Chapter 898. Even More Ominous Situation


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Traces of black blood imprinted on Mo Fang’s body, his eyes quickly running. Mu Ning Xue with her cold frozen eyes now looked at him as a stranger.

– Mo Fan, what are you doing? – from the radio came the voice of Ling Ling.

– Mu Ning Xue poisoned. I no longer have time to mess with these creatures.

– Don’t fuss. The black church is very cunning, if they find out that it is you, then you will never get an antidote! Moreover, even if you find an antidote, you are not correctable! This is not for you Dunting and not a country of ghosts – you cannot walk and kill everyone, trusting in your magic. About seven hundred thousand people live on this island – do you really want to endanger their lives? – strictly pronounced Ling Ling.

Mo Fan, having heard the words of the hunter, seemed to have realized something.

When Mu Ning Xue is in such a situation, he can only do one thing – use his demonization. So he can in a short time deal with the black church, and the poison can not cause him tremendous harm.

Mo Fanya shuddered.

Indeed, this is not a lair of magical creatures, but an island with living people!

Yes, demonization will noticeably reduce the level of its cultivation ….

No, that will not do … he must save Mu Ning Xue and prevent tragedy!

– Mo Fan … ..

“I understand,” he answered shortly.

Taking a deep breath, Mo Fan entered the nebula of his element of demonization … once demonization helps him to resolve this situation, then let it manifest itself in full measure ….

– Poison in other people’s bodies behaves differently. Her situation is not so critical, as she was able to freeze herself at the right moment, I hope she slowed down blood circulation in her body … – said Lin Ling.

“She did,” said Mo Fan.

– So that’s great. You know, she is much more imperturbable than you. Although you have reached the level of a venerable hunter, in such situations you are too nervous, ”Lin said.

Mo Fan, having heard these words, just went nuts – a ten-year-old girl taught him!

“So you finally found a method to solve the poisoning situation?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Not.

“…” Mo Fan did not know how to react.

“But I made one very important discovery,” Ling Ling said.

– And what?

“I have already connected to my database and found that this poisoning is directly related to one case earlier, for which then a monetary reward was also announced,” said Lin Lin.

“Did I have anything to do with this case?” Mo Fan asked in surprise.

– Do you remember the scaly parasite monster? The one that can suck the blood of people, turning them do not understand what. Although he does not belong to high level beings, he is nevertheless very dangerous – in a short time a large number of people can die. In the short period of time that we are in the estate, we could drink with drinking small pet parasitic creatures that could perfectly hide in the body. If they do not receive a signal from their so-called. “Queens” then continue to quietly and peacefully exist in the human body without causing damage. However, if this queen issues a special signal, then these small creatures in the body begin to vigorously devour a person from the inside, disrupting the functions of internal organs, blood circulation, etc. – explained Lin Ling.

– Poisonous insects? Queen? That is, if we find this queen and destroy her, then all these creatures will start dying after her? – asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan remembered well an interesting fact: if you kill a scaly parasite monster, all the people affected by it begin to recover vigorously.

If you believe the words of Lin Lin, then you just need to kill this queen of insects, and then the whole problem with poisoning will be solved!

– Yes, the queen is a key link in this matter. In addition, she must have even more terrifying abilities! – quietly said Ling Ling.

– You want to say … that mass poisoning with a fatal outcome is not the worst? – ofigel Mo Fan.

In the main building of the estate, Ling Ling, who was sitting on a chair, abruptly jumped off of him and went to the window.

She pushed the curtain aside and looked at the whole wide terrain — from here she could see all the passages and exits of the estate.

On the ground lay a large number of black corpses, which in this lighting looked even more sinister.

The cold wind continued to roam around, lifting fragments of the black skin of the dead into the air ….

These corpses looked exhausted and haggard, just like after the venom of a scaly parasite monster. Five minutes later, Lin Ling looked again at the window.

General poisoning has already come to a tragic end. We have to admit that the scale of the actions of the black church exceeded even the expectations of Lin Ling!


The wind seemed to blow off the top layer of skin from the corpses.

In places of cracks on the corpses, the new skin began to look through, and it seemed that it should have been a flesh-colored color, as usual – but everything was completely different!

The first to be poisoned were the hunters of the golden rati. After the top layer of skin collapsed from their bodies, red, peptic, sticky skin appeared to the eye!

Dead people, just like in horror stories, began to slowly rise from the dead, looking ahead with their eyes – from all this the picture became even more sinister!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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