Chapter 9: Magic measurement


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“I will finish the practical exam. If you pass Anos Voldigord, please move to the magnificent mirror.”

An owl’s voice echoes from above.Between the mirrors, you’re right out of the arena.After confirming that the magic barrier has been removed, I return to the original doorway.

“Oh … wait … hurts … hurts … hurts … kills … kills …”

“Oops. I forgot.”

Looking back at Zepes, who has turned into a decay.As expected, it will be pathetic.Use Resuscitation <> to solve the decay.By the way, Riorg also revived.

The deceased: “If you kill me at all, you’ll die, you’ll lose your insaneness as you become, and you’re the one who takes care of you.”

Liorg and Zepes looked at me with some silly eyes, but did not speak.There must be no sound of too much theory.

“Well, come back when I’m stronger. I’ll always be with you.”

I leave that out and leave the arena.

“… I’ll never go again …… a monster …”

Such a voice was hung on his back.

As the owl told me, I came between the large mirrors.A room with many mirrors larger than the appearance.There were already many demons inside.About a hundred people.Probably those who passed the practical test.

Among them was a face I knew.

“Yo, Misha”

The girl turns around, gently shaking the platinum blonde’s long hair.

“It sounds like he’s not good at fighting, but he’s gone through a practical test.”

“… by chance …”

Misha says that, but as expected it would not be possible to remove five people. Surprisingly, it may be more capable than Zepes and Liorg.

“By the way, what’s next?”

I think I heard it, but I didn’t remember it because I wasn’t particularly interested.

“If you pass the practical exam, you will be admitted. The rest will be magical measurement and aptitude test.”

“So does that mean everyone here is a classmate?”

A quick look around.However, the situation is strange.Nobody is going to look at me.The moment they glanced, some looked away as if they were frightened.

“What? They’re shy people?”

“… I think it’s different …”

“But I won’t look in my eyes.”

“I’m scared of the magic of Anos”


Decay “<>”

So that’s it.

“Do you know that Misha was in the audience?”

Misha shook her head with no expression.

“Passers can see the exam.”

Misha points at the large mirror in front of her.That’s what I said.The large mirror in this room is enchanted with a distant view of the Delzogade.Misha was watching my hands-on test through a large mirror in the distance.

Corruption “But I can’t understand being scared of <>. I don’t think it’s a great magic.”

Misha is staring at my face with no expression.

“… is it terrible?”

Misaki nodded.

“By the way, how bad is it?”

Misha thinks without changing her expression.

“…… Devil galactic magic ……”

Corruption “Haha. Again. <> Is the healthy one in your magic.”

A fresh voice came out.


Misha again thought slowly and said in a small voice.

“to withdraw”

“That’s right.”

“It’s not magic, Anos is a devil outing.”

“It’s just a joke now.”

Corrected immediately.Some lie will be unavoidable if you suffer the stigma of the devil Gaido.In the first place, he has just been reincarnated, and he does not yet understand the values of this era.

“Was good”

I believe it, so I stroke my chest down.

“But Misha is not scared.”

“Nothing scary”

That’s a surprising dialogue.

“I’m stupid, no matter how it looks”


It’s hard to imagine where Misha, who speaks so plainly, is scared.Despite it can be said that it is vague, it seems that he has a fearless personality.

The owl came flying while thinking about such a thing.

“From now on, we will measure the magic power. Please line up in front of the magic crystal. After the measurement, we will move to the next room and perform the suitability test.”

Magic Crystal? It’s a magic tool I’ve never heard of. In the beginning, there was no way to measure magic power in mythological times. Apparently not only degenerate things.

“And where is that magic crystal?”


Misha started walking, and I followed. Other test takers seemed to know the location, and after a while a few rows began to form. Apparently, there are several magic crystals, and measurements are taken at each location.

Let’s take a look at the situation. Magic crystal was a huge purple crystal and was set with a large mirror.Touching the crystal detects the magical power, and the result appears in a large mirror.

“126” “218” “98” “145”

An is owl in front of the large mirror speaks numbers.That is the magical power measured.It is a convenient era to be able to quantify magical power that could only be known from the skin.

Spell measurement takes a few seconds to get results.The line went on and on, and it was Misha’s turn.

“Do your best”

“… the result is the same …”

Certainly, if you do your best, the magic power will increase or decrease.

“Well, but do your best”

Misha stares at me with no expression.


She responded and touched the magic crystal.After a few seconds, the result is displayed in the large mirror.


Unexpectedly, I was impressed.Until now, the figures in the three-digit range have continued, but it is over 100,000.Misha seems to have more magical talent than I thought.

“Wow, Misha”

When she praised her, she looked down, maybe a little shy.

“… Anos is even more amazing …?”


With that in mind, I touched the magic crystal.It is my first experience to measure magic, but how much will it be? Perhaps it could exceed 100 million. Then the dull guys of this era would have to understand that I was the founder .


At the same time as the owl said, the magic crystal shattered and shattered.

“Measurement has been completed. Proceed to the aptitude test.”

HM.You don’t seem to care much about the broken crystal.

“Even so, I don’t think there is a 0 …”

Then you can’t use magic. As you can see, the owl said.

“Measurement has been completed. Proceed to the aptitude test.”

It’s an unusable familiar.

“The familiar only obeys the command”

Misha said so.

“Well, it looks like that.”

Misha stares at my face.

“What happened?”

“……The first time I saw……”

“What is it?”

“The place where the magic crystal breaks because the magic is too strong”

Oh, yeah.

When the structure of the crystal was analyzed by using the evil eye on a piece of magic crystal, the crystal seems to be enlarged in response to the magic of the person who touched it.It measures how much the volume of the crystal has increased and converts it to a numerical value.

However, if the magic power exceeds a certain level, it will exceed the limit, and instead of increasing the volume, it will be shattered by violent magic reaction.I thought it was useful, but it wouldn’t be possible to measure my magic .

“I wish I couldn’t measure it, but measure it.”



“Magic crystals do not break”

“It’s broken.”

Closed for a moment, Misha said plainly.

“Anos is out of standard”

“But did Misha know?”

“I’m good at evil eyes, impossible for others.”

Doesn’t it mean that other people don’t know that the magic power is too strong and the magic crystal is broken? Also, it seems that this entrance exam is left to the familiar.Familiar, who can only do what is commanded, can’t help dealing with broken magic crystals in the first place.At best, we’ll have something new.It is judged that my magic power is 0 and the destruction of magic crystal is irrelevant.

“Who knows, but it’s almost impossible”

Good grief.It would have been nice if there were decent human resources at the institute, but it would not have been expected that there would be a magician who would destroy the magic crystal in the entrance examination.

However, the story that the founder of the Demon King was reincarnated would have been handed down.Misha also said that she saw it for the first time, and in the first place, it might be premised that magic crystals would never break.This is If you look deep into the abyss, you will find that if you exceed a certain amount of magic, magic crystals will be destroyed. probably because the demons of the demons in this era are vulnerable.

Or did the Demon King Anos decide that there was no reason to have such a nonstandard magic?If so, I was licked too.

However, sticking to the numbers at the most is not very popular.I don’t mean my magic has diminished.

“Well, what should we do because Misha understands me?”


“Thank you.”

After thinking without expression, Misha said.

“You are welcome”

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