Chapter 87: Barrier of Lake Seimei


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“Now we will begin the College Confrontation Exam with the Brave Men’s College Selection Class’ Jergacanon ‘vs. Demon King’s College 3rd Regeneration Class and Lee Best Squad. Fight with dignity so as not to tarnish the honour and pride of your ancestors.”

Diego signals the start of the exam.

We were on the shore of the lake, watching what was going on underwater. Inside the lake, Hayabusa, a member of the College of the Brave, swims to fly, sending footage from his eyes to Remote Clairvoyance.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Anos”

Menow came by and told me.

“What are you talking about?

“About you, Lee Best. I don’t like it. It’s a tough hit.”

“What, that rhetoric of the royalists is not what started now”

Menow gives me such a sorry look.

“Lee Best, you’re usually a sweet girl. But most of all, I have respect for the tyrannical Demon King, and I’m proud of my blood.”

Menow says, staring at < Remote Clairvoyance (Limneto) >.

“Lee Best, you are now the strength to contend for the third regeneration chief, though. When I went to school, I was falling apart. I couldn’t exercise magic and become a squad leader.”

“That’s unexpected.”

“Right. Leebest, you didn’t really like every fight. That’s why he refused military magic or attack magic developed for battle somewhere in his mind.”

“You’re the devils.”

“Maybe so. He didn’t like the Demon King who did everything he could to abuse him. I don’t think I could recognize myself for pulling that blood.”

It’s a difficult thing.

Whatever your ancestors are, whatever your blood is, you will be yourself.

Well, isn’t it even easy to think so in this day and age?

“What changed that man?

You remember that time, Menow said with a nostalgic look.

“When that kid was in second grade, he had a Demon King’s Army (Guys) class, but it was revealed that he didn’t really like every fight. They talked me out of quitting Demon King’s College.”

Demon King’s College classes are battle-biased.

If you don’t like every fight, you can’t.

“So I said. The Demon King’s Army (Guys) is military magic, and it was definitely developed for war. But my ancestors must have developed that magic to protect the Demons. Otherwise, I don’t think a tyrant demon king whose life is being targeted by many enemies would make magic that would give him his magic.”


“Is that in the textbook?

“You don’t need a teacher if you just teach what’s in your textbook.”

Certainly. It’s quite a teacher-like thing to say.

“Anos, don’t you think?

“Well, I don’t know”

When I said so, Misha turned to me.

She smiles as if she could see through.

“Sometimes we need strength to defend something, even if we don’t like every dispute. I told you that maybe even my ancestors didn’t want to fight like you, Lee Best. I think that was very important to him. Lee Best, you have grown to respect your ancestors and to be proud of yourself as a royal family.”

“That went too far and made me royalist.”

Menow laughs bitterly.

“Kind of. I think he’s more special than a normal man, the tyrant demon king.”

So, more than normal, you don’t like me naming a tyrant demon king?

Perhaps you also have respect for the mentor who guided you then.

I guess that’s why he tried to respond to Menow’s thoughts until he snagged at me for not liking it.

“Look. He’s my proud godson. I’m sure we’ll win.”

Menow laughed that way.

Looking at Remote Clairvoyance (Limneto), it was about time that movement appeared in both factions.

Jergacanon is based in an underwater city lined with temples and buildings in the lake, with the Lee Best squad positioned near underwater caves with many rocky mountains and more.

You won’t have to worry about suffocating unless your magic is depleted because you use the magic of.

“Dear Lee Best, we’re ready!

Subordinates say with perseverance.

Whether Lee Best has a good handle or strength, the tone of the crew can be seen with respect.

Or maybe it’s because of the effort that went from falling to fighting for the chief.

“Do it.”


First, on Stone Street, Lee Best built Demon King Castle in his own position.

It’s an elongated castle like a tower. Its surrounding water currents swirled violently, turning it into a wall of water that prevented it from entering Demon King’s Castle.

As a result of the change in water flow, fish and boulders that have flowed to be inhaled are drunk by the vortex of that water and torn to bits.

Apparently, it has a terrain effect that enhances water attribute magic. How could the Lee Best Squad’s castle builder (Guardian) seem to excel at building only two Demon King castles that can have that much vortex with just the draining magic?

“Beautiful Demon King Castle”

Misha squeaks watching.

“I guess that means it’s not three regenerations to Dada. We can’t make all those castles yet for the first time.”

Misha puts on her little neck in a strange way.

Except for you.

Kokoku nodded.

“Spellman (Sherman), we’ll do a reconnaissance first. The big difference between < Brave Troops (Asla) > and < Demon Kings Army (Guys) > is that besides the brave (Brave), they are the wise (Weissman). Instead of being able to build a stronghold on Demon King’s Castle, they should exercise special assisted magic by the Wise Man.”

Hmm. Exactly. You seem to be studying the Brave Troops a little bit.

There are three Lee Best Squad Spellmasters (Sherman). One person stretches a magic net over a wide area, confirming the location of the College of the Brave, etc. One uses demonic eyes to explore magical changes, etc. And one person magically manipulates the fish swimming in the lake, exploring enemy trends in detail.

What I’m looking for is a wise man (Weissman).

< Brave Troops (Asura) > brings the benefit of Attack Magic Enhancement to the Brave (Brave), for example, in the Mage (Mage), and the benefit of Heal Magic Enhancement to the Brave (Brave), respectively, if you are a healer (Healer).

Instead, it is the Mage (Mage) and the Healer (Healer) who suffer the disadvantage.

However, only a wise man (Weissman) is slightly different and can use the human magic under the influence of the Brave Force (Asura) to cast supportive magic on the entire unit.

