Chapter 883. The Golden Men of the Guards


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The helicopter in the air was noisy with the sound of engines, and its lights gleamed at the hunters of the golden rati.

Some kind of huge white glow began to give to the estate, gradually covering it all.

Mo Fan could see the white borders that went down like a cage.

People raised their heads, not believing what was going on ….

It was hard to believe that such a huge area of the estate could be blocked! On the borders of the overlap were people. Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Lin Ling were also dumbfounded.

What’s happening?

Is this the action of the magical court?

Who else, besides the magical court, has the ability to block such a huge territory?

– Beyond the territory there are about a thousand magicians! Said Lin Ling, looking into her laptop.

On the laptop screen flashed numerous lights that displayed the essence of the situation.

More than a thousand magicians! Yes, it’s a whole military regiment!

Mo Fan did not understand what was happening. In what direction has the situation changed?

“Ming Tiens,” Ling Ling said quietly.

– Is he not a lecturer? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“The personality of Min Tianshi was used to gather a large number of magicians in this place and surround the estate,” answered Ling Ling.

More than a thousand magicians were gathered here under the guise of ordinary visitors to surround the black church and not allow them to act.

“Since they have launched such extensive activities, why should we have been involved too?” – puzzled Mo Fan.

“This is not a magical court of all turns, but the golden army of guards.” This is an interstate organization of security guards – among them there are quite a few masters and personalities that the magical court is looking for. They grabbed quite a few adepts of the black church, and they consider themselves in such matters to be more knowledgeable than the magical court. This time they launched such actions, most likely, without consulting a magical court, ”said Lin Lin.

She was very good at hunter league issues and knew that the golden army of hunters consists of a huge number of magicians.

“Well, if so, then we are no longer needed here,” said Mu Ning Xue.

Ling Ling only nodded her head negatively, and her expression became even more restless.

Mo Fan, too, understood that this matter was not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Of course, the golden army of hunters took active measures to exterminate the black church, but there were still a thousand guests and at least 500 service personnel on the estate estate. During all this time, the golden army of guards was arrested only by Carly, who was a high-ranking priest in a gray robe, and, according to Len Qing, the territory must still be a deacon in a blue robe …

In such a situation, this deacon will not be difficult to get lost in a huge crowd of people and avoid punishment!

Hunters are unable to verify every one and a half thousand of those present, because, outwardly, the clergy is absolutely no different from ordinary people!

“Such extensive actions, but caught only one priest in a gray robe,” Mo Fan exhaled heavily, realizing how hasty the actions of the hunters were.

“Hmm …” Lin, too, was not pleased with the results of the hunters’ actions.

Even before this, when the black church operated extensively in China, the gold army seized some adherents secretly and received the award of a magical court for this.

Now the army of hunters acted on its own. In order to finally eradicate the black churchmen, they even staged this mass show.

The country’s population hates the black church, so anyone who at least somehow contributes to its eradication becomes almost a national hero.

The golden army of hunters with its movement swept the coastal areas of the Yangtze River – it was so huge.

However, from the point of view of Ling Ling, this was a huge mistake!

Firstly, on the estate there is a deacon in a blue robe, who completely controls all remaining adherents in the country.

Secondly, throughout the estate more than a thousand people, most of whom are ordinary people like Rongsheng, Zhao Pinglin, Guo Weny and others – all of them can suffer very much!

“Ling Ling, why did you say recently that your plans went bad?” – suddenly recalled Mo Fan.

“This Carly was only smoke without fire, I checked …” Lin Lin whispered.

For the past few days, Lin Lin studied the personality of Carly – there were indeed people in her submission ….

After these words, Mo Fan heard the man in the shirt start to scream.

– Idiots! Shouted a man in a shirt.

– Pan Jin, what happened? The hunter asked him.

“All the people in the line of this Carly … prostitute!” – a man just exploded from rabies.

– In the sense of a prostitute? – asked the other uncomprehendingly.

Mo Fan heard this dialogue well.

– Pimp? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

– Yeah, this Carly contains a brothel in the estate, so in case of the arrival of rich guests she always had a list of students, housewives and office workers … She hid it all under extraneous actions, which is why it was about the black church, ”Lin said.

“This Carly is a magician, so they said that she was smoke without fire in the black church,” added Mu Ning Xue.

– Yes, the golden ranks of the hunters acted in secret and even involved more than a thousand magicians, used the personality of Min Tiens, fenced with all the boundaries and grabbed … just a pimp. I can’t even imagine what kind of rabies their leader Gemin will be … these are idiots, ”said Lin Lin.

“Apparently, tomorrow it will be on the main news page,” Mo Fan concluded.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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