Chapter 882. Plans Going Bad


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Fang Shaoli disconnected the connection, and now her cold gaze fell on Wang Xu Xiu.

– continue? – said Zhao Pinglin.

– First, let’s deal with this urgent matter … bring your comrades, do you study together? As it turned out that one girl among them – the magician? – said Fan Shaoli.

“Oh, you’re talking about that trinity … everything is clear with them, they came here at my invitation,” Zhao Pinglin told in detail the incident on the bus.

– Their identities can be fake. We tried to dig deeper, but nothing happened. Since you are a trainee now, you have to find out as much as possible about them, I will send a curse monster with you. Just remember, you should never reveal yourself! Do you know what you will have to do if they open you up? Asked Fan Shaoli.

Zhao Pinglin froze … he received a pink pill from the hands of the black church clerk.

– This is death … the beginning of paradise! I understood! – nodded his head guy.

“Great, you’re very smart.” I believe that you will be an outstanding adept! You may even become a senior priest! – said Fan Shaoli.

– True? Asked Zhao Pinglin briskly.

– Of course, before I was the same as you! She grinned.

Min Tiens lectures ended, and almost all the participants of this lecture dispersed, paying fabulous money for staying at the estate. The cost of this stay can be compared with the cost of a five-star hotel, which is equivalent to the earnings of a regular workman for a month!

On the estate there are several hundred people who wanted to talk with the teacher about his philosophy, as well as enjoy the local views.

At nightfall, when everyone had already gone to sleep, there was a roar that made Mo Fan open the window. Above the plant maze, he saw a projectile flying in his direction!

– E * at! – cursed Mo Fan.

The fire flew right into his head, which very soon smelled burnt hair.

He managed to dodge, and the fire hit the wall, which left a dark mark.

Mo Fan was very surprised. He slept so well … who would have thought of throwing a fiery outburst at him?

– What’s happening? – Mu Ning Xue ran from the veranda. She was dressed in a nightie, through which her white skin was clearly visible.

“I don’t know myself, I just heard a sudden rumble,” said Mo Fan.

– Let’s go there? – suggested Mu Ning Xue.

“No, we are not here as magicians, we are not even declared as entry-level magicians.” If we go down there, we will reveal our personalities, ”said Mo Fan.

– Clear.

Together they went to look for Ling Ling, and when they went downstairs, they found a lot of people who also gathered there because of the noise.

Flames billowed over a maze of plants, interspersed with violet electrical discharges, like some kind of magician dabbled in.

Rongsheng and Guo Weny also went down, not understanding what was going on.

– Do not run away!

– In honor of what you grabbed me? – Carly stared at the crowd of people.

– Do not pretend, we already know what happened between you and that hunter, we also know that you are an adherent of the black church! Today we, the hunters of the golden rati, will arrest you and bring you to trial! Said the man in a shirt and trousers.

This man with the appearance of a businessman, apparently, was a magician, and very strong.

He was surrounded by another 7-8 people, they were dressed very simply, nevertheless, it was clear that they were also capable of releasing magic.

– Awful! You just took it and decided to defile my reputation? – Carly swore.

Electrical discharges appeared in her hands. Men did not approach her, as these lightning were dangerous.

– You’re an ordinary manager in this estate, and you release such magic! Have you done us!

– Do not talk to her a lot to gab. She is just an ordinary priest, we will seize her, and she will give us all the rest of the adepts!

Carly’s magic was very strong, but even so she couldn’t be alone with a crowd of experienced hunters. At some point, the thorn of the shadow pierced her waist, not giving the opportunity to move.

– Caution! It is possible that she can summon monsters curse! – said the head in a shirt.

– She is immobilized! Said the magician of the shadow, thrusting one more shadow thorn into her body, for sure.

Carly could not move. Now she could only cast her hateful glances in the direction of that very shadow mage.

– Great, pick it up!

“Ha-ha, and they also say that Chernovcherkovniki are so cool … bang and everything is a business!” – grinned one of the magicians.

– Do not be so self-confident. It is full of adherents of the black church, and if they begin to act, it will not seem like a little! – Said the man in the shirt on the radio.

The guests of the estate were in awe, they could not even understand where from the estate there were so many magicians who staged this real magic carnage. In appearance, they were all ordinary rich people and guests of this place, but in reality there are so many magicians!

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue stood at the door, waiting for Lin Ling.

However, she saw that such a crowd of magicians grabbed Carly, bulging their eyes.

“The plans have gone bad,” she said to Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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