Chapter 899. Brutal massacre of evil people (part 1)


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“As expected,” Ling Ling said and closed the curtain. The fact that she didn’t want it to happen happened yet. Therefore, even if the magical court arrives here as soon as possible, they will not be able to immediately cope with all the dead.

“Everything is not so good, is it?” Asked Mo Fan.

“Yes, you should not count on the help of a magical court. Even in spite of the fact that nothing has happened to the corpses of those people, it does not mean that they will not turn into monsters. Moreover, it is obvious that the level of this queen is higher than that of the one we have already met. This means that ordinary monsters will be stronger, ”said Ling Ling.

“Okay, do you have any good news for me?” Asked Mo Fan.

“Yes. Thanks to your demonizing element, you seem to be immune to this poison, ”said Lin Lin.

“Well, at least something. Why is that? ”Asked Mo Fan with surprise in his voice.

“The element of demonization perfectly protects you from parasites. You are more poisonous to them than they are to you. The likelihood that something will be about the same as if you drank tap water, ”said Lin Ling.

Mo Fan understood, but for some reason did not feel a sense of pride.


Anyway, the girl told him the good news. It is not surprising that Mu Ning Xue, who took only a few sips of tea, became infected, but he who drank a huge amount did not.

So even better, less headache, now you can safely kill all the representatives of the Black Church, that will catch the eye!

What happened to Mu Ning Xue turned it into a volcano, ready to cast its power on others, and now the goals have just appeared!

Mo Fan turned and walked away from the underground prison.

“Have you already found the queen’s location?”

“After analyzing the soil you brought me, I was able to find poison there. I will give you directions to go. However, you still need to be careful. After all, there is a deacon in blue. YOU can be calm about the adepts in gray and deacons in black, but be attentive with the deacon in blue. And also, try not to use the element of demonization, this is a rare thing, ”said Lin Lin.

“Do not worry, I dared to turn up here, not because I have this power, but because I am sure that I can cope with these bitch children myself!”

Having finished these words, Mo Fan emerged from an underground prison.

Unfortunately, the guy did not have time to take a few steps, as he immediately came across a man in glasses with gold rim. There was an expression on his face, as if something very good was about to happen to him.

Zhao Pinglin was surprised to see Mo Fang.

Your mother, how did this boy get here? This is the headquarters of the Black Church, is it really so lucky that it didn’t stumble upon a single patrolling adept in black?

“You certainly won’t go to heaven – you will go to hell! Since you’ve seen it all, don’t think you can get out of here alive, ”said Zhao Pinglin and laughed. Over the past few days he has become so ruthless.

However, he wholeheartedly enjoyed the feeling of freedom and the ability to make other people’s lives.

“To say that I came here by mistake is blatantly lying. I smelled prey, so I’m here. By the way, I am not only a good student, but also a hunter working on such creatures as you! ”, Mo Fan looked up and looked at Zhao Pinglin with contempt and fury.

“Oh, even if you are a magician, my allies are more than enough to tear you to shreds. But no, I can’t let you die so quickly, you’re furious with me for a long time, you’ll become my servant, along with Wang Xu Xi! ”Said Wang Pinglin and stepped back slightly.

At that moment, a gray monster, covered in curse patterns, appeared behind him. A pair of green eyes immediately scared Guo Wenyi and Rongsheng, causing them to fall to the ground.

“This is a monster of a curse, not some kind of dark beast. His strength reaches the level of the leader of the pack, for someone like you … ”, said Zhao Pinglin, when he saw that the monster was already heading towards Mo Fanya.

No sooner had Zhao Pinglin finished speaking his sentence, as Mo Fang’s black eyes filled with some sort of silvery magic power.

Underground prison lit up the lights. At the same instant, the fake claws grabbed the monster by the neck.

This force was enough. Monster curses tried to resist, but his body just floundered in the air.

The monster was like a little chicken raised into the air.

“What, are you saying the level of the pack leader?” Said Mo Fan and smiled madly.

As the fake claws slightly loosened their hold, the monster flew down. However, before the body of the beast had time to land, it was pierced by a multitude of lightning!

Lightning repeatedly passed through the monster, forming a through hole in the body! Their power was simply amazing!

Mo Fan already used the spell of the middle level of the lightning element quite cleverly. However, after he reaches a high level, he will be able to very well control the strength and type of lightning …

But in this situation it was not necessary to control the power of the lightning, Mo Fan has long ago reached the level of development where you can kill the pack leader in a matter of seconds!

All this happened very quickly. Zhao Pinglin during this time did not even have time to finish his sentence …

Looking at the corpse of the monster curse Zhao Pinglin immediately remembered the words of Fang Shaoli that such a monster would be enough to kill a hundred people like Mo Fan. Doubt crept into the boy’s heart. How is it possible to kill such a monster at once in one step?

Of course, if Zhao Pinglin had noticed that the wall of the underground prison was also destroyed by this lightning, then he would have no doubt about its strength!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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