Chapter 900. Brutal massacre of evil people (part 2)


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– You really thought that, having received the patronage of the black church, you will become the coolest in the world? In the eyes of magicians, you are garbage … – there was not a drop of sympathy in the expression of Mo Fang’s face.

From the top of Zhao Pinglin, lightning struck the ground, illuminating the dungeon.

Flashing, lightning struck Zhao Pinglin with a strong blow, it was visible, like black-violet lightning, like a sword, chopped Zhao Pinglin in half. But lightning continued to cut Zhao Pinglin’s body into small pieces, and blood flew in all directions.

In the eyes of Guo Wen Yi and Rong Shen, Mo Fan turned into a hero in an instant, there was fear on the faces of the magicians.

“Help me take care of her.” Mo Fan turned to the two bewildered mages.

“Good! ..” Rong Sheng shook his head, he began to respect Mo Fang.


Mo Fan went to the exit of the underground prison, in front of him were winding paths. Ling Ling showed directions, but all these paths seemed to be the same, and Mo Fang had to go at random in this underground maze!

Mo Fan continued to go forward, there was a candle fire. But that place also turned out to be quite dark and, having entered this darkness, Mo Fan could no longer understand whether he was alive and could not feel his existence.

Having passed this site, in front of Mo Fan, there was a long corridor that was wide on both sides. There were torches on the walls that lit the road and symbolized the black church.

In this dim corridor, which had no end, Mo Fan saw several slowly moving adepts in black.

Mo Fan clearly understood that it was not possible to use a shadow here to pass unnoticed by adepts. Therefore, he walked forward with long strides.

– Who is there?! – Priest Lugen, who had sharp eyesight, immediately noticed Mo Fanya and shouted loudly.

The rest of the adepts immediately surrounded Mo Fan, taking with him several dark beasts.

– A man who fell into hell!

None of the members of the black church noticed that in the right hand of Mo Fan, a raging flame was burning.

First, the light of fire lit up this long underground corridor, then, following Mo Fang’s fist movement, a raging flame filled this wide passage, a huge fist wiping the corridor from the face of the earth.

A flaming fist ravaged this underground passage. Whoever it is – not members of the black church, not their dark beasts, no one will be left alive! Even skin and bones will melt in the heat of a blazing fire.

In an instant, the road became clear, and in this fire, stretching for several hundred meters, one could see an adept in gray, who somehow struggled for life. His skin was completely burned, rising from the ground, he ran forward!

– Come here! – Mo Fan used fake claws.

Mo Fan with the help of fake claws returned the priest Lugen, who immediately appeared in front of the magician.

Lugen looked up with fear at Mo Fang.

– Do you know that you are worth 9 million?

Lugan was dumbfounded.

Who will not be stunned in such a situation, because in the headquarters of the black church from where you can’t get out there appeared some kind of jerk who, without understanding anything, immediately used the raging flames!

“I …” Lugan had already thought of everything, he wanted to build humility in order to save life in the hands of this reckless killer.

Only the priest did not have time to pronounce the sentences, but immediately his head was watered with some kind of medicinal liquid.

When he saw that bottle, Lugan lost his mind, isn’t that the same liquid that he gave Yang Qiao to get rid of the corpses? …

As soon as the liquid was on the body of the priest, it immediately began to melt.

When Lugan spilled this liquid on living people, he heard their cry, which excited him. After that, he had sex with Yang Qiao. But he would never have thought that someday he would hear his cry of pain. The pain of this corrosive fluid overshadowed all the moments of pleasure he had experienced before!

Today Mo Fang was in a bad mood. The incident that happened to Mu Ning Xue did not give him peace, there was unbearable pain in his heart. Well there are still these dark beasts and adherents of the black church, on which it was possible to break away!


After the road was cleared, nothing could block Mo Fang’s path.

After about two hundred meters, Mo Fan saw the red door, on which were sticking out fangs.

When Mo Fan began to open this door, the predatory beast painted on the door opened his mouth.

Opening the door in half, the magician could easily get into it. Behind the door was the ceremonial hall, in which there were many different people and creatures.

And among these people and creatures facing the altar, there were adepts in black who performed the rite.

“Um … Do you have a meeting here?” – Mo Fan stood behind these strange and enthusiastic people, looking at how several adepts in black performed a strange ritual.

– That’s good! I will not have to search for all of you! – the corners of Mo Fan’s mouth stretched out in a contented smile.

But without taking the chance to say something to the followers of the black church, Mo Fan began to build wonderful constellations.

Now the speed of building constellations Mo Fan has increased very quickly – there were a total of seven element star systems. One could see that the process of merging stars into constellations was very quick and easy, and soon the constellations filled the space around Mo Fang, showing his power!

– Burial by the heavenly flame, you don’t even have to go to hell to enjoy the heat of the hellish smelting furnace! – Mo Fan sent several groups of clouds with a blazing flame to the top of this ceremonial hall. Soon, fiery clouds covered the ceiling.

If a fiery rain falls from these clouds, then there will be no escape from it!

The red fire layered over the ritual hall, layer by layer, and the members of the black church ran like mad in the hall, but they could not escape from this fiery ceremony!

Their lives were insignificant before the eyes of such a high-level mage as Mo Fan!

The members of the black church, who burned in a few seconds, could not have thought that the guy who had managed to escape in the city of Bo several years ago had done all this with them.

But now this guy and his fire of retaliation easily wiped out a bunch of these scum!

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