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As Chu Xingyun said, Beast Tide has become more and more fierce, and the number of Spirit Beast has increased several times, completely surrounding the village of Luo Family.

Fortunately, under Commander of Vicious and others, hundreds of elite Soldiers have created fortifications and blocked all Spirit Beasts. As long as the reinforcements arrive, they can completely escape.

“Why haven’t you come back yet?” Yang Feng looked at the beast in front, and his look was a little anxious. Chu Xingyun had been there for so long, why didn’t he come back, wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Not only him, but also the faces of scorpion venom, cyan mountain and Qin Yuyan, but also full of worry, if Chu Xingyun has three long and two short, I am afraid that Yang Yan will go away directly.


At this time, the beasts became angry, making people who had a hard time catching their eyes frown, and thought that Beast Tide became fierce again, and wanted to continue attacking the village.

Just as everyone wants make a move, an ethereal sword cry is heard, with the sound of Wind and Thunder rolling, so clear in the sound of the beast.

Everyone looked at it and the pupils were tight.

I saw a figure in the raging land of Beast Tide. There was a figure in it. The sword qi was like a wind. If it was thundering, it was running in the herd with a arrogant attitude, forcing a bloody road.

Although the figure has been dyed red by fresh blood, but conceal does not live the frivolity of his face, holding a sharp sword, rushing fearless, how ferocious the herd is, it is difficult to block its footsteps.

“Chu Xingyun!” To see the figure, Rao is mature and calm, Yang Feng is subconscious cry out in surprise.

The crowd suddenly roared and looked at the big eyes. The faint figure was really Chu Xingyun, and on his back, there seemed to be another person, an adorable young girl.

When I was awkward, everyone was silent, and no voice was heard. They were all shocked by this scene.

When Beast Tide was the most violent, Chu Xingyun, coming back, he made the promise of own, rushed into Beast Tide, rescued Luo, and returned safely!

“I still want to do something, immediately make a move!” The poison first turned back to God, and snorted.

Almost in a flash, the three of them rushed into Beast Tide at full speed and headed for Chu Xingyun.

When they came to Chu Xingyun, the shocking color on their faces could not be added. Even Yang Feng, who was quite dissatisfied with Chu Xingyun’s previous moves, swallowed the words of the mouth and made a sigh.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun, all over the body, is covered with scars, fresh blood.

This blood, part of the blood of the beast, part of his blood, completely mixed together, has been unclear, but his face, but there is no fear of color, but a trace of sorghum, passionate.

The hollow sword in his hand trembled, and every sword light flashed, and a Spirit Beast fell.

One step at a time, one sword and one corpse.

The Spirit Beast corpse is constantly stacking so that other Spirit Beasts don’t dare to approach, as if they were stunned by the killing intent of Chu Xingyun.

“This Chu Xingyun, is it still human?” Yang Feng heart twitched, this high-skilled killing intent, only the people who have experienced countless killings can be released, Chu Xingyun in the end of the first entry into Spirit Gathering How did you do it?

“Yang Elder, and the Soldier of Black Water City, Chu big brother, we went back to the village.” Seeing the three people in front of them, Luo Yan’s face rushed out of ecstasy, they returned to the village, and finally It’s safe.

When I heard Luo Xie, Chu Xingyun’s pair of red blood-stained scorpions slowly restored a divine light, but with a strong stun, it made his eyes blurred.

Immediately, Chu Xingyun felt that the consciousness of own was dissipated, and the riddled body was finally overwhelmed, and looked up and fell into a coma.


When Chu Xingyun woke up, he found that he was lying on the bed and looked around. It seemed to be a simple house. There was nothing but a bed and a few tables and chairs.

Chu Xingyun moved the body and felt his head sinking.

He vaguely remembered that when he was in a coma, the vicious three appeared in front of him, knocked down the crazy Spirit Beast, saved his own, and saved Luo.

As for the later events, Chu Xingyun was completely unimpressed and could not remember at all.

“In any case, this robbery is finally over.” Chu Xingyun looked at the owner’s body and gave a heartfelt sigh.

He was surprised to find that the whole body was up and down, there was almost no intact place, the scars were dense, the skeleton broke, and there were several blood holes in the chest. Even the meridians had more than ten damages.

No way, Chu Xingyun first entered the Spirit Gathering environment, and he showed a sword qi storm, and it has been maintained for such a long time. Even if his Linghai is incomparably pure, it is not a small burden.

Martial Spirit innate talent is a double-edged sword. The more powerful it is, the more it consumes.

Changed to common people, let alone the powerful innate talent such as sword qi storm, even the most common Martial Spirit innate talent, for so long, the Meridians broke and died.

However, Chu Xingyun did not have much trouble with the injury on his own.

He has the life source blood essence of True Fire Phoenix, which can provide vitality continuously. These injuries, although heavy, can recover in a short time, and can make his body become stronger.

The more such a moment of life and death, the limit of life, can make Chu Xingyun become stronger, and this is what he is pursuing, constantly surpassing the limit and surpassing himself.

No one is a weak man, but Chu Xingyun, who is a Martial Emperor leader, is even more so.

Oops –

At this time, the door opened and Luo Xiao walked in slowly.

When she saw that Chu Xingyun had awakened, she hurried over. The sparkling and crystal-clear flashed in her eyes, and she wanted to cry, but suddenly thought of Chu Xingyun’s words, but she stopped the tears.

“How? I thought I was too late?” Chu Xingyun smiled at Luo Xiao, and that smile, so that it was difficult to stop the tears of Luo Yan, his eyes were moist.

“It’s a simple little girl.” Chu Xingyun suddenly felt relaxed and easy to see how he looked and cried.

In the past, whenever he thought of Luo Wei and thought of what Luo had said, his heart seemed to have a shackle, buried deep in the heart, and it was difficult for him to breathe.

But today, he finally saved Luo Wei, did not let her suffer the slightest damage, which made Chu Xingyun calmly unload the shackles in his heart, no longer feel guilty, sad.

“Chu big brother.” Luo Yan walked up to Chu Xingyun and stared at him and asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

Chu Xingyun took back his thoughts and nodded: “Ask.”

“I listened to Yang Elder and said that you are trying to save me and venture into Beast Tide. Can you tell me why you should help me like this?” Luo 澜took a deep breath, said the words of his heart.

In her opinion, Chu Xingyun is a Talent of aloof and remote, and does not have to take risks to save her.

As a result, Chu Xingyun not only saved her, but also used the body to resist the claws of the animal, so that she did not suffer any harm, which made Luo Yan feel moved, and my heart is full of incredible!

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