Chapter 901: Break the Monster Curse with Your Hands!


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The light of fire reflected on Mo Fan’s face, which did not express any emotion. Burial with a heavenly flame is such a powerful spell that it easily destroyed the hall and even broke the ground!

All the adepts were here, and, despite how quickly they had time to react, the flames of Mo Fan caught them everywhere!

Mo Fan himself didn’t even have time to count 20 or 30 adepts he destroyed, but now there should be a lot of money!

The abilities of priests in gray robes really exceeded the capabilities of ordinary adepts: four priests in gray could avoid being buried by the heavenly flame using the magic of the earth ….

Mo Fan accelerated, breaking the fire cover, the flames of which reached ten meters. His eyes gazed at the four priests in gray.

For one 9 million, for two, 18 million, and for four – 36 million yuan!

– Where did you run from daddy?

– Thorns Shadows – Sting!

Mo Fan saw in his eyes not priests, but 36 million cash, so he prepared six spikes of shadow at once!

He blocked the leg of one of the priests in gray.

– Forward!

Two thorns from two sides flew into both legs of another priest, which ran away the slowest.

With two legs immobilized, the priest tried to move forward, but hit the wall – his feet were spiked to the wall!

Nevertheless, this priest still continued to climb forward, but his lower body did not obey him …

“Geek, the death god will chastise you for the invasion!” – the priest in gray in the direction of Mo Fang swore.

– Your words to chickens to laugh. What is the god of death? You do not speak about that psycho with heavy frustration? Said Mo Fan.

This priest turned out to be very devoted to his organization, so when he heard Mo Fang’s curses about Salana, he immediately tried to release the magic.

Where did he get strength, being nailed by spikes of a shadow?

Very soon the priest in gray realized that he could not even make up a constellation and began to scream.

– Do not behave so. I after all perfectly see the monster of a curse that is going to jump. I am very familiar with this type of your creatures, ”said Mo Fan, simultaneously making some movements with his left hand.

Electric discharges crackled in the air, which, obeying the instructions of the magician, turned into a whip!

* Thousand

The monster of the curse was caught with a whip right in the air.

If electrical discharges acted separately, they would not have had such a powerful paralytic effect on the animal level of the pack leader. And then Mo Fan joined into one whip more than ten lightning, the joint strength of which left no chance for the animal.

Lightning literally pierced the body of a creature.

“And this copy is too small for the leader of the pack … I think that will be enough,” Mo Fan spoke to himself.

From the darkness, silvery spatial claws appeared that fell on the body of the monster curse.

Mo Fan decided to finish off this beast with the magic of space, which he mastered quite recently – this is beyond the power to withstand even the strongman leaders!

The monster of the curse did not even resist – Mo Fang’s magical hands simply tore his body into two parts!

From the eyes of the priest in gray that was chained with thorns, tears flowed …

Is a magician capable of this?

Apparently, this priest had not yet encountered the hidden magic of space and did not know that a magician who is fluent in an element can easily strengthen and weaken his grip when he needs it.

In fact, most of the magicians of the element of space are usually not entertained with a similar method – they all prefer to use the magic of space for their primary purpose, namely, when they need to attack directly. Mo Fan, on the other hand, experimented a lot with remote-controlled magic, therefore, having awakened an element of space, he felt at ease!

He did not spend more time with this adept, but continued to hunt for others.

The running priest was shocked: all this time he specifically looked towards Mo Fang, suggesting that he was moving farther and farther from him.

He already wanted to breathe a sigh of relief and rushed to the sacrificial hall, as from the other side the fiery glow seemed!

The flames of high-level magic first dissipated, so that they could flare up again …

Seeing that the flame was getting closer, the priest in gray began to embrace a wild horror ….

The heat of this flame was much more powerful than it was at the very beginning!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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