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“Well, I will accompany you for a trip.” Yang Feng stood up and he went with him to protect Chu Xingyun at any time.

Chu Xingyun shook his head, his voice dignified: “Beast Tide is more fierce, you still stay here Commander, so as not to cause more casualties, even more how, you and me, it is easy to attract the attention of Spirit Beast, I am alone It’s safer to go.”

After that, Chu Xingyun squeezed out a complicated Hand Seal in his hands, and he was completely scented at the moment.

This is a closed surgery that can converge on the whole body and make it hard to detect.

“No, it is too risky to do so.” Yang Feng still disagreed. He promised that Yang Yan should protect Chu Xingyun. If Chu Xingyun has three long and two short, he can’t afford it.

“The owner never does anything unsure. Since he decides to make a move, he will definitely return. We will defend against Beast Tide first. If Beast Tide is completely coming, I am afraid these villagers will die.” Feng, he has blind trust in Chu Xingyun and never doubts.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the poisonous eyes, his eyes moved over, and he looked at the villagers who were so frustrated. He bit his teeth and took his foot back. He said: “If you are in danger, immediately cry out for help, you must not be stubborn.”

Chu Xingyun nodded and flew straight out. In a short moment, it disappeared completely and could no longer be traced.

In Beast Tide.

Chu Xingyun full power, hiding the breath of own, while walking through, looking for Luo Yan’s figure.


At this time, a wolf beast with dark hair seems to feel wrong, the nose is slightly moving, and the direction of move towards Chu Xingyun is coming.

Chu Xingyun eyes somber, after the wolf beast approached, his body suddenly moved, if the hole was arrogant, a fist smashed his head, and died quickly.

The pungent bloody smell filled out, and many of the Spirit Beast looked over here. Chu Xingyun rushed to converge and put the wolf blood on his body, motionless.

After a while, the think spirit Beast took back his eyes, no longer looked at this side, continued move towards the front, Chu Xingyun was relaxed, and the big stone in his heart was slowly dropped.

“Fortunately, these Spirit Beast have not yet entered the Earth Spirit. Spirit Wisdom is low and can’t see through my disguise. However, if you continue to drag it down, I am afraid it will be dangerous.” Chu Xingyun Looking far away, Beast Tide seems to be getting worse. Then, from time to time, the horror of the beast was heard, so that the ground could not begin to tremble.

Taking back the thoughts, Chu Xingyun identified the direction and continued to search.

According to the village chief, Luo’s home is located in the jungle, and when the Beast Tide broke out, it was almost the first to bear the brunt.

However, after Chu Xingyun came to the jungle, he found that it had become a ruin, the ground was crumpled, the fresh blood was mottled, and even some broken limbs were seen. The picture was shocking.

“Damn!” Chu Xingyun bit his teeth, but did not give up, looking carefully.

The time slowly passed, and soon, Chu Xingyun searched the entire jungle and still couldn’t find the sight of Luo.

Just when he felt a little desperate, a faint sound was captured by him.

That sound, it seems to be crying!

He followed the cry, arrived at an ancient tree, lifts the head, and saw a thin figure lying on the branch, letting Chu Xingyun shine, the thin figure is exactly what he was looking for. Hey.

Chu Xingyun immediately fell to the side of Luo Wei, but he had not spoken yet. Luo Yan rushed into his arms. The body trembled and whispered. “Dead, all the mothers are dead, how can this be, wū wū Wū ……”

Feeling the pain in Luo Xin’s heart, Chu Xingyun also sighed.

He once saw Shui LiuXiang burying himself under the claws of the beast. He knows very well about the pain of this lost relative. Even more how, Luo Wei is still a child, never seen the picture of blood and blood, so move normal.

Chu Xingyun patted her shoulder and whispered: “Reassure, everything is gone, I will take you out of here and go to a safe place.”

When I heard Chu Xingyun, Luo Xin’s heart suddenly felt a sense of security, as if it were a boat drifting in the sea, suddenly found a warm harbor.

She slowly lifts the head, just want to talk, suddenly felt a sharp sword light bloom, with the sound of Wind and Thunder, rubbed his ears and swept past.

Ao wu !

At almost the same moment, Luo Yan heard the voice of a savage beast.

She jerked back and found that she did not know when, behind her, five black wolf beasts, one of which was cut off by the sword light, fell to the ground, did not move, did not have any breath.

Chu Xingyun pulled Luo Xiao behind him, but his eyes were looking at the four wolves in front, lightly said: “You are standing behind me, don’t leave anyway.”

When the voice fell, Chu Xingyun figure flashed, rushing straight ahead, and the spirits linger on the hollow sword, condensing into a hollow wind blade, tearing the air alive.

The strength of these four wolves is not strong, it is equivalent to the Martial Artist of Spirit Gathering Second Level.

But at this moment, the situation is urgent, Chu Xingyun must not be dragged, if it is found by other Spirit Beast, then it is dangerous.

Rao is his strength. If it is surrounded by the endless Beast Tide, there is only one dead end.


The hollow wind blade swept past, and the front-end wolf beast was divided into two sections. The speed of Chu Xingyun was not reduced. The hollow sword swung in the palm of your hand, such as Wind and Thunder rolling, and the momentum was condensed to peak.

“Wind and Thunder!” Chu Xingyun snorted.

Sword light flash, Wind and Thunder angry.

The momentum on the hollow sword is completely bloomed. After a sword and a double shadow, the body of a wolf beast is pierced, and the power is still there, and the eyebrow of another wolf beast is accurately and unmistakably penetrated.


The wolf beast did not have time to mourn, the whole body was harvested by the hollowed out sword, and the corpse fell weakly.

All of this happened between the lightning and the fire, so it was so quick to let people react.

Luo Yan’s big eyes, unconsciously exclaimed, the sharp sword technique is worthy of being the head of the five major Wufu selections. In a blink of an eye, Kill and Behead have three Spirit Beasts in Spirit Gathering.

“After cultivating “Body Tempering 伐”, the body has proliferated, and the control of the skeleton sword is also more to do as one pleases.” Chu Xingyun was quite satisfied, glanced at his eyes and found that suddenly behind Luo Xiao’s body A black shadow appeared.

“Be careful!” Chu Xingyun yelled, rushing past, and slashing his sword across his chest.

In an instant, a savage force came down and Chu Xingyun felt his arm numb.

Looking intently, the shadow is a saber-toothed tiger, two long sword teeth on the hollow sword, cold light, is issuing a gold-iron percussion of ka-cha ka-cha.

“The animals, even dare to secretly attack.” Chu Xingyun eyes somber, hollowed out the sword again condensed invisible wind blade.

However, just when he wanted to make a move to the sword and the tiger, Kill and Behead, the remaining wolf beast quickly flew over, opened the blood basin giant mouth, and quickly rushed to Luo.

After the first battle, this wolf beast knows the strength of Chu Xingyun, so it is not willing to fight with Chu Xingyun, to go after gain to avoid harm, first kill the weaker Luo Wei!

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