Chapter 902. Trainee to the position of deacon in blue, Zhou Xian!


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“You must know what end awaits you after daring to insult the black church!” Shouted a fat priest in a gray robe.

“I’ve heard it so many times, but as you can see, I’m still standing here!” Said Mo Fan eagerly.

These chernokerkovniki, I swear, balaboly.


Da Mo Fan is going to destroy them completely!

Using the magic of the shadow, he was right in front of a fat priest and charged a fiery ejection directly to his opponent in the belly!

The priest turned out to be intelligent and had already managed to activate the water shield and fasten protective armor.

From a blow of fire his hundred kilogram body just flew into the air!

The fat man fell to the ground and immediately began to run, without noticing streams of fiery lava that spread out at his feet in streams …

A flaming fist set fire to his body, and the priest himself had no choice but to scream.

– Your death will be the most painful! Said Mo Fan sternly.

The priest in gray had already fallen to the ground, and the flames completely engulfed the entire space around him, leaving absolutely nothing …

The remaining two priests, realizing that Mo Fan had exterminated their colleagues, now did not even know where to run, although they managed to escape far. Mo Fan also looked at the fork in the paths, and for a while his gaze was lost.

Now the hall has become its goal – this queen of small parasites should be there …. Mo Fan wondered which way to go.

– Agile wolf!

Mo Fan drew a silvery constellation, invoking his pet.

As soon as the wolf appeared in front of him, Mo Fan immediately jumped on his back, directing the agile move after the remaining priests on a specific stench.

* Auuuuu

The stench that hit the agile wolf’s nose made him run faster.

After about five minutes, Mo Fan saw the silhouette of one of the priests. It was a woman, but her face was not visible, since it was closed.

The woman, seeing that the chase was following her, decided to accelerate from fear, but immediately fell to the ground.

– Mr. representative of the magical court … have pity on me, I did nothing, they made me! – the woman took Mo Fanya for a member of the magical court and immediately prayed. Her voice sounded tender, it was sad.

– Do you want to say that you are a good adherent of the black church? Mo Fan grinned, looking at her.

– Yes, that is right….

Mo Fan looked at her, paying attention to her inconspicuous methods.

If, in her place, there was an ordinary adept in black, who also prayed, swearing that he was dragged into the black church by force, Mo Fan could still believe. But before him was a priest in a gray robe – the status is much higher than the level of the adept in black. Good people do not become gray priests, for this you need to try hard, having done a lot of evil!

Understanding how this girl tries to manipulate him, the magician shook his head in a negative way: “The agile wolf, this girl is too bony, I leave it to you.”

Without waiting for the owner to finish speaking, the wolf has already stomped toward the woman, knocking her to the ground with one blow.

The wolf with its fangs has stuck into the throat of the victim!

Having made a few chews, the wolf himself realized that it was not very tasty, and immediately spat out a piece of meat, as if it had been spoiled.

“This one, can you smell where he ran?” – asked Mo Fan.

The agile wolf only nodded in agreement.

The prayer hall of the black church is a place for “prayers” – here all the adepts express their offenses and anger, so much so that the god of death will hear them. All this is done specifically to consolidate the negative consciousness. Each convert also must undergo a peculiar baptism.

“I, Zhou Xiang, must repay the Zhou family!” – in the prayer hall there was a male voice. He was tall, and his skin was painfully pale — Cardinal Salan, you can definitely help me carry out my revenge, in return, I agree to follow you implicitly in this vicious world!

The man reverently knelt, and at that moment a priest in gray burst in at the door of the hall.

Zhou Xian turned around, staring blankly at the priest.

“Do you know who I’m talking to here?” Come on, get out of here! Said Zhou Xian sharply.

The priest in gray, out of breath, said: “Vtor … the invasion, the enemy broke into our camp and interrupted a large number of our fellows. Mr. … “.

– You scum! How could you allow this person to enter here ?! – cursed Zhou Xian.

– The rival is very strong, it is a hunter. Should we report this to Ms. Fan? – asked Lee Kai.

– You want to say that I can not cope with some kind of hunter? Yes, because of us, all the golden army had died like sheep, and then some renegade! Do not bother her because of this! – face Zhou Xian became even more pale.

– Yes OK. He followed me, I will be with you … – continued Lee Kai.

– Do not bother me, come on, get out of here! – said Zhou Xian.

Zhou Xian was one of the eminent personalities among the black-churches, and Li Kai thought about how well he came across him.

Zhou Xian, although he was only an intern for the position of deacon in blue, his strength already corresponded to this title. Dismantling with some young hunter will not be a problem for him!

Li Kai stepped aside, glancing at the front door.

Outside, he heard footsteps, and a wolf came in, whose coat was in blood, and the very killer was sitting on his back!

“This is … this is it, Mr. Zhou Xian!” Shouted Li Kai, pointing to Mo Fang.

– Just think, some magician call! Snapped Zhou Xian.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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