Chapter 865. Lightning magic at a high level!


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A guy with a high head appeared from a three-stage tower. There was an expression on his face, as if the whole world belonged to him.

“Ha-ha-ha, I, Guanyin, have reached the average level in my second element, now they will look at me with different eyes,” one boy rejoiced for himself.

At the same time, another guy appeared from behind him, his hairstyle was not so provocative, he was just dressed, but his mood was just as joyful and smug.

– Ha ha ha! Old Man handled! Yes, I really talent! – he praised himself.

Guanyin, being very friendly, decided to talk to a man who was about the same age with him: “Friend, I see you also achieved success. And I made a breakthrough, I think we should fix this thing. Soon dinner, and I invite you to eat a fried meat! ”.

– Goes, – the lad, without hesitation for a long time, agreed.

– Come, come. Ha ha ha, what a great mood. By the way, brother, what department will you be from? – asked Guanyin.

“From the fire department,” answered the interviewee.

– Fire … yes there is a very big competition. However, when you left, I noticed electric sparks around you, so I thought that you must be from the lightning faculty, ”Guanyin said.

“Yeah, lightning is my second element,” the student replied.

– Wow, the magician of the elements of fire and lightning, boldly! My name is Guanyin, I am from the faculty of the element of light. We will be familiar, brother, maybe someday we will be able to help each other. You say you made a breakthrough in lightning magic? Fire and lightning is a very powerful combination, congratulations! Did you spend a lot of energy? – was interested in Guanyin.

– Yes, this time at the breakthrough to the galaxy I almost fell through. With this thought, I began to strain even more, I almost lost my mind, but still managed to break this barrier. I feel numb, ”said Mo Fan.

Guanyin, hearing these speeches, laughed and slapped the guy on the shoulder: “Brother, you’ve already got a little confused with this cultivation and confused the nebula with the galaxy. The galaxy belongs to high-level magic, and you made a breakthrough in the nebula. High level for us is something unrealizable, a dream. I don’t even know if we can break through to a high level until the end of life … ”

Mo Fan did not say anything.

However, Guanyin, looking at Mo Fang, still asked: “This is … you do not want to say that you made a breakthrough to a high level?”.

Mo Fan, smiling, nodded his head.

Guanyin’s face instantly changed, and he still said with a smile: “You’re almost the same age with me, how can you be a high-level magician? Do not joke like that … ”

Guanyin again carefully examined Mo Fan, drawing attention to his cultivation. Mo Fan also looked at him. Even though he also made a breakthrough today, he never underestimated people, so this was not a problem for him.

In the end, after a few seconds Guanyin stood petrified in his place.

Because of his breakthrough to the middle level, he felt like a wimp in front of a high-level lightning magician.

Guanyin brought Mo Fan to a good place to serve delicious meat, only he ate without much appetite, although right after the three-stage tower it seemed to him that his stomach was already stuck to his spine.

Mo Fan, on the other hand, did not steam so much, so he quickly emptied the whole plate.

“Thank you very much for the dinner, next time let’s have a drink together,” Mo Fan contentedly went to the exit.

Guanyin forced a smile from himself, but for some reason, he felt as if he had failed.

Upon returning to the hostel, Mo Fan discovered that there was no one there, and he wanted so much to share his joy!

– High level! High-level lightning magic!

– We need to urgently inform Tang Yue!

Mo Fan sent her a message in the hope that she would instantly send back her admiration for him, but she did not do this, apparently, she was busy with cases in a magical court.

He also sent a message to Ling Ling, because now they can take even more serious things in the hunters’ league, which means that now you can earn a lot more!

At that moment the key turned in the door.

Mo Fan, confident that he was his female partner, immediately jumped off the couch.

Mu Nu Jiao appeared at the door. Her figure was already very stately, however, her status as a girl from high society was once again emphasized by her walking.

– Syuurpriz!

Jiaojiao, long time no see! Come I will give you a hug….

Mo Fan stepped forward hoping to get a hug. However, without receiving a response, he noticed another very familiar face behind Mu Nu Jiao.

– Bag, give me. Well, really, how can you wear such heavy things? I’ll take. Xuesue, what winds are you here? Surprised! Did you come to Shanghai and say nothing to me? I would meet you! – Mo Fan snatched a small handbag out of Mu Nu Jiao’s hands.

Mu Nu Jiao threw off her shoes and invited Mu Ning Xue to enter.

Ms. Ning Xue is now officially listed as a state security team, and she was supposed to receive housing, but since she had just arrived in Shanghai, and they had survived so much even in the same Jinling, Mu Nu Jiao invited her to her place.

Mu Nu Jiao did not tell her that Mo Fan lives with them, she didn’t even know that he was in the national team, and why he was missing for such a long time.

Ai Tu Tu, too, recently did not appear in the hostel and Mu Nu Jiao, who was left alone in such a large area, decided to invite Mu Ning Xue to live, so that she could keep her company. She could not have imagined that Mo Fan had already returned.

– Oh yes. Mo Fan also lives here, I forgot to tell you, – Mu Well Jiao smiled.

– Do you live together? – heatedly said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Nu Jiao immediately blushed. Embarrassed, she showed up to the rooms upstairs: “This is not what you thought, we are just neighbors. He lives there, and I’m with a neighbor in another room. The best hostel of Mingzhu University is located in this building, so I had to settle in such a composition. ”

Mu Ning Xue was discouraged. Mu Nu Jiao lives with a guy who is also Mo Fan. Hearing the explanation of the girl, she did not answer.

If she really cohabited with Mo Fan, she certainly would not have brought her to her.

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