Chapter 903. Understand Yourself


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Zhou Xian, who was also an oddity, did not attach any importance to the twenty-year-old magician in the person of Mo Fang, but more distressed about the fact that the prayer hall had been defiled. He bowed before the sculpture.

The sculpture was red, it was carved out of stone. And even the red cape on the sculpture fluttered very vividly, as if it were a living person.

“I will deal with this bastard very quickly.” In three minutes … no, in a minute I will continue my prayer, – Zhou Xian respected the sculpture.

Only after completing this procedure, Zhou Xiang turned and immediately flew into the air, looking from the height towards Mo Fang.

“I will not allow your easy death, because you disturbed me at the most intimate time,” said Zhou Xian.

Looking at him, Mo Fanyu only one word came to mind: “sick”!

On his palm the flames flared up, which immediately rushed forward!

Zhou Xian wanted to hide from the blow, but drew attention to the fact that the fire was flying somehow completely away from him, not touching it at all.

He just grinned.

How could such a stupid magician get in here?

However, the next second, Zhou Xiang turned around and realized that the flame engulfed the sculpture!

* Wham

The flames rumbled, shattering the statue of Salan to pieces!

Pieces of the statue fell at Zhou Xian’s feet, and now his face has changed dramatically.

– Ha ha ha, not bad! Babahnul even cooler than that wooden statue on campus! – Mo Fan was agitated.

– You! I’ll kill you! – Zhou Xian went wild. He headed toward the guy.

The whirlwinds of orange are like blades spinning in the air, tearing down everything in their path.

Mo Fan, however, stood at the same place, accumulating his power for a collision with the elements.

The wind flow only looked powerful, but in reality it was very weak, since Mo Fan easily could disperse it with an element of space.

– You’ll dance with me! Shouted Zhou Xiang, pulling out an artifact.

A magical artifact related to the element of light. Its blade cast a golden light, and along Zhou Xian’s one movement, a golden glow rushed into Mo Fang’s neck.

Mo Fan stepped back, avoiding the attack. He wanted to use the shield of darkness, but the magic of the shadow is powerless against the magic of light!

Well, if so …

– Fire breakdown!

Mo Fan at that moment was as angry as ever. His little wife was in a toxic dope, and she had almost no chance of survival!

The little girl was already ready in advance, turning into a stream of fiery feathers!

The wings of fire rose behind Mo Fan, instantly illuminating the entire prayer hall with the glow of a flame. The wings were so huge that from two sides they reached the walls of the hall!

– The explosion!

Mo Fan made a sound, and the wings of fire scattered into thousands of fragments through the air!

Fire feathers created a beautiful picture!

Mo Fan himself turned into a fiery shell. The bursting fist of nine dragons landed right in front of Zhou Xiang!

A banging fist / Nine dragons in their power can actually be compared to high-level magic, and if you add the power of fire wings to this spell, then the destructive magic increases many times!


The construction of the prayer hall collapsed in one second, making another hole 40-50 meters deep.

Li Kai, who was aloof from all of that, saw how people who had prayed recently in the room just crushed!

This young hunter uses magic, which is comparable to high-level magic!

Zhou Xiang had an expensive defense, which he received as a reward when he became an intern for the role of deacon in blue. Who knew that she would be destroyed by Mo Fane at the very first use!

Zhou Xian, covered with a burning stick, barely rose to his feet. His hair was no longer there, and his snow-white skin was now covered with abrasions and burns.

Now he was not as self-confident as at the very beginning. He looked around and could not believe his eyes.

How can a young magician have such power ???

Yes, he is probably a mutant!

“Taste the scent of my lightning!”

Mo Fan has not finished attacking. The wings of fire were still with him, however, scattering them, he began to accelerate.

Dark purple lightning flashed around the magician, and they became more and more as he picked up speed.

* Crackle

Suddenly, Mo Fan’s body, surrounded by lightning, was lost in the air. It turned into a lightning, the speed of which was now more at times!

– Electric mine!

Mo Fan completely controlled his magic, it was completely different from the previous fire magic.

Zhou Xian stood, fucking. He has not yet met such powerful mages!

He himself had recently made a breakthrough to a high level, but he could not even dream of such a level of control over magic! From the impact of the element around the space just shook!

Lightning began to intertwine, creating an electrical network!

Zhou Xian could no longer run. His body was already roasted, and now it was still exposed to electrical discharges, causing the corresponding smell in the air.

“Guo … Mr. Zhou Xiang,” said Li Kai, looking at him.

He so hoped for the future deacon in blue, and in the end, he was destroyed without the use of high-level magic!

“The dude in blue was also so-so …” Hey, priest in gray, you, come on, sort things out for yourself somehow. I will somehow not be honored to take on you, ”Mo Fan said haughtily, peering out of his lightning cloud.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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