Chapter 889. This Zhao Pinglin is Not So Simple!


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Upon entering the room, Wang Xu-Xiu, Mo Fan, gave free rein to his perception, examining in detail every detail.

Rongsheng’s heart began to bleed after he entered the room. In his memoirs, the picture of that beautiful declaration of love, which was destroyed with thunder the very next day, was still alive.

– No clues. “Most likely, she left the room herself,” Mo Fan concluded.

He turned to look around the other part of the room, but his gaze fell sharply on Rongsheng.

He involuntarily said, looking at him: “Along the way, you are again thinking about the same thing.”

– Recently, Wang Xuxuy looked intimidated. I wanted to talk to her about it, but she constantly avoided me, I am very worried about her, ”said Guo Weny.

“What was she afraid of?” – asked Mo Fan.

“I don’t know … but for some reason it seems to me that she was afraid of Zhao Pinglin,” the girl replied.

– This is exactly Zhao Pinglin, he did something awful to her! Cried Rongsheng.

It looked like the only worthy explanation of why Wang Xuxu first accepted Rongsheng’s feelings, and then so ruined everything.

“That night Zhao Pinglin came to me,” Mu Ning Xue added.

– To you?! “Guo Weny and Rongsheng are frozen.”

Mu Ning Xue explained the situation. From her words, it became clear that Zhao Pinglin was giving her signs of attention.

– Wang Xu-xu also wrote to me that she did not consider Zhao Pinglin a good person. She said it very sincerely, there was not a hint of a grin, – Guo Weni was holding a phone in which she could see her correspondence with the missing.

Rongsheng said movedly: “You see, I told you that she could not just beat me off. This is all he, Zhao Pinglin! It is possible that he intimidated her with something, and she had to hide! Now it is so unsafe in the estate, something might happen to her! We must find her as soon as possible! ”

Mo Fan, after reading the correspondence, concluded that Wang Xu-Xiu was a very intelligent girl, once she was able to recognize Zhao Pinglin’s rotten essence, another confirmation of which was that he was trying to get to Mu Ning Xue!

“Lately, Zhao Pinglin looks somehow strange,” said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue was also very sensitive, so she was able to notice changes in Zhao Pinglin’s behavior. Recently, when he was looking at her, there was not a drop of embarrassment in his eyes, but only some kind of ardor.

How many times did she catch him on how he literally devoured her with her own eyes, and this only made her more alarming.

Now, when it came to Zhao Pingling, Mu Ning Xue shared her observations on his account.

“Is he so weird?” – asked Mo Fan.

– I describe only my feelings. It seems to me that cruelty appeared in his eyes, which was not inherent in him before, ”Mu Ning Xue shared.

– He likes you very much, we all noticed. Even then, at the bar, we discussed it vigorously, although he himself thought he was hiding it perfectly, ”said Guo Weny.

“Mu Ning Xue is so beautiful, everyone likes her,” Rongsheng added.

– We can not stoop to such discussions? – Mo Fan made a comment.

The whole area outside was covered with black corpses, and the time for such conversations was, to put it mildly, inappropriate.

In addition, Mo Fan hoped that Mu Ning Xue would become the daughter-in-law of his family, Mo, so such courting by Zhao Pinglin simply infuriated him.

“Mo Fan, I thought we were discussing Zhao Pinglin,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– What is there to discuss? The same type as Guan Yu, answered Mo Fan.

“That’s the problem,” said Mu Ning Xue.

She had no evidence, only her own observations and sensations.

“Just explain to me if he used some extraordinary means for Wang Xuxiu, could he use them for me too?” “In the past few days, I used protection,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– Protection? – surprised Mo Fan.

Although Mu Ning Xue was only a mid-level magician, her abilities could be compared to high-level magic. And if she used protection from such a simple person, it means that he is really some kind of unusual, and Wang Xuxiu’s changes in recent days have filled up even more horror …

“You stay here, and I’ll go check on this Zhao Pinglin,” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan did not take them with him on purpose, since he did not want to use his shadow magic with them. Even in such a situation, there was no guarantee that Guo Weny and Rongsheng were not adherents of the black church.

Reaching Zhao Pinglin’s room, Mo Fan discovered that it was tightly closed.

Mo Fan Fan himself would like to use lightning to smash that door to shreds, but then it would definitely fall into the attention of the black churchmen.

Using a shadow, he went inside and found that there was absolutely no one in the room.

– Strange, he said that he would go to his room! An epidemic is raging in the manor, and he shies away somewhere!

– And he is really some kind of suspicious! – thought Mo Fan.

– I wonder where he went?

– Agile wolf, climb out! Unlock everything here and find it! Said Mo Fan, calling his beast.

On the physiognomy of the wolf one could see the offense.

You’re a wolf, not a dog!

* Howl

The wolf had a keen sense of smell, especially regarding the smell of blood. Very quickly, he found a box under the bed, the contents of which surprised Mo Fang.

– You know that you are an unusual wolf! – cursed Mo Fan.

The wolf was also offended.

– You want to say that this shoe has the smell of blood? Female blood? – Mo Fan got leather shoes – such shoes are used for a special kind of entertainment … because they also have the smell of human blood! Oh, this Zhao Pinglin! It looks so intelligent, but in fact …

Mo Fan, of course, understood that people also sometimes play adult games, but it was clear from this shoe that it was used for something painful!

This Zhao Pinglin is not so simple!

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