Chapter 875. Bone Remains


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– Why is this city team of hunters arrived here? Did they also hear the news, and now they came here to sniff out? – asked Mo Fan.

This can create a huge problem, as the city hunters are closely associated with the hunters’ league, which, in turn, can inform the magical association and the magical court – if all these people come running here in search of adherents of the black church, they immediately fall to the bottom.

Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue, Ling Lin three planned to independently calculate all the henchmen of this organization, while they are not aware of anything, now these city hunters have destroyed all their plans!

– I will call my sister, let her expel all these guys, otherwise this time we will fail! – said Ling Ling.

Mo Fan negatively nodded his head: “Don’t. We do not even know what informative gadgets the black church uses. If the team of city hunters suddenly leaves, the adherents of the black church will have doubts. ”

Once in the dragon’s lair, you cannot be completely sure of your safety. Since the city hunters have appeared, then so be it. They will even be able to help the three of them not to reveal their personalities, since all the attention of the black church will surely be riveted on the arrived hunters.

“We continue to eat and have fun,” said Mo Fan.

The three of them quickly joined the group of people. In this place there are so much entertainment that you can not worry about hanging out.

Having fun all day long, Mo Fan discovered that there are a lot of people here. A lot of families came here to spend the holidays, there were also many public organizations whose employees got into the air. Including the three of them, there were more than a thousand people on the estate, and if you counted the servants, there were about two thousand people in the territory.

When night came on after dinner, Mo Fan saw a girl named Guo Weny. She, too, was going somewhere, and he called her.

– Guo Weny, I wanted to ask you. Where did you see the monster that devours the horse? – asked Mo Fan.

Guo Wenya froze, and her face showed fear.

– Do not worry, I am scared myself, that’s why I ask to know where you shouldn’t go, – Mo Fan smiled.

The girl exhaled. Going to the window, she pointed to the side of a small forest with her finger and said: “In that side. When this place was not redeemed, it was possible to walk there along small forest paths. Now it has been completely bought out, fenced with barbed wire, and I was no longer there. ”

– Hmm. Thank you very much, otherwise I overeat, I want to take a walk. So I’ll avoid those places, ”said Mo Fan.

– Do not mention it. I also ate a little, let’s go together, ”Guo Weny giggled.

Mo Fan was not against it. Guo Weny was here, so he could learn a lot of useful information from her.

During the walk, Mo Fan involuntarily took Guo Weni to that place, and at a distance of five hundred meters from him a horse neighing was heard.

Guo Weny immediately changed her face. Stopping Mo Fan, she said: “This … this is the place I told you about, let’s go the other way.”

– Honestly, I would like to go there. I like to risk it, ”said Mo Fan.

– Not worth it! There really is very scary! – shouted Guo Weni.

– You understand, the more you are afraid of something, the more it will take over your mind. After that incident, now for the rest of your life, do you want to dodge this place? – asked Mo Fan.

“This is …” Guo Weni didn’t even know what to answer. In fact, her fear was eating her from the inside, which made her feel that there was always something behind her back.

– Maybe you just thought. We must go there again and figure out what kind of place it is. If you have the courage to go there today, you will find that it was just a shadow in the moonlight, ”said Mo Fan.

Guo Weny looked at Mo Fang. It was evident that she wants to abandon this venture.

She nodded her head and bit her lip.

Mo Fan, having seen that she was willing to go there, was really proud of his eloquence!

If he was not a magician, then he should have become a man who guides people on the path of good!

Mo Fan went ahead, and Guo Weny walked, hesitating, behind. She took three steps forward and then two steps back.

Very soon they got to the forest, about which the girl spoke. Pointing to the stones, she said that there used to be two roads here, which, unfortunately, are now completely destroyed. At that time, she came to this place and heard some kind of stirring from the forest.

The night was very dark, and even the light of the moon did not illuminate the space. The light of the racetrack did not reach here.

– Here? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes, yes, do not go there …. It is very dangerous there! – Guo Weni was very scared.

Spreading grass overgrown, Mo Fan discovered that there was nothing there.

If you think … even if there was something here, then the black church has already figured out everything, leaving no one …

– E * at! – swore Mo Fan.

From this cry girl jumped sharply and, pulling up her skirt, was about to run.

Mo Fan paid no attention to her. Between the grasses, he found a bone in the ground, which was almost the same length as the grass.

These were traces of the fact that they were getting rid of the corpse. Mo Fang has the opportunity to find evidence!

These were definitely the remains of a horse, the shape of the teeth spoke about it …

If Guo Weni saw a black monster that day, then the black church was clearly unaware that they had one naughty monster who quietly ate a horse here.

Mo Fan continued to explore, hoping to find something nearby. He saw a piece of land about half a meter in circumference on which the land stood and there was no grass.

The grass around blossomed, why is there nothing in this place?

“Apparently, this is a black monster or a monster of a curse.” This creature slept here, and its poisonous saliva, flowing to the ground, burned the soil, because of this, nothing grows here! – a smile flashed on Mo Fan’s face.

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