Chapter 897. Self-freezing


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The liquid dripped onto the body of a single chernokerkovnik, and soon traces of dark liquid appeared on the earth.

“And this thing helped me well,” said Mo Fan, holding the bottle he took from Yangqiao. Really a killer remedy!

On the way from the orange building to this dungeon, Mo Fan smoothly dealt with adepts in black robes, and then used this liquid on their bodies. As a result, the Chernokerkovniki noticed that adherents disappeared somewhere, only they did not see their bodies!

If you count, he has already interrupted the adepts for several million, but this money was still not enough.

Mo Fan went to an unknown direction – this is Mu Ning Xue, good girl, left him many clues in the form of ice crystals, and now he followed in their footsteps.

This place was definitely the main center of the black church. Going down here, you need to deal with the spread of poisoning, and after that it will be possible to cover all adherents with a copper basin.

Once in the underground prison, Mo Fan discovered that she was not guarded at all, so nothing prevented him from proceeding further with a contentious and contentious look.

Mu Ning Xue, Rongsheng and Guo Weny were imprisoned in an ordinary iron chamber. Mu Ning Xue herself would have been able to get out of such imprisonment herself, and Mo Fanga was amused, and the black-churches themselves were very careless in this matter.

– How are you? – asked Mo Fan.

“Yeah, thank you so much for Zhao Pinglin for bringing us here,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“I walked around the district, there are too many adherents here, even the two of us will not master them,” said Mo Fan.

“Wu Lin Lin is there …” began Mu Ning Xue.

– What is it? – Mo Fan looked uncomprehendingly.

Mu Ning Xue continued to speak, but noticed that she did not hear her own voice.

Mo Fan first looked at her, thinking that she deliberately spoke very quietly, but found traces of black blood in her mouth!

Mo Fan is just ofigel.

He immediately entered the chamber, using the shield of darkness, and grabbed her shoulder to see what was happening.

Traces of black blood – this is something that Mo Fan never wanted to believe in, but the truth is true – she was slowly approaching the girl’s lips.

– Black blood! She is poisoned!

– Faster save her! Save! – began to shout Rongsheng and Guo Weny.

They have already seen many times how people die from this and very quickly.

Having again witnessed how this happens with Mu Ning Xue, who was next to them, they seemed to have a roof.

– Xuesyue … – Mo Fan, too, could not find the words ….

Why did this happen to her? Lin Lin also said that the risk that they would be poisoned was very low!

“Mo … Fan … you just take it easy,” Mu Ning Xue said barely, not knowing how best to restrain the flow of black blood.

However, Mo Fan knew that there was no point in controlling the flow of black blood, and very soon she too would turn into a black withered corpse. Mo Fang’s heart began to pound wildly, as he began to think that this cold, snow-white skin of Mu Ning Xue would turn into a black crust.

– With you everything will be fine, do you hear me? Believe me! I’ll find their deacon in blue right now and find out her antidote! Mo Fan exhaled, words in such a situation were not easy for him.

Mu Ning Xue negatively nodded her head. She began to sharply covered with ice and frost, which slowly penetrated her body.

The farther, the more white and pale the face of the girl became.

– What are you doing? – asked Mo Fan.

“Zam … freezing yourself … don’t worry … do you remember … then … in the Yanmin temple?” – the girl’s body was already turning into a piece of ice.

This is the only method that came to mind. The poison enters the victim’s bloodstream and begins to circulate with the blood circulation, making the blood black. Having found the weak points in the arteries of a person, black blood breaks through, and what usually happens is happening: with each movement it becomes harder for the person …

Now it was the only solution – Mu Ning Xue froze herself to slow down her blood circulation as much as possible.

She could not stop him completely – then this would mean inevitable death.

She could not think what would be next. Most of all, she worried about Mo Fan, thinking that this would most likely never catch her.

– Yanmin Temple? I do remember. Do not remember! I do not want to part with you! Said Mo Fan.

“Listen to me …” Mu Ning Xue whispered, her face no longer moved, “Nothing will happen to me in the near future, I froze my arteries.”

Mo Fan looked at her, hearing her voice getting weaker and weaker. It seemed to him that his heart was breaking to pieces.

“Mo Fan,” the girl’s body was already hardened, only her eyes were still running, as if they wanted to say something important.

He rose abruptly and took her by the fragile neck. He firmly dug his hot lips into hers to warm them.

Mo Fan remembered how usually Mu Ning Xue’s lips were soft and gentle, only now it seemed to him that these were ice stones.

He said: “If you want to say something, then wait until you finally come to your senses. You want to praise me – I will accept it, scold me – I will accept it, I will listen to everything! ”

Mu Ning Xue’s body is completely numb.

She was frozen.

And only Mu Ning Xue herself knew that in ordinary times in such a situation, her heart would have beat with tripled speed.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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