Chapter 871. Unpleasant Stories


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Night came and a strong sea wind rose. The howls of the wind were like a weeping girl.

Around there were only endless fields, immersed in darkness. Almost no lights were visible anywhere.

Mo Fan and the others were invited by Zhao Pinglin to a hut that was a kilometer away from the country house.

The wooden hut was arranged in such a way that there was a fire in the very center, and at the top there was a glass roof. One had only to raise his head up, as soon as you could see the beautiful sky.

The sky was cloudy in some places, and in some places the most beautiful stars opened the human gaze.

A strong wind was blowing, the night was cold enough, but this did not diminish the fun of people. There was a different kind of alcohol in the fridge, and people brought with them different snacks and cooked food. Everyone sat down around a campfire that was right in the middle. This bonfire was the only source of light and heat within a radius of a kilometer.

Many people like these places, but mosquitoes, icy winds and the earth often destroy ideas about this type of recreation. Often it turns out that everything is not as romantic as it seemed. But now people are all arranged. It was clean, comfortable, people told amazing stories, and the whole hut was filled with laughter …

This trip was successfully planned by Zhao Pingling. Immediately, several girls began to sympathize with him. None of them could have imagined that Zhao Pinglin is so well versed in what women’s hearts need.

“Come on! Let’s take turns telling scary stories. If half of the listeners consider the story to be not terrible, then we will send the narrator up to the mountain and back! ”Said Rong Sheng.

“Then let me be the first to be sure I can scare all of you to hell out!”, – Mo Fan always knew how to join the team, when he heard something about horror stories, he was immediately inspired.

Mo Fan quickly told the story. Ten people sat in silence and said nothing, soon a girl interrupted the silence, who offered to return to the house.

Sitting next to Mu Ning Xue immediately stepped on Mo Fang’s foot. She thought that this fool would certainly spoil the atmosphere.

Mo Fan told the story of the Yanmin and Gong Tian Temple. It turned out terrifying. In addition, Mo Fan connected his imagination and made Gong Tian a semi-demon, and described the sufferings of the monks even brighter …

All the rest that told horror stories, invented. Many places in their stories had inconsistencies that were at once kinds. Mo Fan also told the real story, every detail of which he personally saw. Therefore, even Mu Ning Xue hair stood on end.

“Oh, yes, it’s all bullshit,” said Ling Ling Mo to Fan.

“Okay, let me tell you. Only this is not a horror story, but recent news from the town of Wu, ”said Rong Sheng.

“Yes, rather tell me!”

Everyone needed to be drained after the story of Mo Fang.

“My brother is a magician. He works as a hunter, and this area in his department. About two months ago some fog appeared in those places, after which the local people began to disappear. This case was just entrusted to my brother, guess what happened? ”Began Rong Sheng.

“What happened there?”, Everyone knew about this city, Rong Sheng didn’t have long to tell where it was.

“A moth woman!”, Rong Sheng was able to tell stories, so his voice changed, and after this statement he fell silent, watching the reaction.

“Woman … moth?”

“Yes it is. My brother said that the locals saw with their own eyes how the town filled the mist, which was completely different from the usual. Fog were groups of moths that flew all together. And they say that these moths eat meat. And since there are so many of them, a whole elephant can be gnawed to the bones in a couple of seconds, what can we say about a person … ”, said Rong Sheng.

“Hey, you don’t scare us like that, I was going to go there with my girlfriend!” One of the guys said frightened.

“Aw, come on, all this is quite possible the rumors that local people dismissed. Well, in order to attract more tourists. A lot of brave ones went there, ”Zhao Pinglin laughed, his eyes looked very wise.

Rong Sheng laughed, but did not continue the story.

“They were not deceiving,” Mo Fan intervened in the conversation.

“E * your mother, don’t force up here!”, – one of the guys was ready to run away from here.

Rong Sheng stared at Mo Fang stunned.

“Unfortunately, I was there some time ago. On the day of his departure just saw a detachment of hunters. Strange fog is true. But the appearance of the moth girl and the disappearance of people have not yet been confirmed, ”said Mo Fan.

Rong Sheng was surprised, he could not have imagined that Mo Fan could know so well about this rumor. Then he said: “Well, my brother also decided”

“The case is still not fulfilled, the girl-moth is not caught,” said Lin Lin, who could not stand it.

Since Ling Ling was a master hunter, she heard about the case. This is one of the strangest cases of late. Since no cash reward was announced, the case was given to the city hunters. Unfortunately, they could not find out the reason, so the rumors gradually spread.

“Wait, you do not want to say that this is true?”, Asked one of the girls Mo Fanya, her eyes expressed fear.

“Damn you! Do not even think of saying that it is true! ”

“I went back!”

An expression of helplessness froze on Mo Fan’s face.


Each took turns speaking out, and soon the turn came to Guo Weny. She was from Juming County, one might say local.

“Weny, come on now! If you tell badly, then you know yourself what will happen! ”Said Rong Sheng.

Guo Weny was a little pantie in appearance, she hesitated for a while, after which she began: “I have witnessed a strange incident here. Maybe it seemed to me, of course. One night I went for a walk in a nearby town to a group mate. My brother said he would pick me up, but he himself got drunk so that even the phone did not take off. And it was impossible to stay with a classmate. The only thing left was to go back on foot. There is only two kilometers to go. Here I go, I go, as I feel, such a terrible stench, as if it smells of gas ”

It cost Guo Weny to tell this place how it all became immediately interesting. However, Mo Fan only heard this description, as his eyes immediately filled with rage!

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