With the presence of the wise (Weissman), the brave men are strengthened. For this reason, disabling the Wise Man is a prerequisite.

“Dear Lee Best,”

says the magicians (shermans).

“Weird. I can’t manipulate the fish I used as a demon.”

“This one, even if you try to stretch a magic net, will be interrupted”

“The same goes for the Devil’s Eye. I can’t see the magic over there.”

It means we can’t do reconnaissance at all.

Lee Best thinks still.

“Probably an anti-magic application, obstructing magic,”

“Let’s go on reconnaissance with a troop formation of Demon Swordsmen (Cavaliers), Spellmen (Shermans), and Therapists (Healers). Avoid engaging as much as possible. If you feel any strangeness, report it immediately.”


From Demon King Castle, three units of Lee Best Squad, a total of nine, leave.

Each went a different route to the underwater city where Gergacanon is based.

They proceed carefully to the enemy land.

“A summer bug flying in the fire. Ah, this is it”

It was Laos who showed up in front of the troops heading towards the main entrance of the underwater city.

“Dear Lee Best, I showed up. Brave!

A spellman uses Thought Communications.

But I didn’t hear back.

“Master Lee Best? Dear Lee Best……!?

No matter how many calls I make, I don’t hear back.

Communication of Thought (Leaks) has been interrupted along the way.

“Ha. Why can’t you use < Thought Communications (Leaks) >, you know?

Laos wrapped a flame that emitted a holy glow in his fist.

Despite the underwater, the flames are burning brilliantly.

“We buy time. You go back to Demon King’s Castle!

A Demon Swordsman (Cavalier) tries to pull the Demon Sword out of his sheath.

But I couldn’t get out.


With that momentary gap, Laos was approaching the Devil’s Swordsman (Cavalier).



The fist of Laos pierces the dovetail of the Devil Swordsman (Cavalier).

Surrounded by holy flames, the Devil Swordsman (Cavalier) fell into the spot.


A healer uses Antidemonic Healing immediately.

But as soon as I drew the magic formation, it disappeared.

“… no way…………?

“Finally, you realize that your magic is weakening.”

Laos approaches. A therapist (healer) tries to distance himself, but his legs don’t go on late.

“Not just magic, but physical abilities. You’re less powerful than weak people right now.

A therapist (healer) was engulfed in flames and soon a spellman (shaman) was also hit.

“Ha. There’s no tension. You don’t have to pull the Holy Sword.”

Laos uses Thought Communications on the spot.

Heine, Redriano, it’s over.

“I knocked him out, too.”

“I cleaned this one up, too. Now you would have taken the other eye. We will invade the Castle of the Demon King.”

Laos left the underwater city for the position of Demon King College.

“That’s crazy…”

Menow squeaks as she looks at < Remote Clairvoyance (Limneto) >.

“If the magic field is abundant and the magic becomes weak, then so should the College of the Brave. Yet they use < Thought Communications (Leaks) >…… If there’s a big difference in magic power, I know, but the only magic I can get right now is slighter than normal…”

She thinks still.

“The magic of the Lee Best Squad is sealed, so you must be using some kind of magic, but I can’t see any trace of it from the students at the College of the Brave… If it’s not the magic you put directly on them, then anything is too vast a range…”

With his hands on his head, Menow gives him a bitter look.

“Hmm. I mean, are you trying to tell me you’re doing something wrong so that the Brave Men’s College side is in your favor?

“… I doubt it, but there’s nothing to prove… If they say they’re just good, that’s it, and not unlikely…”

But it’s a look that doesn’t fall on your heart.

“I have proof.”


“I use holy water dissolved in the lake. It’s a special kind of magic device that has no shape. If we draw strength, we will give man the benefit of magic, and in the case of the Demons, it will be poisonous in turn”

Holy water brought by the gods to seal the demons.

Even two thousand years ago, there were only a few who could use them, but apparently they have been handed down.

Holy water is a highly applied magic tool.

I’ve never seen this use before. Looks like you’ve knitted out a way to successfully cover up the existence of holy water.

“Holy water dissolved in water depicts the magic formation”

When I point that out, Menow stares at the Devil’s Eye and stares into the water.

“… I have no idea… can you tell the different types of water dissolved in the water in the first place…?

It will be difficult.

It covers up magic well.

“Let me show you”

Touch Menow’s demonic eye and draw a magic formation there. I sent you my magic to strengthen her demonic eyes.

“Huh…? This………………?

“You’ll see the magic well. It’s the world I see.”

That’s what Menow’s Devil’s Eye can do because it’s on that level. Otherwise it sucks, my eyes are crushed.

“… I can’t believe… I can’t believe I see magic more clearly than matter…”

Menow does his gaze in the water reflected in Remote Clairvoyance (Limneto).

Now she would have clearly figured out that the holy water dissolved in the lake depicts the magic formation.

“This is… of the junctional system, isn’t it a procedure…? I don’t know the exact effect…”

“It is a magical effect that draws on the power of holy water, enhances the human magic within this junction, and seals the power of the demonic tribe. Holy water is gushing out of Lake St. Minh. For its part, the College of the Brave will be supplied with endless magic, but the Demons will be cut off with endless magic.”

“… what, that… that’s just not the dimension of the earth. You mean there are magic sources that can only be used on the side of the College of the Brave…”

Menow reveals his anger.

I knew holy water was gushing, but if I couldn’t draw my strength, it wouldn’t be poison or medicine. In the name of the college counter-examination, I didn’t know you were going to use it.

Do you want to win until you leave a remorse in your future relationship?

Or did you think they wouldn’t notice?

“What do we do? With this, it won’t be a fight.”

“Thanks. This much evidence would suffice. I’m gonna protest.”

With an angry look, Menow turned to Diego.

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