Chapter 10: Aptitude test


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“Do I have to go to the next room?”

Misha nods her head.An owl on the stone statue opened his mouth when he entered the room where the aptitude test was taking place.

“Enter the center of the magic circle and undergo aptitude tests

The floor had a number of magic circles on it, and the students who had already undergone aptitude tests were at the center.

“… then …”

“Oh, later.”

Misha walked to the center of the vacant magic circle.I also find a suitable magic circle and try to stand in the center.

Then a voice resounded in my head.

“The aptitude test measures your thinking aptitude based on the violent Demon King. It also provides a quick check of your knowledge of the Demon King of Violence.I can’t do wrong because I read my thoughts.”

Thought communication Is it an application of <>? Not telling lies in reading thoughts is an inexperienced user’s story, and it’s not too difficult to cheat. But there’s no reason to do anything wrong.

“In the beginning, it is said that the founder of the Demon King is even afraid to call his name, please give his real name.”

Needless to get lost. Anos Voldigord.

Hell Flame Extermination Cannon “The Age of Myth. The founder used the magic of <> to destroy Dilheid. As a result, all Dilheide became scorched earth, and many demons lost their lives. Please answer the feelings of the founder at this time why you did such a violence.’

HM.Nostalgic story.The reason why he burned out Dilheide with <> was that he was asleep.At that time, it was during a long battle with the brave canon.I always thought of him when I woke up and woke up. He ended up fighting with Canon in his dreams, but that was the end of his magical explosion.

But this question is subtly wrong. Certainly Dilhaid has become scorched, but no demons have died.Even though he was asleep, he immediately controlled the magic and successfully burned the country with exquisite power so that no one would be killed.If you can’ t do that much, you’re not a Demon King.

“Kill all who go against it. It is said that this was the founder’s creed, but please state in your opinion why this is correct as a demon king.’

Is it a hooking problem? I’ve never killed anyone who goes against it, and never said anything.If you don’t need to kill, my way is not to kill. But in those days, killing saved more.That’s all.

“Then it’s the next issue-”

The aptitude test continues.That’s all about me. Of course, there was no answer, he answered without any hesitation.

Three minutes later–

After the proper inspection, I leave the room.On the way home, she listens briefly to the owl’s words that explain her admission and passes through the large mirror.

Then Misha stood outside. He does nothing and stares at the void.

“What are you doing?”

When he called, Misha turned her face over. He is still expressionless.

“… I was waiting …”


Missha nodded.

“I told you later.”

By the way, I told you.

“Bad. The aptitude test has ended today.”


However, even though I had you wait for it, it would be awkward to return as it is.I can’t afford to do such inexcusable things.

“So, why don’t you play around to celebrate your passing?”

Misha bows her head slightly, with no expression.

“Me and?”



“I’m invited”

Misha stays down and silent, what she is thinking.

“If you have an errand, it’s fine”


“I see. So why don’t you come home anyway? Maybe your mother is making a treat and waiting.”

Misha nods her head.


He gave his hand, and Misha laid his hand there.

“like this?”

“I’ll leave it.”

Flying “<> can be used”

Flying <> is the magic of flying in the sky.It’s pretty easy to use, but if you’re on the move, there’s better magic.

“Okay, try to grab more.”

“all right”

Misha obediently gripped my hand.The magic circle emerges on the ground, and the scenery in front of you turns white.

At the next moment, I saw a sign of a blacksmith and appraiser, “The Wind of the Sun”. It is wooden and the second floor is a residence.

“It’s on. It’s my house.”

I say so, but Misha keeps staring at the sign in front of her.There is no change in facial expression, but you can see that she is somewhat surprised by the sign.


Transition “Oh, <>, in short, it’s magic that connects spaces and moves in an instant.”

For a moment, Misha shuts her mouth. Then he muttered his words.

“… Lost magic …”

HM.I don’t know.

“what is that?”

“The magic that has lost its users.It was lost mainly in mythological times.”

So that’s it. The magical style seems to have degraded considerably over the course of two thousand years, and some magic, though known to exist, has lost its users. Transferring In particular, <> is a magic that I developed, and was originally used by a small number of people even in mythological times.

“… Anos is a genius …?”

Haha laughs without thinking.

“… seriously …”

“No, no, it’s bad. It’s this kind of genius.”

I do not deny that I am a genius, but at any rate I want to be told when I show magic that no one can imitate.

“… What is Anos …?”

“It is the founder of the demon king”

Misha, who was always expressionless, was surprised with her eyes rounded.

“… reincarnated …?”

“Do you believe?”

Misha thought and asked.

“… there is evidence …?”

After all, you will be worried about that.

“I’m proof. This is my magic. But those of this age seem too weak to see the depths of my power.”

Misha silently falls asleep.

Originally, the Demon King is proof by power.However, in this era when you only care about superficial things such as pure blood and royal family, it may be a little different from my idea.

“The magic of Anos is enormous. I can’t see the bottom.”

If you don’t see Misha, most of you won’t know.I don’t know how to get rid of it anymore.

“Well, I’ll tell you later. Let’s go.”


I opened the door of the house.

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