Chapter 895. Another manifestation of poison


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Zhao Pinglin appeared before them three. In his eyes burned a fire of anger aimed at Mu Ning Xue.

If then she hadn’t pushed him away, he would still be that sweet kid … but so much has changed in the last few days! During this time he managed to become obsessed with her silvery-haired silhouette ….

However, now, being an adherent of the church, he had to do a lot, and in opposing the magicians he could not have imagined that this girl would fall into the distributed networks. Looking at Mu Ning Xue, he thought about how he would repay her many times for everything!

Mu Ning Xue understood very well why all this time she had to release protection from Zhao Pinglin: each time his eyes became more and more like those of a hungry beast, and each time she found it harder to defend against this impact.

– Zhao Pinglin, the beast! Now tell me what you did with Wang Xuxiu! Shouted Rongsheng, trying to grab the guy by the neck.

Zhao Pinglin stood, not moving, and looked as if there was some kind of little bug in front of him.

A monster curse next to him immediately rushed with claws at Rongsheng.

These claws touched his body and could easily pierce his insides. It’s good that Mu Ning Xue was near and managed to pull him off before the monster could kill him.

“Do not twitch,” Mu Ning Xue said.

Rongsheng kept staring at Zhao Pinglin too.

Zhao Pinglin only smiled confidently: a monster of a curse next to him could easily fight even with a magician, not like a mere mortal like Rongsheng.

“You all think about her … well, I can guarantee you that the next time you see her, you will not have time to hide!” Ha ha ha! The three of you must follow me to the underground room, and perhaps then I will leave you alive … but if you disobey me, this monster will begin to feast on your flesh here! – said Zhao Pinglin.

“How … how could you get to that?” “Guo Weny looked at him like a stranger.”

– I’ve always been like this!

Mu Ning Xue did not start the battle, she felt that there were many other black-churches in the vicinity besides Zhao Pinglin. And if to deal with it was not a problem, then the rest of the adepts could cause a lot of trouble.

It was clear that Zhao Pinglin was not going to kill them – it was for the best, as he himself would lead them to the den of the black church.

Zhao Pinglin did not bind the guys at all, because he thought that a monster of a curse next to him was the best guarantee of protection against a possible escape.

The three of them were led into the dungeon, which, apparently, was the main local office of the black church. They saw an adept in a black robe who kept a black monster on a leash.

– Who are these three? – asked the priest in the gray Lugan stern voice.

“My captives,” Zhao Pinglin replied.

– Why are they not related? – again asked Lugan.

“All of them are ordinary people, I think there’s no need for that,” said the guy.

– Take them to the underground prison and immediately go to the temple on the slope.

– There is.

Mu Ning Xue, having heard these words, thought about what kind of place this is – a temple on the slope.

Does this poison spread from there, and this is the most important place for the black church?

Once in an underground prison, Mu Ning Xue drew attention to the fact that there was a ban. However, he was not strong, and with the use of her magic, she could easily overcome it.

Zhao Pinglin considered the three of them to be ordinary people, so he did not take them to the cell with a strong ban, Mu Ning Xue sighed with relief.

Unfortunately, she did not have the ability to move imperceptibly, so even alone she could do a lot of work here.

Dark Hall

Mo Fan has already returned to the hall, but he found no one. He found only traces of several black monsters that clearly ran here.

Mo Fan had already begun to worry, but when he saw a crystal of ice, he immediately calmed down.

It was a peculiar language of communication between Mo Fang and Mu Ning Xue. If nothing was left here, it meant that she needed immediate help, and the presence of such a crystal of ice indicated that she was in comparative safety.

“Mo Fan, Mo Fan …” came the voice of Ling Ling from the radio.

– What is it?

– The poisoning reappeared, several dozen people have already died. There are also those who, having lost all reason, are worn around the district, ”said Lin Lin.

Mo Fan stood by the window and carefully peered into the main building of the estate, which was illuminated by lamps. Having listened, one could hear the cries of people, and, having looked narrowly, even to see small silhouettes of the running, who at some moment simply disappeared …

Mo Fan understood that these people disappeared in the grass thickets, choking on black blood ….

There was not an asterisk in the black predawn sky, and the gloom covered the estate with one large cloud.

The commander of the golden unit, Pan Jin, was sitting on the stairs near the main entrance. His red eyes looked at corpses, of which there were more than ten, and which lay a dead weight at the bottom of the stairs. By his appearance it was clear that with all the chakras of his soul he wanted to destroy the black church ….

However, it was not possible to calculate the chernokserkovniki – they all skilfully hid among the crowd of hysterical people.

That night, the golden ranks of the hunters will be completely destroyed, without having the opportunity to get even with the black church ….

“Commander, I don’t want to sit like this and wait for my own death,” Pan Jin said to Chief Commander Gemin.

– I do not want either. We really underestimated the black church, we can only hope … – said Gemin.

– Hope for what? Asked Pan Jin.

“On … over …” Gemin was eager to say something, only he had failed.

– Chief commander! – Pan Jin rose sharply.

Gemin himself did not believe what was going on – some kind of viscous swill stepped up to his throat!

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