Chapter 88: Student’s wish


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“Dear Lee Best, No response from any unit.”

At Demon King Castle, Lee Best’s subordinates are anxiously anxious that < Thought Communications (Leakes) > will not pass.

“How would you like it? If < Thought Communication (Leaks) > doesn’t make it through, it could be during the fighting or it could have already been done. I thought we should attack in the main unit, not in the reconnaissance unit.”

“No, that’s very strange. There are no gaps in their use of < Thought Communications (Leaks) > and I just don’t think they’ll get hit. You should see that there are some traps outside. If you move around the corner, it’ll be a bump on the other side.”

Leebest seems to have decided that we should still wait more than we can see the enemy’s bills.

“It’s a business belly, but let’s cage it. It’s not too late to strike out after you know the enemy’s hand.”

If you are in Demon King Castle, you have a terrain effect, and the power of Lee Best, the Demon King (King), extends. The Battle of Cage Castle is the pinnacle of Demon King’s Army (Guys).

“Keep your magic buildup. The moment they show up, you’ll see what’s in your eyes.”

“I understand!

To be unaware, the Lee Best Squad waits for the enemy to arrive, secretly preparing for the Great Magic.

After a while…

“Huh, did you finally see it? Let’s end this.”

East of Demon King Castle, Laos appears at a visually ascertainable distance.

“I’m quick, Laos is. I’d be bored if I didn’t play with you a little bit.”

To the west is Heine,

“Both of you, don’t be alarmed. It’s not something I’ve figured out what’s coming out yet. Proceed with caution.”

On the north side was Redriano.

“I saw it. In the north, east and west directions, they are brave (Brave)!

Lee Best’s men speak up.

“Instead of strengthening one, did you divide it into three people? But it’s the same thing. Come on, let’s go. Yo! Don’t remind them of the power of Demon King’s College!

“Roger!! Prepare!

“Prepare! Magic formation rollout begins!!

A giant magic formation appears in the castle of the Demon King, which turns it into a turret of ten gates.

“Start Magic Supply!!

To the enchantment, the magic formation was activated and light gathered in the turret.

“Ready to fire!!

Magic aiming is directed at Heine, Laos and Redriano, respectively.

“I’ll go. Fire!!

Lee Best says resolutely.

– It was then.

The lake was white and surrounded by holy light.

With Laos, Heine and Redriano as the apex, triangles are drawn with magic lines.

A huge magic formation had risen in its centre, and the light had risen as if covering the castle of the Demon King.

“… Ri, Master Lee Best. Magic, magic supply is decreasing rapidly. We can’t keep the magic team!

The magic formation of the Absolute Water Cannon (Rio Aaias) deployed in the Castle of the Demon King disappears.

On the contrary, even the vortex around Demon King Castle disappeared.

“… there is no magic. As it is, you demon castle…!!

Shortly after the castle builder (Guardian) raised his voice, Pokémon Castle and Demon King Castle are broken in half and flushed into the water stream.


The exterior walls, floors, and ceilings fell apart, and the leebests who were inside were thrown out of the castle.

The collapse of Demon King’s Castle makes the lake wild. Leebest flew underwater with the magic of < Flight (Fres) > and managed to rebuild his system.

“Guys, calm down and don’t prepare for enemy attacks. I’ll help you in a minute!

“Heh. Can you?

There was Heine behind Lee Best.

“Your brother, the Demon King, will be the Demon King in the future.”

“What’s wrong with that?

Heine laughs furiously.

“Look at that one. Do you understand?

Lee Best turns around in the direction Heine pointed.

There was something ticklish and glowing.

As the rubble of the collapsed Demon King’s Castle is scattered underwater, the students thrown out, the holy flames are fired from the bottom of the water several times.

“No, no… you can use anti-magic at all… GUAH!!


Nose screaming tree spirits through the water.

The magic of the barely working < underwater activity (Coco) > was weakly communicating their voices to Reevest.

“Ha! Weak (okay) eh! If this happens, he’s weak, and he’s a Demon!

Laos burns the students one after the other in a row. No anti-magic, no healing magic, sealed by the junction, they had no skill to do, scattered in the water.

“Hahaha, that’s unusual. I laugh, I can’t believe such a pathetic person is the future demon emperor. What the hell is Demon King College teaching you? To kill one of your people?

Haha, to Heine laughing, Lee Best sharpens her gaze.

I try to pull the demon sword out of the sheath, but I don’t have enough magic and I can’t pull it out.

“Can I tell you why your magic is getting weaker?

Heine said as if he were playing.

“Holy water dissolving in this lake creates a special magic field. If you pull out the power well, you can use it as a source of magic, but if you don’t, you’re in the way of using it the other way. Even so, you can’t do it, can you, it’s so hard”

Exercise holy water as a magic tool, as Heine purposefully finds out to Lee Best.

“Is that what you mean…… But that should have stayed silent until the end hey!!

Lee Best accurately analyzes Heine’s magic flow and exercises holy water as a magic fixture exactly like it does.

That was the trap.


The power of holy water is stained directly into the roots of Lee Best. Holy water, which gives man the benefit of magic, is poisonous for the devil tribe, however. Its holy power rips his body from the inside out into a rattle.

He bled out of his whole body.

“Hahahahahahaha! Failure failed. After all, students at Demon King’s College can’t do such a difficult thing.”

Heine laughed and raised her right hand.

“Come, my holy sword. Great Sanctuary Sword (Wanted) Zele”

Light gathers in his palm and materializes within a look.

A holy sword emitting a deep green glow was held in Heine’s hand.

“Look, hurry up and use all the anti-magic you can. I’ll give you a break. If you eat properly, you’re dead!!

