Chapter 9 Baibao Building


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There are many families in Xifeng city, Shuijia, which is among the top. Even the main city hall should

Pay tribute to Shuijia.

Today, at the Westerly Wind Auction House, it is no doubt shocking for everyone that someone has made a mockery of the Shui Qian-yue, and also the mockery is in public.

Shui Chongxian and Shui Qianyue stood in the same place, their faces were angry and shy, they felt hot, and they lost all their calm.

“The hermit world strong person, mostly the personality is strange, the Shuijia owner does not need to pay attention.” Meng Qing came back and rushed to the rescue.

Shui Chongxian’s face looked better. He laughed a few times and said, “Meng’s supervisor is worried. I won’t take his words seriously. Now it’s not early. I’ll leave first.”

After that, Shui Chongxian left the auction house with water for thousands of months.

After they left, there was a burst of laughter in the auction hall. The Shuijia were laughed at in public, and they dared not come forward. They had to swallow their breath stiffly.

This news is so exciting that it will definitely stir up the whole city!

Out of the Westerly Wind Auction Hall, Shui Qian-yue heard laughter behind her. Hervface was hard to see. She gritted her teeth and said, “When Shui Qian-yue suffer this kind of anger, Dad, send someone immediately to find out the details of that old fellow, I must get revenge!”

“Shui Qian-yue, keep your voice down.”

Shui Chongxian made a silent gesture, looked around and said with a solemn look: “When I checked the recipe, I found that the ink on it was still wet. I guess it was not long before it was written out.”

“In other words, the reclusive strong man just now is strong enough to imitate Lingjie intermediate martial arts. His strength is so strong that he is likely to step into the realm of earth and spirit, or even higher!”

“Those who are strong in the earth?” The eyes of Shui Qian-yue are slightly frozen.

In poor westerly city, the most powerful person, is the city lord of the westerly city, but it is only the nine heavenly realms of gathering spirits, which is a step away from the earth’s spiritual realm.

No wonder the old man in black, who was so tall that he dared to ridicule the Shuijia in public.

“Even in Yunmeng noble house, a strong man of this strength can become an elder. We must not provoke him for a moment, let alone investigate him secretly. Otherwise, our entire family will pay a heavy price.”

Hearing Shui Chongxian’s words, Shui Qian-yue nodded her head repeatedly, and her face was replaced by a burst of fear and palpitation.

Shui Chongxian’s eyes glittered with brilliance and said, “You don’t have to worry so much about this matter. This kind of hermit world is strong, coming and going like the wind, mostly won’t stay too long in Xifeng City. Yue er, your Martial Object is Xuanshui Linghu. It will be twice as effective to practice Bibo Jiudiwang. After this return, you will close the door and study hard to break through the shackles of cultivation and step into the spiritual realm.”

“Good!” Shui Qian-yue nodded her head and answered the question. She is now a nine-tiered realm of heaven. She can enter the realm of gathering spirits with only one foot in front of the door. At that time, she will be the first genius worthy of the name of Xifeng City.

However, when she meditated for some timr, Chu Xingyun appeared in her mind.

“The more I look at the back of that reclusive strong man just now, the more familiar I feel. It seems to be somewhat similar to Chu Xingyun.”

Thoughts flashed through my mind. Soon, the corners of the water’s mouth began to laugh.

“Chu Xingyun, this fellow, is only a hardened double heaven, Martial Object is useless, cowardly, it’s an absolute waste. How can it be related to the secluded strong? I must have thought a lot about it.”

Shui Qian-yue said to herself, without any more fantasy, and walked quickly towards the direction of Shuijia.

After leaving the Westerly Wind Auction Hall, Chu Xingyun entered the trading area and came to the front of Baibao Building.

Located in the center of the trading area, the Baibao Tower is magnificent, five stories high and extremely eye-catching. Past warriors will come to see it. Some come to buy elixirs, some come to buy some weapons and tools, and there is a continuous flow of people.

As soon as Chu Xingyun entered Baibao Tower, a slightly fat old man came over with a laugh and said, “This young man, what are you going to buy?”

“Huh?” Wen Yan, Chu Xingyun’s face was slightly shocked.

At this moment, he is still wearing a broad black robe, covering his whole body, but the old man, at a glance, recognized that he was a young man, with this vision alone, is not an ordinary person.

The old man’s face was still smiling, and he opened his mouth and said, “This old man is called Qinshan, the landlord of Baibao Tower. He needs anything, though he opens his mouth, don’t worry about it.”

“Chu is the next surname.” Chu Xingyun no longer lowered his voice and said directly, “I need to buy 30 quenching and 10 Yangling pills. I don’t know if Baibao Building is in stock or not?”

“Quenching body Dan and Yangling Dan, the former used to quench physique, the latter used to improve the speed of practice, although they are a kind of Dan medicine, but the value is not high, if Prince Chu went to another home, it may not be really available.” Qinshan laughed and said, “Get up and greet each other and invite Chu Xingyun into an elegant room.”

Before long, a young lady in blue came in, holding an ancient wooden box in both hands. Before the box was opened, you could smell a fresh fragrance of dan, refreshing and refreshing.

“These are the pills that Chu’s Prince wanted, thirty quenching tablets and ten Yangling tablets, totaling 120,000 silver. A 10% discount is 92,000 silver.” Qinshan mouth a smile.

Chu Xingyun laughed and said, “Ninety-two thousand silver is not expensive.”

With that, he opened the wooden box, picked up one of the jades and prepared to examine it carefully.

But when Chu Xingyun picked up a quenched-body dan, his eyebrows frowned tightly, and the smile on his face solidified. Qinshan was stunned and asked, “Prince Chu, what’s the problem?”

Chu Xingyun did not immediately answer, but picked up another jade bottle and poured out Yangling Dan.

Looking at the two pills on the table, Chu Xingyun’s tone cooled down and said, “Qin shopkeeper, the quality of these pills is too bad, isn’t it?”

Over the past century, Chu Xingyun was a fearful hegemonic emperor with unparalleled fighting power.

But what people don’t know is that he also has profound attainments in alchemy, ranking eighth-grade alchemist.

At present, the quenching and Yangling Dances are of poor quality, and the fire is not enough. Even impurities have not been removed. In terms of efficacy, only 40% or less of them are poor.

“Prince Chu, our Baibao Tower has stood for a hundred years, and all the medicines produced are from senior alchemists. The quality of the medicines can be assured.” Qinshan’s tone has also become somewhat indifferent, thinking that Chu Xingyun is to pick things up.

When Chu Xingyun heard this, he raised his eyebrows lightly and said disdainfully, “Even the lowest quenching Dan has been refined into such a shape. Its efficacy is less than 40%. He dares to call himself a senior alchemist?

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