Chapter 896. Fight to the Death


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Black blood began to slowly flow from the mouth of Gemin. The reason for this was not that he was a powerful magician – just the poison acted on him differently than other people.

“Under … pick me up,” Gemin made sounds.

It was at this point in his poisoning that Gemin clearly realized how terrifying the methods of the black church are — even a high-level magician cannot survive in this situation.

– Commander!

– Commander, you can not die!

– Hurry, call the doctor!

“It’s pointless to call a healing magician, this magic won’t help here.”

The hunters of the golden rati have surrounded their commander, their faces were very pale.

Even a high-level mage, Gemin, could not cope with the poisoning, what about the rest?

This wave of poisoning finally crippled even the most persistent individuals, they all now sat with empty eyes, not knowing how to be.

“But I said, I said that these demons should not be pissed off — that’s what this led to!” Said Sunjun.

“And what kind of idiot let us down by giving false information?” If I survive, I’ll rip off three skins! – There was a loud voice of another hunter.

– Enough! Shouted Pan Jin.

What is the point now to talk about all this? It is impossible to make everyone survive, so now also their chief commander is also poisoned – in this situation you can only rely on yourself.

– It makes no sense to curse some people, our enemies – these are black churchmen! And we have only one way out – to go through all and catch all these creatures, kill them! Otherwise, we will all become corpses! Said Pan Jin.

– He truly speaks. Chernokserkovniki exactly hiding somewhere in the estate. There are many places that we have not yet examined. “Let some of us remain here and the rest go round,” said the commander of one of the units, Hawtin.

– Divide into teams, it is forbidden to move one by one. When something suspicious appears immediately report! If the team appears poisoned, still continue to move forward! Said Pan Jin.

The poisoning of the main commander gave him a clear realization that it was absolutely no sense to sit here idly.

Soon, several teams of hunters moved through the estate with a renewed mission.

Information about this began to spread.

– Liu Pingsheng, who are you talking to? – One employee saw a man with a yellow face talking to someone.

“I read the prayer with no one,” he answered.

– What do you have in your hands? The employee asked again.

It was a black radio, from which came the sounds.

Soon, three hunters sniffed out this situation and immediately attacked this man with a yellow face.

– This is the equipment of the black church! He reported to them about the situation! – concluded three hunters, detaining a man.

Liu Pingsheng realized that he was ambushed, so he hurried to summon his black monster to the rescue.

Among the hunters, one was a mid-level magician for whom a black monster could not pose a danger.

Liu Pingsheng finally betrayed himself, calling a black monster – and thus, the hunters caught the first adept of the black church!

– Commander, grabbed the adept in black. He had a black church radio in his hands, and he himself called the black monster, – the hunter immediately reported on the radio to Pan Jing.

– Well! Continue in the same spirit! Don’t let the black church slip out from under your nose! Said Pan Jin.

Morale is what these people needed.

– There is some kind of orange building, we didn’t really check it! Said Sunjun.

“We will go there,” Pan Jin nodded his head, heading in the direction of that building.

The temple on the slope of the orange building

A deacon in blue attire Fan Shaoli sat on the throne of blood-red. Her ten-centimeter heels were directed towards the ceiling, and it seemed they could even pierce him.

At her feet were sitting priests in gray robes, among whom were Likai and Lugen, as well as a senior priest in gray.

Behind the succession of priests in gray were adepts in black robes. Everyone who was here was dressed in a certain type of clothing, so that it was possible to immediately determine the level of one or another adept.

Fan Shaoli fingers her lips. There was nothing under her blue cape, which made the outlines of her sexy body look attractive.

“It seems that we have pressed these lambs too tightly, and, as you know, even rabbits can bite.” What are we going to do with this crowd? Said Fan Shaoli with a grin.

– People from the magical court are already on the island and very soon will be here, I’m afraid that the team is headed by a night hawk … Our people from the magical court in the vicinity of Shanghai have already been cleansed on his part! Said the priest in gray Lugan.

– True? I remember him … wait for his arrival, I want to hold a solemn ceremony for him … ha ha ha!

Hearing the laughter of Fan Shaoli, ten priests also began to laugh, and the adepts in black, not understanding what would happen next, could only maintain a general laugh.

Solemn ceremony?

Solemn ceremony for a member of the magical court ?!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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