Chapter 904. Surrounded by black churches


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Hearing these words, Li Kai began to slap his face.

He specifically mocks them!

“Our god is with us, death is the beginning of a new life, our god …” Li Kai took out a red pill and swallowed it, feeling the steadfastness of his inner faith.

“What nonsense!” I’ll finish you myself! – Mo Fan, hearing the prayers of the priest, cracked him in the face.

A wave of the magic of space, which did not let Li Kai fall like a martyr, rolled. As soon as he was about to commit suicide, Mo Fan abruptly pushed him away.

Even Mo Fan did not expect that the priest would really decide to lay hands on himself immediately after he had given him such an opportunity by sentencing phrases about some kind of god.

“And one more time,” said Mo Fan.

The magic of space once again fell heavily on the priest’s face in gray, after which his jaw dropped even more.

– Here, another blow, heavier, now exactly the last blow! – said Mo Fan, sincerely apologizing.

Lee Kai is now going crazy. The pill that he swallowed quite recently, as if was reflexively spat out.

– Oh, how so? Now, now, I will help you!

Fang Shaoli sat on a wooden throne, and in front of her stood a priest in a gray robe. The situation looked as if he was accountable to her.

– Subordinates do not dare approach. This young hunter mocks our fellows … – said the priest in gray Qin Ji.

– Do not dare approach? Laughed Fan Shaoli. Only her smile was ominous.

The priest in gray immediately bowed his head to the floor, even his nose rested against the floor.

Fang Shaoli walked on her heels and stopped next to the priest. Her sharp heel immediately pierced his lowered head …

The priest uttered a cry, but still did not even dare to move. Fresh red blood spilled onto the floor, but Qin Ji did not move.

All members of the black church are well aware that death is not the worst. The worst begins after it …

Phan Shaoli, taking a step back, sternly said: “If you have not yet died, then quickly get out of here and call me all the black monsters and monsters of the curse outside!”

The sharp heel remained stuck in the nape of the priest. Qin Ji himself did not understand how he survived.

Just by going out the door, Qin Ji ventured to pull out what was stuck in his neck….

– Decided to mock my subordinates, as if over cattle? Here only I have this right! Said Phan Shaoli maliciously.

“Why so angry about some kind of hunter?” You are absolutely in charge of everything here, aren’t you? Said the seductive man who clung to Fan Shaoli.

The rest were shocked by the appearance of this man.

Everyone knew that this was the most beloved man of Fan Shaoli. He was very beautiful, and his skin was softer than the female.

Fang Shaoli, seeing him, immediately softened. She ran her hand over his face, and now she herself was so calm, as if this invasion had not happened.

She didn’t have to worry about some kind of hunter there, since now the whole manor was actually in her hands. Hunter? What is there! Even if people come from a magical court, they will fail!

However, she needed a little more time before the queen could again issue a signal and summon all the small parasites – only in this way a whole army would appear in her submission!

– What are you planning to do next? The charming man asked.

– Mrs. Salan (IT IS SHE !!!) is afraid that the public has forgotten about her, so after the army has been completed, I plan to hold another ceremony on Chongming Island, – after these words, an even more ominous smile appeared on Fang Shaoli’s face .

There were a lot of people on the island of Chunming, and although the queen of insects needed more time to issue a signal, the process was already given, and it would definitely be something global!


The fire was crowded in a narrow passage. Several black monsters wanted to block their opponent’s path here, but they rushed to run.

A wave of flame instantly destroyed them, the screech of animals only cut the space.

Behind the flame appeared a silhouette of a man. His gaze was directed forward.

There was a bridge ahead – it was hard to believe that there could be such a structure in such a lowland.

On the other side of the bridge was a wide stone hall. Judging by the protection that stood at the door to the hall, it was their very temple-palace on the slope.

Under the bridge was a cleft 10-20 meters wide, and its bottom was not visible.

On the bridge there were a lot of creatures in the form of black monsters and curse monsters.

However, adepts in black robes and priests in gray were on the other side. Apparently, the rumors about the strength of Mo Fan reached them, and now they stood as if creating a network.

Mo Fan glanced at them all, and even managed to calculate the approximate income from their destruction – about 70-80 million yuan!

Mo Fan was surprised why the Chernokerkovniki did not scatter in different directions because the arrival of people from the magical court was expected very soon, and only then he remembered what Lin Ling said to him: the corpses in the estate begin to “come to life” in a strange way.

“Ling Ling, these guys are not even going to dump,” said Mo Fan on his walkie-talkie.

– Poisoning occurs periodically. According to my conclusions, the queen of parasites is physically similar to a scaly parasite monster, so she needs some time to recover energy. They do not leave, as they are waiting for the queen to be able to fully form. The speed of maturation of the scaly parasite monster is well remembered, so it’s better for you to deal with this queen as quickly as possible, otherwise the tragedy will take on even greater proportions … – said Lin Lin.

– I understood. Only there are a lot of them, I can’t exactly calculate myself, but when can I break into this temple, ”answered Mo Fan, looking at the herd of black monsters on the bridge.

“Your reinforcements are on their way.”

“My reinforcement?” The magical court?

“No, people of the magical court are stopped by poisoned creatures … she is very fast!” – answered Ling Ling.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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