Chapter 881. The Land of the Dead Ghosts


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Bath room

Fang Shaoli sat on a black chair with her legs crossed. Legs in blue shoes with high heels rested on volcanic stones.

The swimming pool itself was built of volcanic stones, so the heat passed through small holes in the stones without any problems, heating the room.

Ahead, there was a small pool in which pure hot water with rose petals usually occurs, only now there was a curse water, the one that turned the bodies into black pieces of flesh. From one view of this water, chills ran over the skin.

Zhao Pinglin was on his knees in front of Fang Shaoli, eagerly kissing her shoes — he himself was not like himself, as in ordinary times he was completely different.

All this time, Wang Xuxiu was nearby, looking at what was happening with horror. This whole scene with a high throne … it was no longer like role-playing adult games, everything was lustful, and Wang Xu Xiu was shaking with fear …

“You have already proved to me your sincerity with kisses, now the next step is for you,” Fang Shaoli laughed, now there’s not a trace left of the waitress she was at her usual time!

“As you say … really, right from the ancient capital …” interest was burning in the eyes of Zhao Pinglin.

If he had known a week ago that he would have to grovel before this devil, he would have avoided her.

“Your Highness, I am capable of much more,” said Zhao Pinglin.

Wang Xu Xiu did not believe his eyes.

Black Church!

Wang Xuxuy now understood what caused Zhao Pinglin’s drastic changes in recent days – he became a follower of the black church!

How could this woman in high heels turn a good intelligent student into this devilish brat?

– What .. what are you going to do? – Wang Xu-Xiu fled back in fear, looking at Zhao Pinglin coming to her.

– For me, you no longer represent any value, so now you can become a stepping stone on my way to a much larger goal! – responded Zhao Pinglin.

– Zhao Pinglin, wake up! Come to your senses! Look, it is in the black church! And she is trying to drag you into this terrible quagmire! – began to shout Wang Xuxuy, feeling mortal danger.

– You think I’m not like that ?! You know what was my first thought when I heard about that disaster in Xi’an? I thought about how powerful these people should be, since we were able to bring so many people to our knees! – with a grin said Zhao Pinglin.

The girl froze … she could not believe that she heard these words from the mouth of Zhao Pinglin …


– Zhao Pinglin looks very simple and ordinary, but this is his internal hostility … there are very few such people!

“Ghosts … only dead ghosts are capable of something people are not capable of!” Only a ghost country can live forever! We must first send this sacrifice to the land of the dead, and then turn the slave!

Fang Shaoli looked arrogantly at Wang Xuxiu.

She did not care what the victim thinks about all this – she’s just the material for the future black monster, how can she understand the essence of everything?

– Well, that’s enough. Zhao Pinglin, as soon as you confront her, you can become our priest in a gray robe, and if you take into account our close relationship with you, and if you obey my orders, even black robes will not dare to tell you around! You will be my favorite student! – Fan Shaoli angrily laughed.

The guy nodded his head, pushing Wang Xuxiu to the pool with black liquid.

– Your most foolish decision was to choose this scum of Rongsheng! You insulted me! – he could not remain calm.

Who would have thought that the right choice of Wang Xuxiu would lead to such a thing!

* Splash

Wang Xuxu fell into the water of the curse, which immediately began to eat up her skin, turning it into a black creature.

“She has to be in the water for a while, until human breath is completely washed away from her, then I will show you how to impose a conspiracy,” said the clerical church.

Zhao Pinglin bowed his head impatiently.

Upon reaching the age of 20 he could not become a magician, but now fate gives him another chance!

Phan Shaoli began to listen to the device in her ear in the form of an earring that served as a walkie-talkie.

– If this is not something very urgent, then do not bother me! I study with my student! She sternly pronounced.

– Suspicious individuals can be a threat! – from there came a male voice.

– Find out who they are? – Fan Shaoli frowned.

– At the moment it is not possible, there are too many guests in the last days! – again sounded the voice from the other side.

– The magical court?

– No, we are already following the man from the magical court, there were no more of their people.

– Urgent to find out about all the unknowns! If among them are dubious personalities, lead them straight to me!

– There is!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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