Chapter 886. Fall into the Trap


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– Leave, quickly, go! Shouted Pan Jin loudly.

However, the number of those present only increased. It seemed to everyone that he was the next victim of this situation.

The hunters of the detachment began to run outside the manor.

In this rush, people fell, and the number of victims exceeded 20 people …

As soon as the people began to run outside the manor, the squad commander stopped everyone.

– Sergeina, we even have no idea what kind of attack it is. It is possible that this poison can spread through the air. The rate of infection of people is simply amazing, and there is not a single symptom! Said Pan Jin, in a voice that was noisy with fear.

He had been a hunter for more than ten years, so he had already seen all sorts of creatures, and even had time to get used to unexpected deaths … but these deaths were simply inexplicable, and he saw only one way out – to urgently lead the team!

Gemin turned slowly, giving Pan Jing an opportunity to see the situation behind him …

Black blood covered a huge piece of the external space of the estate, as if it was a pond of black blood.

On the ground lay black corpses that had dried up so much that a little more and the remains would start to spread in the wind.

– All the people who went for a walk outside the estate, died! There is not a single survivor! Came the deep voice of Gemin.

The number of hunters reached thousands of people, and only part of them was in the estate — most of the hunters were outside of all this, looking for adherents of the black church. If the black church really wanted to know about everything happening in the estate, which is simply huge, they would need a lot of people.

After the hunters of Pan Jin began to die, a similar phenomenon began to manifest itself in people who were nearby. In fear, they fled away from the manor, but, having run only 50 meters from the fence, they fell dead ….

The black corpses outside the estate were much larger, and black blood literally flowed like a river.

The main commander of the entire unit, Gemin, was panicked: in his submission there were about a thousand hunters, 400 of whom were already dead! Almost half! And the most terrible thing was that they had no idea why people were dying, it was impossible to predict who would start to throw up black blood next. In a short time, the neighborhood of the estate turned into a territory littered with black corpses.

– You can not go out! It is impossible! Said Gemin loudly.

– I’m against! I do not want to stay here and wait for my own death. All die in such conditions – this infection is accurately transmitted through the air! – said the female hunter.

Pan Jin saw people rushing to the fence of the estate, but Gemin would not let them pass.

Pan Jin lowered his head and found himself already trying to climb over the fence, and that woman-hunter had already run 10 meters ahead …

Fresh blood gushed from the woman’s mouth. From fright she began to run back.

Pan Jin, seeing that she was rushing back, and black blood gushing from her mouth, became frightened.

Having reached the fence, the hunter fell, but with bloody hands, she still tried to crawl inside, as if her life depended on it.

Her body began to dry out, and, penetrating only half inward, she could no longer move.

From this picture, Pan Jin roared like a child. His inner fear and pain never stopped.

No one could give this explanation. Hunters seemed to play with death, and no one knew who would be the next victim.

A similar situation was observed not only among hunters, but also among a thousand and a half ordinary guests, which caused an incredible panic. And although the number of deaths among the guests was much less than among the magicians, all this horror led no less!

The hunters, who saw that the guests were also rushing outside the manor, changed dramatically in their faces.

– Hurry, stop them! We can not allow them to run out! – shouted on the radio chief commander Gemin.

– Do we need to worry about them now? Asked Pan Jin.

– What are you talking about? This situation started because of us! If innocent people suffer, we will be criminals! We don’t even know where it all went from! Shouted Gemin.

The hunters began to stop the guests, sending those to their rooms.

It’s good that people did not have time to climb over the fence, because there the whole territory was thickly littered with corpses!

– Commander, there seems to be no more poisoning.

– Just one magician, burst out, died before he could run far.

– Poison, apparently, no longer applies. Do not let anyone out! Let everyone calm down! – handed out instructions Gemin.

In the head of most people, emptiness reigned, no one knew what was waiting for them further …

People were reassured, but they did not understand …

It was clear that they all fell into the trap of the black church!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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