Chapter 891. Beautiful as a Flower, but Cruel Like a Snake


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This Zhao Pinglin actually turned out to be an adherent of the black church! Even Mo Fan could not imagine such a thing!

Apparently, Wang Xu-Xiu really accepted Rongsheng’s feelings, and the enraged Zhao Pinglin resorted to the help of the black church in order to subordinate it to himself!

– Here is a brave man! Cranks like that under my nose! Said Mo Fan.

If we talk about the methods of the black church, they are more than enough to start manipulating some girl. However, there are people in the world like Mo Fanyu who would never allow the spread of such evil, even if the world is cruel in itself!

“For one adept they give half a million, for a priest nine million … yes, this is the cost of half of the spiritual seed!” There will be something to please my daughter … Zhao Pinglin, please do not disappoint me! – Mo Fan made calculations in his mind, a black shadow flashing past the animals so that they didn’t even smell anything.

Mo Fan passed to the garden, which was led by a path lined with round stones. There was a sculpture and trees, in the shadow of which he disappeared.

He saw three people approaching with quick steps, they were dressed in the red uniform of the attendants.

In the same garden there were already about 4-5 people and more than ten black monsters.

Monsters surrounded these 4-5 people who, apparently, were guests. They began to scream and cry, begging for help and trying to hide, but they were so far from the main building of the estate that their cries were simply not heard.

– Senior priest, what to do with these people? – I heard a female voice.

This voice was very familiar to Mo Fang. It was definitely one of the guests responsible for the stay – Mo Fan immediately remembered her specific voice, from which human thoughts were carried away, far away.

“So let’s see, just our pets are hungry,” the priest’s voice was unfamiliar. This man was clearly not going to spare people.

Mo Fan hesitated: he did not know whether he should stand out at such a moment and save people, perhaps there was no one to be saved ….

In the eyes of the black churchmen, human life was not particularly valuable. Mo Fan again looked at people who were so unlucky to be in such a place at such a time, and involuntarily sighed.

– Well. With the threat figured out, now everyone can return to their place … Yangqiao, you stay here and deal with the corpses. “The hunters of the golden rati cannot detect them,” said the priest in a gray robe.

“Yes, senior priest,” the woman replied.

Needless to say, these people, caught by mistake, greatly helped Mo Fang and the others. Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue, Guo Weny and Rongsheng did not attract much attention only from the appearance of these people in these places.

The black monsters fled, the priest in gray and the adept in black also left, and only that woman remained at the crime scene.

The adept woman was standing in the garden, and the hiding Mo Fan watched the small legs of Yangqiao approach the guests, whose bodies were bloody with the paws of black monsters, while the adept herself sings a funny little song to herself.

– There was nothing to come here in search of his own death! – slyly pronounced Yangqiao.

“Let go … let go, I beg you, let me go,” the young man clutched at Yangqiao’s shoes.

– What? Still alive? – said Yangqiao in surprise.

She went around a few laps around a young boy who was in a pool of blood. He was under the protection of two other guests, and the bulk of the blood on his body belonged to them.

– And you are a real loser! It would be better to die immediately, otherwise you will have to go through this torment again, ”Yangqiao smiled.

Having said this, she pulled out and opened a bottle of the drug, a dark liquid from which began to drip onto the body of a young man.

The blood from the effects of this fluid became black and evaporated around the district, the body decayed, and even the bones were devoured through ….

In less than ten seconds, the body of the young man became completely black.

– Here, I will make it slower so that you can suffer a little longer! Said Yangqiao, pouring out the contents of the bottle.

Now the drops of liquid were eating away at the guy’s lower back, and he himself howled in pain, but all these sounds were muffled by the trees around.

– A little more to scream even louder!

How could this youngster know that a girl with such a beautiful and gentle voice would say like that!

Yangqiao decided to end this quickly, but found that her hand was holding something.

She turned her head and saw the guy who was taller than her head – he took the bottle of the drug from her hands and hit her in the face! Her face has changed dramatically, and she could not even scream!

– You….


Mo Fan gave her another chance by hitting her face again.

“Idio …” Yangqiao wanted to curse, but Mo Fan stopped her with spikes of a shadow, one of which stuck into her lower back, blocking movements, and the second into her mind so that she could not communicate everything to her associates.

“You … who are you?” – uttered Yangqiao with all her strength.

“Beautiful as a flower, but cruel like a snake … a magical court pays a little for adherents like you.” Even if I don’t get any money for you, I will bring you to justice anyway! – Said Mo Fan, standing behind the black church.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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