Chapter 876. Bastard, I’m talking about you!


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Key clues were never found. Mo Fan took a piece of soil with him to transfer it to the study of Lin Ling.

“Are you … are you all right?” Said Guo Wenying’s voice next to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan rose. He was surprised that the girl came back for him – it was a clear sign of her kind heart.

Mo Fan laughed: “I checked. There is nothing here, the blood has not soaked the soil. Believe me, I’m from the police academy. ”

– Pr … right? – Guo Wenying was surprised.

– True. That time, it seemed to you. Well, think for yourself, then it was very dark. It is possible that some horse was hurt here, and some child was trying to help her, soiled with her blood, and you thought that someone was eating a horse, – Mo Fan girl consoled.

Guo Weny became thoughtful, and then came to the conclusion that what Mo Fan was talking about could really happen.

“Saved … thank you,” the girl said softly.

– Nothing, let’s go back … – Mo Fan hasn’t finished the sentence, how rustling was heard from the forest.

– What is it? The girl asked.

– Nothing special. You still come back, and I will walk here – Mo Fan smiled.

Guo Weni thought that fear no longer bothered her, and she herself could return.

– Goes, – in the girl’s voice was heard confidence.

Sending Guo Wenying, Mo Fan carefully looked at the blackening forest.

He just wanted to explore the area, as a light bulb flashed on his walkie-talkie, which meant that there was a person nearby with the same walkie-talkie.

Mo Fan waited a bit, and after a while Mu Ning Xue appeared.

– Found something? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan stared at the girl’s sexy outfit, as well as his bulging chest, which made his thoughts drift away.

– I asked you what you found! – muttered Mu Ning Xue.

– Oh yes. The monster that ate the horse is a black monster. I took some soil for research, pass it on to Lin Ling. Then I heard rustles in the forest, I wanted to see, and then you came up, ”said Mo Fan.

“Let’s go together,” Mu Ning Xue took a few steps, stepping into the thicket of trees.

Mo Fan followed her, continuing to admire her appearance. He imagined what kind of snow-white skin is hidden under the clothes of the girl.

Mu Ning Xue knew what Mo Fan was thinking about.

It was especially dark in the forest, although there were few plants, because of the lush crown of trees, the light did not actually penetrate here.

Together they furtively moved inside the forest and had already approached the source of the sound.

“It seems the man is wounded,” Mu Ning Xue concluded, listening.

Mo Fan raised his brows: “I don’t think so.”

Mu Ning Xue continued to move forward. She saw two silhouettes.

* Groans

The passionate fire of a woman seemed to work on Mu Ning Xue.

At the same time, Mu Ning Xue felt some kind of hot breath behind her, which gradually gripped her throat, forcing the girl to retreat …

– Urban really know how to have fun! – Mo Fan tried to peer.

They were already very close.

They did not see a man’s face, but a woman’s face looked very well. It was red from the light of the fire, with a drop of sweat. It was Carly, whose eyes looked sharply toward Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue did not risk breaking a sound, but Carly spoke here.

– I think … it seems … I heard some movements …

“It seemed to you, I am a magician, and I didn’t notice anything.”

– Fenduy, I know that we have … a little problem, but can we clarify everything … tomorrow?

“Relax, you are having fun here with me now, and, of course, I can make a concession, but only for you, heh.”

Two people continued to rest at the same place, Carly said a lot, and at some point said: “So who sent you here with the inspection?”.

– No, I myself decided so. You liked me before that, and I was looking for a reason to come here. And you turned out to be even more accommodating than I imagined, and contacted me even before the onset of dinner, ha ha! – the man laughed out loud.

“So all this is just your idea, and there’s nothing to check here?” – Carly asked sincerely.

– If there are any problems, I, as the commander of a group of city hunters, should investigate this.

“False alarm …” Carly breathed.

– Is there really no problem? Well, here you are with me already how many, and no one is looking for you, ha ha ha!

– There is. I ask you to help deal with the records about this place. You yourself know that we are engaged in serving the rich here, if they hear something bad about this place, they will not come anymore. In fact, we had a case of intoxication, from the source of which we quickly got rid of, ”Carly said softly.

– Trivia, tomorrow night.

“Okay then tomorrow night.”

– Bastard! – Mu Ning Xue swore.

– Indeed, how can city hunters be such garbage? Only because of personal claims, they turned the whole course of things! – Mo Fan was also angry.

Mu Ning Xue really seethed with rage and only said: “I’m talking about you!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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