Chapter 880. Sacrifice


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– Ling Ling, what is it? Mo Fan asked, entering Ling Ling’s room.

– Saliva flowed to the ground, burning out all nutrients for plants in it. However, the worst is not in the black monsters and not in the monsters of the curse, – said the hunter.

– Not? – Mo Fan was surprised. He thought that the saliva of these creatures was the key lead of the whole thing.

– Corrosion of saliva enhanced. At this place for 3-4 years nothing can grow, and what will grow up later, most likely, will also be poisonous. Do you remember the reason why hunters came here? It is connected with the case of poison … I don’t even know if this is somehow connected with our case. We have too few leads – the black church is hiding too well. There are about two thousand people on the estate, and we need more information to figure out the adepts of the clergy from them, ”Lin said.

Mo Fan nodded his head. He told her that he and Mu Ning Xue had seen the night before in the forest between Carly and the hunter.

– Good news. So the black church is trying to figure us out. It’s hard to say if Carly is an adept at the church, but she looks very suspicious, the girl replied.

“There is something else here … I really don’t know if it has something to do with the black church …,” Mo Fan began.

He told her about the situation of Wang Xu-Xiu, Rongsheng, Zhao Pinglin and Guo Weni, after which Lin Lin deeply thoughtful.

“Perhaps it has nothing to do.”

– I think so too. Only here Zhao Pinglin used something strange to influence the girl, so this made me suspicious … ”said Mo Fan.

In the next two days, another guest appeared on the estate, a famous scientist. He was a man of character, he loved to talk. People called him Min Tianshi.

Min Tiens began to conduct his lectures on the estate, which is why the number of visitors increased dramatically to four thousand people. And although the space for such a crowd was not enough, people were willing to make room.

The influence of Min Tianshi is simply enormous: among the arrivals there were many rich people who blindly believed the ideas of this person.

Lectures for such a large number of volunteers are not something that even the magical association often encounters, so Min Tiens, unwittingly, immediately fell under suspicion of Mo Fan and Lin Ling, because such an invasion is even more dangerous than the presence of the black church!


Zhao Pinglin sat sipping alcohol, but his face was somehow agitated.

A waitress with a butterfly came up, and Fang Shaoli, having dismissed her hair, sat right in front of him: “Well, how? Do you want more?

“This girl … from the very beginning she didn’t even know my name!” Yes, she should be grateful that I deigned to look at her! – Zhao Pinglin hit hard on the table.

– Are you talking about that girl with silver hair? She is really special, it is immediately clear that this is a scion of a famous family, ”said Fan Shaoli.

– Hmm!

– What about that girl? Asked Fan Shaoli.

– I sent her to the room.

– However, in these few days, if my memory serves me, you didn’t want to achieve it, but that girl with silver hair, didn’t you? – said Fan Shaoli.

– How do you know that? – Zhao Pinglin was clearly surprised.

“We are closely following our guests … I will help you find out who she is.” Apparently, she is the offspring of a small metropolitan family, seemingly an entry-level mage, which is why the methods that you used on Wang Xu-Xi are definitely not suitable for this girl, Fang Shaoli grinned.

– And then what to do? – Zhao Pinglin was very excited, so much he wanted to master Mu Ning Xue.

“You have to get stronger,” the waitress replied.

– How can i do this? I’m not a magician …

– Become our man, for this it is not necessary to be a magician. We will give you control of a creature whose power is not inferior to the power of wizards …. I will give you one creature that can hide, secretly kill and much more …, ”said Fang Shaoli.

– A controlled creature? How do mages call? – asked with surprise the guy.

– Yeah almost. To confirm your words, I suggest you bring a girl to us, whom you already fed up with – we will turn her into your slave, whom you can scoff as you wish! Said the waitress.

Zhao Pinglin was stunned.

Wang Xuxuu has already begun to bother him, but the thought that she could take on such an appearance did not particularly please him.

She, of course, annoyed him already, but this did not mean that now she needed to be sacrificed!

Seeing the boy’s doubts, Phan Shaoli took out the document and laid it right in front of him.

He looked at him and found that it was a death certificate … the death of Wang Xu Xiu!

Fan Shaoli already prepared for everything in advance!

“This is a certificate of her death, no one will think of you, but after that she will become your sovereign slave … you can see every day how she, like a dog, worships you … This is your first test in our organization. You must understand that only after you become our man, we can help you with that silver-haired girl. She is a mage, even an entry level, however, it will require resources for its processing, which we can give you …. – the waitress continued to speak.

Zhao Pinglin still doubted. He understood that it was inhuman, but what he could get in the end beckoned him too.

However, the death of Wang Xu-xu or her transformation into a slave … this is too much!

– Is it possible to change the victim to another person whom I do not know? – asked the guy. He thought that if someone needed to live with the light, the path would be a stranger to him.

– Not! It must be the person with whom you are emotionally connected! – Fang Shaoli’s voice has changed dramatically, – now he has become sharp and domineering.

Zhao Pinglin looked at her and realized that in front of him was not a simple waitress who seduced him, but some kind of beast!

“Do you guarantee that I will get everything I want if I become one of you, and more?” – asked the guy.

– Of course. I know that you no longer want to run into your cousin who insulted you, but unfortunately you are not as smart as he …

“Then … then I will be one of you.”

“Great,” said Fan Shaoli, a soft smile shone back on her face, “if you refuse, tonight you won’t be able to become my slave!” I love whipping only obedient boys! Ha ha ha!

From her sinister smile over Zhao Pinglin, he ran a chill: “Is your … is your position higher?”

“I will tell you right away how you will make a sacrifice … just look at yourself – how insatiable you are!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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