Chapter 887. The Source of Mass Poisoning (Part 1)


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All this happened in front of Mo Fang.

Of course, from the very beginning he was gripped by fear. He breathed with caution, each time thinking about whether he would become a victim!

“Infection is more common among the team of hunters, among the guests, fortunately, the mortality rate is not so high – out of more than a thousand people, only a little more than ten died, which means only 1%,” Lin Lin quickly stuffed data into her laptop.

“It’s amazing that you can talk so calmly about such a difficult situation,” Mu Ning Xue looked at the girl, considering whether she had any visible deviations.

Unlike a lot of people around who fought hysterically, Ling Ling looked too calm.

“Plans have gone bad … Lin Ling, we are at the epicenter of death,” said Mo Fan, trying to make the words of Ling Ling more tragic.

One percent … that’s bad luck.

Seeing how people emanate black blood, Mo Fan did not consider mortality at 1% a great success, because this could only be the beginning.

“Apparently, the spread of poison is suspended,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“I’m afraid it’s temporary,” said Ling Ling.

– Any ideas? Maybe it’s a curse? – asked Mo Fan.

It was just incomprehensible to the mind … how can people just start dying like that? This poison spreads around the estate ??

If the people who left the manor were all killed, then how can we explain the suspension of the epidemic?

“The curse can act at that level — it’s almost a spell,” said Ling Ling.

A simple single curse manifests itself after a system is drawn or a star cloud has been compiled, but a collective curse is not so easy to release!

– And what should we do now? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Nothing can be done. In this situation, we absolutely cannot reveal our personalities, ”Ling Lin said quietly, referring to Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue.

It is obvious that the golden army of hunters (* this is the name of the detachment of hunters who arrived) cursed the black church with all its forces, which was able to take revenge over them.

“And if they are going to kill us all?” We, too, cannot just sit and wait for the hour of our own death, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

She knew firsthand how dangerous the black church was, and now this contagious epidemic forced them all to be even more circumspect.

The golden army of hunters was at the epicenter of all these events, but even they did not know how to proceed. All of their walkie-talkies, located outside the estate, did not give a signal, and it was not at all clear what was happening there.

– Wang Xuyu gone! She is not visible … – Guo Weni suddenly thought better of it.

– Yes exactly. Zhao Pinglin, have you seen Wang Xuxiu? – The question came from Wanbin.

In such a dangerous situation, the most terrible thing was to lose sight of someone.

– I do not know. I haven’t seen her all evening, she said she feels unwell and will stay in the room. She is not there? – Zhao Pinglin said doubtfully.

“Idiot, how have you not seen her?” If something happens to her … ”Rongsheng shouted, grabbing the guy by the clothes.

He only answered coldly: “She closed in her room, what could I do about it?”

“I went to her, she is not in the room,” said Guo Weny.

“She couldn’t turn into a black corpse too ?!” – it was not known whose voice.

From these words, everyone froze, and only Guo Weny and Rongsheng resisted what was said: “You shouldn’t talk all kinds of nonsense, something could not happen to it.”

“The withered corpses cannot be identified, so …” added Zhao Pinglin.

– How can you say that ?! – angry Rongsheng.

The two of them grappled. Since Rongsheng was much stronger than the intelligent but weak Zhao Pinglin, the latter had abrasions.

The rest began to separate them, and Zhao Pinglin after began to examine their scratches on his face, raging even more.

However, without saying anything, afterwards he simply turned and walked towards the exit.

– Zhao Pinglin, where are you going?

“Do not go, you may be in danger,” Wanbin stopped him.

– I go to my room, do not bother me! – the guy said hotly.

– Rongsheng, what are you doing? He said that he had not seen Wang Xuxuy since the evening!

– Well, that’s enough! Do not swear, we are already in danger and do not know who will fall next victim of this poison, so you should not now find out the relationship. Let’s better go to the window, perhaps people from the magical association have already arrived to save us, ”someone suggested.

People gradually began to approach the windows, their faces were pale.

“I’m a little drunk, tell the butler to get me some tea,” the man said.

– Who in this situation will serve you? Everyone is afraid of infection! – Wangbin said in a cold voice.

Ling Ling was still fingering, dropping into her computer all the information about the mass poisoning at the estate.

– Tea? – said Mu Ning Xue.

Ling Ling and Mo Fan raised their heads, thinking that she was offering to drink something.

“Mo Fan, Ling Ling, remember that as soon as we arrived here, the butler and Carly handed out tea to everyone, saying that this was pride here,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Do you think something is wrong with this tea?” Asked Lin Ling.

Mo Fan was stunned: “Yes, it can not be! All those present drank tea, and among the dead. ”

– No no no! – Ling Ling suddenly remembered something that was key!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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