Chapter 870. Mintyang Lecturers


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“Zhao Pinglin, you’re so beautiful!”

“I have never lived in such a country house!”

Everyone surrounded Zhao Pinglin and greeted him happily.

It was noticeable that the man likes such attention, because a smile appeared on his face.

His gaze went through the bus, after which he noticed that Rong Sheng was talking to a group of people, after which he himself went there.

“Rong Sheng, are they your friends?” Said Zhao Pingling.

In fact, Zhao Pinglin even when he got on the bus noticed an attractive girl sitting in the back. And next to her was a cute-looking girl, who was also extremely beautiful. The two of them attracted the attention of all the people around.

It is a pity that there was always a guy next to them, because of this, Zhao Pinglin could not find the right moment.

And then he saw Rong Sheng talking to them and immediately decided to take the opportunity.

“Yes, I just met them, they are also going to Pingyi City,” said Rong Sheng and scratched his head.

“We are all peers. The more people, the more interesting it will be. I have already warned the managers of the country houses to free up more rooms. Just someone could not come and there were available rooms. And at least they won’t stand idle, ”Zhao Pingling immediately said, inviting me to a country house.

“Is that a good thing?” Said Mo Fan with a doubt.

Mu Ning Xue was naturally silent. When she was in a group of several people, she usually did not begin to speak until she was personally addressed, by name.

Zhao Pinglin saw that the girl did not respond to his words and began to lose hope. However, of course he did not show the mind. In general, it is normal that the girl behaves so restrained in front of strangers, you just have to get to know how everything will be different!

“I also want to live there,” said Lin Ling and entered the role of a small child.

Zhao Pingling laughed. Usually people refuse such offers. It seems that this guy from an ordinary family, since I have not taken a country house of this level and style.

Zhao Pinglin knew how to negotiate, so immediately, without waiting for a clear answer from Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fang, he said: “This is easy to arrange, I can give you a room overlooking Lake Mu, there is such a gorgeous look

Well, he agreed with the girl, there are still two people left.

“What is the truth? We will not interfere with you? ”Ling Ling said, and her cheeks turned pink.

“Really you don’t interfere, it’s honorable to have such a sweet girl for my country house,” Zhao Pinling said.


After some time, Zhao Pinglin came back. Mu Ning Xue also could not understand why Lin Lin wanted to live with these people.

“I just heard them talking about their route. We are going to almost the same places. If we go along with those suspicious personalities, the Black Church can get to our core. And if we go with this group, we will be safe. Church followers may suspect several young people, but the whole group is unlikely. They will believe that they all just came to travel … “, – said Ling Ling. Her face was throwing off masks faster than a man could turn the pages of a book.

Mo Fan nodded. Yes, if you think about it, a simple and straightforward route may seem suspicious. Nobody knows where the followers of the Black Church can hide. And judging by the fact that the magical court did not dare to come here, this may mean that here the adepts can be at every turn.


“Pinglin, faster here,” said a middle-aged man in a ironed jacket.

There were about five or six people around the person, dressed in the same way. These people helped the rest carry the luggage.

“You do not need to arrange any papers, take the guests directly to their rooms,” said the same man.

It is obvious that in the group of young people there were representatives of the same family, who did not really like such an appeal. They never came to such places, so they were a little worried.

“Have we all gotten hungry, dear Ji, is dinner ready?” Asked Zhao Pingling.

“Of course, everything is ready, I ask here …”, – the manager Ji answered with a smile on his face.

“Why not go there?” Asked Zhao Pinglin, looking at the restaurant with huge windows and snow-white curtains.

“There are already people sitting there, and here it is the same thing,” said the manager Ji.

He led a group of people to a room that was noticeably worse than another restaurant. However, for those whose families were not so rich, this place looked very personal. They had never seen such charming, tall waitresses being such a place.

“Sit down wherever you want,” said Zhao Pingling.

Zhao Pinglin wanted to take the guests to that very place, but who would have thought that people were already sitting there. He personally asked the manager Ji to leave this place for the guests.

The most annoying thing was that the people who were sitting in that place completely curtained the windows. What was the point of sitting them in such a beautiful place, since they didn’t care.

As soon as Zhao Pinglin and the manager left the restaurant, Zhao pinling immediately decided to ask a question.

“The son of Zhao’s family, I don’t mind that you brought a group of students, on the contrary, I’m even glad, but we cannot be disrespectful to the guests. Today, let it be so, and tomorrow we will change, ”the manager Ji said in a whisper. He himself was in a quandary.

“And who is there now?” Zhao Pingling asked a bit displeased.

“Suppliers of military magical artifacts,” the manager replied.

“They? What have they forgotten here at all? ”

“After five days, the Mintian lecturers give lectures. Even so, almost all the rooms are occupied with us, it was not easy for me to release at least something for your students. ”

“Lecturers of Mintian? What the hell is this? ”, Zhao Pinglin was surprised, he had never heard of such people.

“Oh, don’t try to say that again. If the guests hear, you will not get problems. They are very prominent scientists and philosophers, ”the manager answered.

“Okay, I’m too lazy to delve into it, free that restaurant for me tomorrow,” said Zhao Pinling.

“Okay, it’s a deal”

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