Chapter 884. Lucky Man


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– In the end, what happens?

– In honor of what such extensive actions? Here, what, the center of cholera is found or what?

– I already called and made inquiries. The magical court, the military, the magical association and the government are not aware of what is happening here. How could a golden army of hunters get to that? Brought such a mess! – maliciously swore a man with a kind of official.

The main share of the guests of the estate were, though not magicians, but very rich and powerful people. Unaware that they were threatened by the black church, they were outraged at the actions unfolded here.

Commander Pan Jin looked at the girls, they were all very beautiful, except that his expression was as if he was facing imminent death.

– Haha, we also have powerful customers. So, try to strip you of your hunting licenses? – Carly said with a grin, looking at Pan Jin’s gloomy mood.

– Of course, they have nothing to do with it, but I immediately deliver you to the magical court, so that they will sentence you! – Pan Jin swore.

– Commander, what to do with these girls? One of the fighters asked quietly.

The girls stood in a row, they were usually dressed and looked more like daughters of ordinary families. They were only “service personnel providing their services,” so if you take them to the police, nothing good will come of them – they will simply be reprimanded and reprimanded.

Of course, the girls themselves knew that they were engaged in shameful work, only now they could not have thought that a crowd of magicians would come after them!

To say that people were detained with the use of such resources, and then to say that it was not the people behind whom the hunt was detained – so are the chickens to laugh!

– What are you doing? We just spend our holidays here!

– What’s happening? Detaining such people is not under the jurisdiction of magicians! You disgrace the hunting reputation! You are the magicians of the golden rati, aren’t you? I’ll talk to your supervisor right now! – the fat official has entered into business.

Pan Jin did not mention the black church, because it can only aggravate the situation.

He only said: “We received appropriate approval to take these measures, as information appeared that suspicious activity was observed on the estate’s territory. Gone! ”.

Speaking these words, Pan Jin seemed to feel as if he himself had severely slapped his face.

Now it was necessary only to lead the people away and hand them over to the police, and then contact the magical court, so that they could once again check and confirm the situation.

Only by the appearance of these girls, it was safe to say that they were not adherents of the black church.

– The Golden Army is a secondary division of the Hunters League, they are very famous, but you have fooled them too! – Zhar Pinglin admired admiringly Fan Shaol.

“They, too, are not stupid, they thought of using the name of Min Tianshi at a time when we did not even have time to prepare,” Fang Shaoli replied.

“After this erroneous situation in the estate, shouldn’t it be even safer?” – asked Zhao Pinglin.

Fang Shaoli just wanted to answer, as she heard the sound.

The sly expression on her face changed dramatically, and, looking at Zhao Pinglin, she gave him a sign to move away the other way.

It was the sound of Phan Shaoli’s walkie-talkie, and the guy was surprised by the fact that this call changed her face so much.

Zhao Pinglin walked away, and only after that Fang Shaoli accepted the signal.

– Mentor! Said Fan Shaoli softly, hanging her head.

– Good done! – from the radio I heard a cold voice, the sex of which could not be determined.

– I try to be like a mentor. The fact of the arrival of the hunters here suggests that the magical association is closely tracking us. “I’m saying that after all this, our people should get lost in the crowd of ordinary people as much as possible,” said Fang Shaoli.

After all, very soon the entire manor will be searched for signs of the black church.

– Get lost? But this is not in our manner!

– Mentor, then what are you proposing?

– After my county all our hidden personalities will come out. I propose to expose the young interns. Young and naive they should not regret their own lives … let these monkeys from the golden rati know that even in the absence of Salan, it will not be easy for them!

Even Fang Shaoli heard this chilling mood of her interlocutor.

The atmosphere of death, which will fill the whole place after this man’s county, noticeably cheered her up.

They have been hiding for too long, so why not give in to their cunning now?

– I understand! – answered Fan Shaoli.

“Only you must hide your identity well!” After all this, I will need a smart person nearby. Earlier, Hujing coped with this, only here during the last solemn ceremony he disappointed me greatly! Said the interlocutor.

After the dialogue ceased, Fang Shaoli spent about five minutes saying goodbye to the leader and bowing, and then fell to the floor. She rose, and unprecedented fire was already burning in her eyes!

“Zhao Pinglin,” she called.

– Yes, – the guy came up.

– You’re just lucky! Just entered the ranks of the black church and you can already see this … – Fang Shaoli smiled.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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