Chapter 879. A Man of Change


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Zhao Pinglin held Wang Xuxu by the waist. He was very close to her. On the surface, it was possible to say that together they have been very long. On the face of the guy there was such a self-confident smile that seemed to say “this girl is mine!”.

Mo Fan looked at Rongsheng, then at Zhao Pinglin, and then at Wang Xuxiu.

What the hell is this situation ?!

-Hey Hey hey! You already….

– To go nuts! Yesterday, they were just as polite as students, and today, just like that? Did we understand something wrong yesterday?

People soon began to discuss in trifles what was the day before.

Rongshan’s face looked as if he had seen a nightmare. From this kind of his heart Mo Fang shuddered ….

He had just told him about his successes with this girl, and now this is …

Mo Fan knew that Rongsheng would not lie to him about such things, and by the sight of Wang Xuxiu, who looked away from the guy, one could judge that everything was exactly as Rongsheng said.

Rongsheng rose from his seat, not taking his eyes off Wang Xuxu.

– Xusuy, explain to me why yesterday you gave me your consent, and today you are with him again? – just asked Rongsheng.

Those present, having heard the words of the guy, were very surprised.

– Rongsheng, let’s talk about it later, okay? – quietly said Wang Xuxuy.

Zhao Pinglin was more cheerful than ever: “Rongsheng, she just played with you, Xuxu, tell him!”

– Played? What other games ??? – said Rongsheng.

Wang Xu Xiu, looking at Rongsheng, and then at Zhao Pinglin, said: “Rongsheng, this is what … you confessed to me yesterday, and I saw that you were very sincere, so I did not want to hurt your feelings and could not openly refuse you . I could not even think that you would understand everything wrong. I do not want you to experience difficulties, so just accept this. Zhao Pinglin and I … you probably already understood everything. ”

Rongsheng simply stunned.

The words of the girl as if heavy grains tore up a beautiful picture of the events that occurred the day before. He could not say anything …

Put up with …

To reconcile after yesterday?

From yesterday evening to this morning, he was the happiest man in the world. He even began to plan what he would buy for her, where he would take her ….

Who knew that today they would pour out a tub of ice water on him!

“Rongsheng, you must have gone over with a drink yesterday, don’t be impulsive,” came the voice of Wangbin.

– Gentlemen, students, let’s sit down, have breakfast!

– Yes, Rongsheng, yesterday everything seemed to you. Wang Xuxu also tried to get into your position, just let go of the situation.

Rongsheng returned to his place and still looked at Zhao Pinglin with a sly smile on his face.

Breakfast was very strange. Mo Fan sat beside him and reassured his friend.

Rongsheng in this state was very much like Zhang Xiao Hou, since he sighed in the same way hard.

“Brother, I really … the truth did not deceive you, yesterday she really gave her consent …” – tears flowed from the boy’s eyes.

Ah, this is a heavy feeling ….

He really sighed so long over Wang Xuxu!

“Well, well, well, eat first,” said Mo Fan.

After eating as he was, Rongsheng locked himself in his room and wept bitter tears.

Mo Fan went to Ling Ling’s room, as student affairs against the background of their affairs were just a trifle, and the situation with the black church was in clear priority.

– What are you doing here? Didn’t you go have fun with them? “Mo Fan went to look for Ling Ling, but he met Guo Weny.”

– This case…. I did not really understand what it was just like that, and did not dare to look for Wang Xu-xu because she was strange, ”said Guo Weny.

Mo Fan looked at the girl’s phone, in which he saw a message from Wang Xu-xu, in which she wrote that he was now meeting with Rongsheng.

Guo Weny was on good terms with Wang Xu-xu, and they talked for a long time. Wang Xu Xiu was interested in Rongsheng, and Zhao Pinglin himself did not cause her any sense of security.

Mo Fan was surprised how Wang Xuxui could change so drastically.

“This is her own decision, and there’s no point in showing it to me,” said Mo Fan, returning the phone to Guo Weny.

He and so was the case for which he pinned in this region, besides, he had absolutely no desire to dig into someone else’s underwear.

“I just wanted to say … that she’s kind of weird, like a completely different person.” I have known her for a long time, and I very rarely saw her as if she was afraid …. Said Guo Weni.

– Fears? – now Mo Fan has an interest in this topic.

– Yes. She is a big coward, and if fear overcomes her, she starts pulling buttons on clothes. When she stood there, next to Zhao Pinglin, she constantly tugged at a button, not letting go. She really is very afraid, but I do not know what exactly. A strange feeling … I hope you can help me figure it out. Wang Xu Xiu does not belong to changeable people … she even told me before that she thought Jusheng was much better than Zhao Pinglin, she spoke so freely to me yesterday … It seems to me that she is being forced … ”said Guo Weni.

Mo Fan did not say anything, just silently made a note about this case.

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