Chapter 866. Salan Fled


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It is not clear why, but after Mu Ning Xue entered the room, Mo Fanya began to torment her conscience.

Most likely, this is because of the aura of the little woman. He had unkind thoughts in his head, if he was caught in a rash, he would have nowhere to hide them.

– Rather, sit down! Didn’t we agree that you would say hello to me, then I’ll scam you. Are you ashamed! – Mo Fan laughed dryly, but after a while he was afraid that Mu Ning Xue would see any clue.

In fact, no clue could be seen, but Mo Fan acted unnaturally.

Mu Ning Xue did not care for Mo Fang, and Mu Nujiao told about what had just happened in the state security.

Upon hearing this story, Mo Fan slammed the table.

Only Mu Nujiao finished her story, when Lin Lin entered the house, she was dressed in clean blue school clothes, holding a glass of milk tea in her hands. She had plump cheeks that she wanted to cuddle.

However, her eyes were not as clean as most girls of her age. They reflected indifference with a drop of insight.

– Ling Ling! – Mu Nujiao had unforeseen business, and this little girl has not come for a long time. She usually comes to find Mo Fang. Lin Lin – the hunter, assistant Mo Fang.

So many girls in the room and only Mo Fan is the only guy! He suddenly felt happy.

– If I am not on time, then I will run another time. – Ling Ling has not had time to go beyond the front door.

– First tell me what’s wrong. Said M Fan.

Lin Lin came because she was told about a reward. She was crazy all day at school. After all, she was a hunter, one of the best hunters in Shanghai!

– Now I will tell everything in order. – Lin Lin took off her shoes, threw a glass of milk tea in the trash.

Looking at her, Mu Ning Xue secretly wondered what Mo Fan decided to discuss such a monetary reward with this girl – a schoolgirl.

– Initially, a magical court was responsible for resolving this case. But then the members of the court quickly realized that it would be easier to declare a reward to private associations of hunters so that the best hunters would come and prevent the coming disaster. I think you will be interested in this business, although the risk is very high. – Lin Lin pulled out a notebook, opening a map of Shanghai and its environs.

Mo Fan noticed that there was an irregular rectangular island on the map, which was located at the place where Yangtze fell into the sea. It was a huge island at the mouth of the river.

– Isn’t it Chongming County? – Mu Nujiao recognized the area where the island was located at first sight.

– Yes, after the disaster in Xi’an, Salan lost influence in the west of China and fled abroad. They tried to find him, he was even ordered to arrest him. But judging by the latest news, Salan could have escaped abroad just through Chongming county. “Ling Ling pointed to an island at the mouth of the Yangtze River, her face was very serious.

Mu Ning Xue and Mu Nujiao, who were sitting on the sidelines, were shocked.

This girl, dressed in a school uniform, talked about a case connected with the black church, and about a person like Salan.

“Hm-hhm – Mo Fan coughed, letting Lin Ling know that she was interrupting her story for a while.

Upon learning that this is a black church affair, Mo Fan did not want other people to be involved. The methods of the black church were terrifying and it is better to be careful with them. Mo Fan was not afraid of the black church, but he did not want the people around him to be in any way connected with this affair.

– So, and there are no other money offers? – Mo Fan did not want to continue to listen to Ling Ling.

It was better to deal with this case on its own, without pulling in Mu Ning Xue … Mo Fan didn’t want anyone else to hear about it.

Ling Ling was nodding her head: “The price of other offers is very low, the biggest reward is the one I started talking about. The magical court wants to eradicate the black church, therefore … ”

“Well, why should you, such a little girl, know so much!” – Mo Fan interrupted the words of Ling Ling.

Seeing that Mo Fan abruptly became cruel to her, the astute Lin Ling decided not to continue.

– Let her finish. – Mu Ning Xue already understood that this girl was not as simple as it seemed at first sight. In addition, she talked about the black church, so it was interesting to listen to her.

“Since the magical court took up this case, then we don’t need to intervene.” I better tell you the good news! – Mo Fan dramatically changed the topic of conversation.

– You think I did not pay attention? -Mu Ning Xue stared at Mo Fang, her mood visibly deteriorated.

How could she not pay attention to this conversation, because the black church destroyed the city of Bo, destroyed her clan. Due to the fact that Mu He was tied to a black church, their whole clan now faced such shame as a change of surname!

“I don’t even have my own last name now!” Even if there was no reward, I would still accept this offer in order to deal with the black church once and for all! – said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue knew that Mo Fan, Zhang Xiaohou, and Mu Bai were desperate to fight the black church in Xi’an. But once they did, then she wants to fight. Her relatives also died in this deadly battle!

– Ling Ling, come back! Said Mo Fan to the girl.

Lin Ling, without further ado, turned and left.

As soon as the door closed, the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. Mu Ning Xue stared hard at Mo Fang, her gaze was cruel.

Mu Nujiao also felt that these two were not very friendly, so she tactfully went to the second floor, closing the door behind her.

– No need to decide for me! – said Mu Ning Xue Mo Fang.

– Naturally, I can not make decisions for you. But the hold is in my hands, and Ling Ling is my partner. If I said do not agree to participate in this matter, then you do not need to do this! – confidently answered Mo Fan.

– You…. – Mu Ning Xue was very angry, but could not speak out.

– Listen to me, do not interfere in matters related to the black church. At least don’t do it now. – sincerely said Mo Fan.

“My father’s adopted son is a member of the black church.” His native younger brother is at the top of this church. My dad is now in a bind, and if I fold my hands and don’t do anything, all the hatred will fall on my father! Our relatives completely lost their mind. They want him to pay with his life for their loved ones. And my father does not even have the opportunity to see me … – Mu Ning Xue turned her back, she was very excited.

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