Heine waves down the Great Sanctuary Sword on the spot.

The tremendous magic runs and the water breaks in two in sword pressure.

The Hayabusa of the demon was involved in it, or the video from Remote Clairvoyance was interrupted all the time.

“… Mr. Lee Best…!?

Menow shouts like a scream.

At the next moment, she gave her glance and stuffed it to Diego.

“Don’t rescue all the students. Come on! If anything, you can’t be held responsible for the College of the Brave!!

Diego sighed in response to the angry Menow.

“That being said, I didn’t think the students at Demon King’s College would do this much better. I have not been alone in these hundreds of years, such as those who could not return on their own in our squad-by-squad counter-examination. No matter, they make us head for rescue immediately, but even if we are pursued for the blame of our own students’ impudence, we are bewildered”

Menow bites his back teeth.

There will be a heap of things to say, but helping the students is now a prerequisite.

“Don’t talk to me. Don’t help me. Come on! What are you doing!?

“Right now, I’m letting the user demon go get people. Whether or not they just get caught in a matter of urgency for a few minutes. Just give me a minute.”

Menow flashed. The counter-test is a mock war. The injured person leaves. Accidents also occur. Just in case, you have to assume.

I guess I never thought I wasn’t even ready for the emergency.

I couldn’t wait any longer, and Menow ran to the lake.

Don’t be in such a hurry.

I grab her shoulder trying to jump in.

“In that union, there’s not much the Demons can do”

“That’s why I can’t wait. Whoa!

“Five seconds?

When I say so, she rounds her eyes.

Students falling from the lake emerge one after the other and fly through the sky. That’s how they quietly get me down to the ground.

“This, Anos, you…?

“If you’re not in battle, it’s easy to pull it off”

Magically floating students, all sleeping on the shores of the lake.

“… Mr. Lee Best…!!

Menow rushes to the most conditioned serious lee vest.

She immediately performed the magic of.

But the wound didn’t heal at all.

“… why…? It’s a lie…”

Menow can be even more magical, but blood flows from Lee Best’s body.

“… why… please, it works… wish…!!

“Dr. Menow, that’s futile. There are holy marks.”

Menow stares at Diego, who said insensitively.

She said sharply as she continued exercising her magic.

“What are you talking about?

“Deep wounds with holy magic can make holy marks like that student. Then healing magic will no longer work. Later we’ll have to bet on his vitality.”

“Don’t heal me!

“Didn’t you hear the explanation? Recovery magic doesn’t work.”

“Under the responsibility of the College of the Brave! What are you going to do with such dangerous magic in a counter-examination? I’ve been telling you a lot about holy water!

“No, it’s not dangerous magic. Students at the College of the Brave now have no trials that could have been made of holy marks or anything. I guess this is partly because the students at Demon King’s College are too weak. It’s about holy water, but that’s not the kind of magic apparatus you said, as I explained earlier. As for this one, I recognize it as an environment that causes a troublesome magic field. I’m sure your students just couldn’t adapt to it.”

“Even magic equipment can show you proof. Yikes!!

“Then I don’t mind that, but this one is something I did without knowing. I know if you mean it intentionally, but I get in trouble for being put on the line. Well, something like an unfortunate accident. Let’s teach each other a lesson in the future.”

That’s a relaxed, well-spoken thing.

“Besides, I don’t mind discussing holy water, but isn’t it a prerequisite to do something about your students?

Without Menow being able to say it back, Diego left intact.

I keep doing healing magic, but no matter how magical it is, Lee Best’s wounds remain unhealed.

“… Mr. Anos…”

Point your gaze at me like a menow.

“What are you so worried about? I can cure as many holy marks as I want.”


I nod and kneel one knee beside Lee Best.

I put my hand around the place where the holy marks were, around my chest pierced by the Great Holy Land Sword Zele.

That’s when Lee Best’s hand slowly moved and grabbed my arm.

“… Excuse me… Doctor… I couldn’t live up to my expectations…”

Hearing that, Menow looked like she was going to cry.

“Ugh, I’m sorry…… Mr. Lee Best. Sorry about the teacher. I was so annoyed by the crap that I put my students at risk… teacher disqualification…”

“… that’s not true… the teacher is a better teacher than anyone else… and I… wanted to prove it…”

Reevest speaks word after word.

“Come on, let’s…”

Lee Best opens his opposite hand.

There, there was the stamp of the College of the Brave.

“What’s wrong with this…?

“… for them to… manipulate holy water, it’s a magic tool… without which their power will be halved…”

I see.

“On the verge of being pierced by the Holy Sword, did you put all your magic into the Devil’s Eye without anti-magic”

Until he exposed himself defenselessly, he spotted the magic that was manipulating the holy water.

He said he might be dead.

Brilliant preparation.

“… Non-conformers…”

Lee Best calls me.

“I don’t like you, you… I hate you…”

“I guess so.”

There’s strength in my arm shaking hands.

“… but I, for the first time today, think…. Like you… with strength… without dignity… with your strength to me…”

“It’s okay, Mr. Lee Best. The College of the Brave is cheating. Holy water was such a cowardly piece of magic. Because I will officially protest against the Seven Demons.”

Lee Best eats up his teeth all the time.

That’s how I shook my head and spilled my tears.

“… shame on you, please… please… anos, please…”

“You don’t have to say anything, Lee Best.”

I know exactly how he feels. It’s the same demon race.

You would never want to, such as settle in protest.

“You did a fine job. The technique of junction with holy water was known, as was the presence of magic implements manipulating holy water”

When I erased Lee Best’s holy marks, I stood up.

“Leave the rest to me. I’ll show them hell, square and square.”

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