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Hū hū The wind blew across the ear, making Luo Xiao’s entire face horrified.

She looked back at all around and found that she was running at a very fast speed. On both sides, Spirit Beast was either roaring, or rushing, and even had some claws, but it never failed.

What’s more, some of the more closely related Spirit Beast, has not yet moved, the body was swept by the sword qi storm, spewing out a large piece of fresh blood, mourning.

“A very good Martial Study.” Luo Yan could not help but be surprised, sword qi condensed into a storm, in addition to speed, but also able to kill Spirit Beast, can attack and defend, it is perfect.

“This is not a Martial Study, but a Martial Spirit innate talent.” At this time, Chu Xingyun’s voice came.

“Martial Dao is the world of Body Tempering, Spirit Gathering, Earth Spirit, Heavenly Spirit, Yin-Yang and Nirvana. The Body Tempering is based on the combination of Martial Spirit and snoring. After entering the Spirit Gathering, as the cultivation base continues to improve, you can gradually understand the mystery of the Martial Spirit and awaken the Martial Spirit innate talent.”

“However, it is not easy to awaken the Martial Spirit innate talent. It must have a deep understanding of the Martial Spirit, and every time you use the Martial Spirit innate talent, you have to consume a lot of spiritual power, so you don’t have to, Martial Artist It won’t be easy to show.”

Chu Xingyun Two Lifetimes is a human being, and it is naturally easy to wake up the Martial Spirit innate talent.

He entered the Martial Spirit innate talent awakened by Spirit Gathering, called the sword qi storm, which turned the sword of Martial Spirit into an infinite sword qi, surrounded by the body, but anyone who is close will be attacked by sword qi.

From this point of view, the sword qi storm, has been considered a very good Martial Spirit innate talent, can attack and defend.

Even more surprising is that the sword qi storm can also improve the speed of Chu Xingyun, mentioning that it is three times full, this simply can be said to be more powerful.

According to Chu Xingyun, this speed increase should come from the ghost wolf.

You know, the wolf beast is good at speed, and the ghost wolf is known for its speed and erratic. After the spirit sword swallows it, it naturally inherits this feature, making the Martial Spirit innate talent more powerful.

This is also the strength of the unnamed cultivation technique.

The more Martial Spirit the spirit sword devours, not only can enhance its own strength, but also help the Martial Spirit innate talent. At that time, Chu Xingyun was able to count Mill and Emperor powerhouse, one of the top ten Martial Emperor. Rely on the incomparably powerful Martial Spirit innate talent.

“Martial Dao has only six realms? The legendary Martial Emperor?” Luo said, she couldn’t help but wonder, she once heard of the rumors of Martial Emperor, but Chu Xingyun’s explanation seems to be that Martial Emperor is not in Martial Dao. within.

“Martial Emperor powerhouse, has been out of the Martial Dao category, they are emphasizing the emperor, even above the emperor, and Emperor Dao, these are the supreme existence of supreme.” Chu Xingyun said here The eyes have become a bit deep.

Cultivating together, it can be said that there is no end.

In the past, he stood at the peak of the true continent, and he has already thoroughly understood the emperor and is about to step into Nihility’s Emperor Dao.

But all this is far from peak.

Above the emperor, it is Emperor Dao.

On top of Emperor Dao, is there a higher level of supreme realm? These, Chu Xingyun is completely ignorant, everything needs him to explore and seek knowledge in the future.

“Martial Dao Six Kingdoms, the Emperor, and Emperor Dao, it’s amazing.” Hearing Chu Xingyun’s explanation, Luo Xiao suddenly felt a lot of eyes, and the World she lived in, there are so many mysterious existsence.

Before meeting Chu Xingyun, she didn’t know it all!

“Stay steady!” Just as Luo Yi sighed, Chu Xingyun suddenly said a word, let her suddenly return to God.

At the moment, both of them have been at the center of Beast Tide, where the number of Spirit Beast has surged more than tenfold, and they are all powerful Spirit Gathering Spirit Beast.

These Spirit Beast immediately discovered Chu Xingyun and Luo Wei, and they screamed in the air and rushed over.

“Spirit Beast is too much, what should I do?” Luo Wei exclaimed, so many Spirit Beasts came in groups, and I am afraid that even the hard walls would be directly destroyed.

“What to do, naturally, it is necessary to rush through!” Chu Xingyun’s voice is high, and the sword qi storm around the body sweeps the speed to the limit.

The distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer, and Lozen can almost see these visceral fragments hanging on the Spirit Beast teeth.


Seeing that it was about to collide, the hollow sword was rotated in the hands of Chu Xingyun, and the hollowed-out wind blade bloomed. In the incomparably sharp posture, the foremost Spirit Beast was split into two halves.

Chu Xingyun seized the opportunity and forcibly rushed over. The large pieces of animal blood and stinky internal organs were all smashed by the sword qi storm. The whole open space was instantly dyed as scarlet and scarlet.

“hū hū hū !” Luo Yan looked at the scene with her big eyes, until she got rid of the thing Spirit Beast. She was still a little sluggish, breathing with a big mouth and her heart pounding.

Just now, this move was crazy. Kill and Behead Spirit Beast also forcibly rushed out of the encirclement. In the short few seconds, Luo Wei at least saw that there were no more than ten claws, and she was torn into pieces.

But each one was either avoided by Chu Xingyun, or was resisted by the sword qi storm, and even a few, Chu Xingyun directly blocked with the body, did not let her suffer a slight damage.

All of this happened in a flash, and Luo Xiaolian didn’t have a time to exclaim. A blink of an eye passed, but every scene was so real, and it was imprinted in the deepest part of her heart.

Among Beast Tide, Spirit Beast raged and the dust rolled.

A delicate and pretty handsome, with a few frivolous teenagers on his face, carrying an adorable young girl, constantly running in the herd, breaking through, and rushing out of a bloody road.

The wind blowing in the face, blowing the long hair of the two, floating up and down.

Beast Tide, dyed with blood, young girl, frivolous man, like a picture scroll, revealing a bloody, but there is still a touch of tenderness.

Luo Wei quietly leaned on the back of Chu Xingyun, and there was no panic on her face. Some were quiet.

She sometimes turned her head and looked at Chu Xingyun’s face stained with fresh blood. The sense of security in her heart seemed to be in the arms of her parents. No matter what the danger, she could spend it safely.

However, I feel that this sense of security is somewhat different from that given by my parents. It seems that there is a strange emotion that is unclear.

Whenever this emotion is touched, Luo Yi feels that the heart of own jumps fast, such as restless.

Even though this road of dyed with blood is full of danger, she feels very good and does not want to come to an end.

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Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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