolf


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Said stood in the same place and watched Mu Ning Xue leave. He was enraged.

He is a representative of one of the oldest teams, lost, and lost to a girl!

Said was just pissed off. His physical torment was aggravated by the emotions of defeat.

He gritted his teeth – now it was simply unbearable to look at him.

At this moment, he was completely overwhelmed by pain in his leg!

“Ahhhh,” Said growled. The sound that came from his throat was more like an animal.

– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Said realized that he could not fully stand on his feet, since one of the feet is not.

Chilled blood flowed from his wound, he himself was pale, and his whole body proceeded in a cold sweat.

– Faster, to the rescue! Hurry, help me! You, barbarians! – Said shouted.

He hurried to the place where his leg remained. His cry could hear everything.

This is called “pay the bills”!

There was not a drop of sympathy on the face of the teacher Bai Dongwei – his student had no easier life!

Compared to the state in which Yue Tansin was, the severed foot was nonsense. He himself brought the situation to this!

In such a situation, the magic of healing could not help much. He lost his leg, and Mu Ning Xue behaves so arrogant!

No one sympathized with him. Yes, he himself came to this with his arrogant behavior, and he himself decided to lose his legs.

As for the healing magic, now it was more relevant to Yue Tansin, whose life could still be at risk. The bleeding of Sayid was slowed by the cold around.

– You … you … I, Sayid, swear that I will avenge you! – the guy growled.

He shouted louder and louder, but no one paid attention to him, and no one even brought him a hemopreparation.

He continued to roll on the ground, tears poured from his eyes, and snot from his nose.

He grabbed bits of ice, trying to numb the leg.

Unfortunately, with the departure of Mu Ning Xue, most of the ice also melted, and what he had to use was more melting snow.

“I beg, I beg you, help me …” Said said.

– Now you do not swear? – lively asked Bai Dunway.

“Do not … do not swear,” Said’s face relaxed a little, as the remnants of ice had their anabolic effect.

“Apologize to Yue Tansin,” said Bai Dongway.

“Sorry, sorry, I was too self-confident,” Said hissed, shedding tears.

He lowered his head and saw that the snow had completely melted, and his foot was now beginning to hurt badly again.

– Help me, save me faster! I already apologized, – Said begged.

His most worried now was the pain, which intensified with each passing second — such anguish was beyond the power of an ordinary person.

Bai Dunway also did not hesitate any longer and called the healing magician.

Yue Tansin’s condition has already stabilized, but she still needs to spend some time in the hospital. It is not known when she will fully recover.

Saeed’s situation was not so critical. If the severed foot is in its original state, then it will be able to grow back without problems, and the glow of the healing element can help the healing of the entire foot as soon as possible.

– Here’s another, why give him treatment? He himself brought himself to this! – Li Yijun muttered.

The rest thought about as well. The team of the state guard of China fought with such a number of teams, but have not yet encountered such an arrogant and mediocre attitude towards themselves.

– Mu Ning Xue! Good girl! – sincerely said Mu Nu Jiao.

Mu Ning Xue nodded her head, once again adopting a sculptural pose.

– They will not get their badge, and we can say, interrupted a series of our failures.

– Yes! It’s good that Mu Ning Xue came! Otherwise, we would not get any resources at all, which are still not enough. Everyone thinks only of the national team, and no one thinks about the state guards.

Saeed had already been taken to the rest room, and he himself could no longer stand in the face of hundreds of magicians.

Bai Dunway gave the order to take their seats.

The students were very obedient, and they each sat in their own place.

– I will not talk a lot about today’s situation, you yourself know everything. If it were not for the arrival of Mu Ning Xue, we would have dropped even lower. This would not have been able to overpower many of you. I understand your human emotions, but you need to remember that you are the cream of the young magical community of our country, and such negative emotions do not make you stronger. I want you to understand that there are different people in this world: kind, polite and well-mannered, but also full and arrogant, rude and uncouth. I want you to be courteous, friendly and polite when meeting with the first. If you meet people of the second type, then you must show them what the Chinese magicians are capable of! “Bai Dunway didn’t scream, but his voice sounded very clear.

A country of ceremonies can be a country of a tiger and a wolf * (This is China, in which respect and respect for people play a huge role, and the phrase “country of a tiger and a wolf” is used, which means greed and inhumanity). With all his heart, Bai Dunway hoped that among all these guys there would be at least a few who did not dream of laurels of glory as a member of the national team, but really wanted to stand guard over the state. It was to them that he addressed his speech so that in the next meeting with such a scum they would beat hard!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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