Chapter 905. Stone Rain


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Black monsters immediately rushed in the direction of Mo Fan, surrounded by a stream of their own stench.

Mo Fan took a few steps back to extend the battlefield at least a little. At that moment, he heard a voice from the opposite side: “Do you still think of yourself as a hero? Do you think you can get here alone? ”

Mo Fan raised his head, over which a black monster had already flown. He was sitting on the same man in a dark gray robe who said this, in combination he was a butler, whose face was familiar.

From the very beginning, this man was a member of the black church and led Carly to seduce a member of the golden rati of hunters.

– These black monsters to me on one tooth! – his Mo Fan.

Having said this, he took a step forward and sent the fire of nine dragons straight into the air!

Black monsters rushed scatter, as the force of the collapsing fist was too large …

After some time, all these monsters appeared to Mo Fan’s gaze in the form of burnt corpses, the ashes of which gradually awoke into a crevice under the bridge.

Now Mo Fan was going to fight this same butler.

“No matter how many times you are, I will interrupt everyone!” He shouted furiously.

The butler only waved his hand, and another crowd of black monsters rushed into battle.

For him, these monsters were just cannon fodder, which can be thrown into crowds in the thick of things.

Then the butler made a hand gesture again, and about a hundred more black monsters appeared behind …

– Agile wolf, deal with them!

Mo Fan, too, was too lazy to dirty his hands once more, so he entrusted this business to his pet.

An agile wolf appeared the next second and immediately rushed forward.

Although the wolf did not have the power that would be compared with the power of the fire warrior, he was very brave and, being a representative of the animals of the level of the pack leader, he used his fangs to feed these black slaves one by one!

The butler, realizing that Mo Fang also has an assistant, decided to summon more powerful creatures.

– You shouldn’t let such an important look on you, daddy will deal with you too! Said Mo Fan sternly.

The flames began to form the wings behind his back, and after a while the two-meter fiery valets lit up their surroundings with their fiery light.

– Fire warrior, into battle!

Mo Fan cooperated with the forces of the fiery hetera, and now he turned right into a fiery shell that flew to the opposite side of the bridge!

Flying over the bridge, Mo Fan completely covered him with his fire, and many monsters fell into the crevice.

Monsters of damnation released their claws and rushed after Mo Fane, only now they did not calculate his speed, and they were simply thrown back!

– Stop … stop it! Cried the butler at the top of his voice.

Mo Fan was already on the opposite side, where more than twenty curse monsters and more than a hundred black monsters were waiting for him. Behind him, too, were crowds of creatures.

– Fire wings!

Mo Fan started up, causing the wings behind him to fall apart into thousands of particles.

Flaming feathers began to scatter in different directions, exploding every time, as soon as they came into contact with the bodies of monsters.

Feathers created a fiery sphere around Mo Fan that surrounded him 360 degrees. These feathers did not go out, but on the contrary, they exploded even more as they descended on the bodies of animals.


Through the fire veil the butler was hard to see that more than half of all the monsters were killed in this flame!

He has not yet met so deadly fire magic!

– What are frozen? Hurry, attack him! Use your magic! Shouted the butler, addressing the priests in gray attire nearby.

The priests began to release the magic of different elements, mostly it was the average magic level.

One by one, the six priests released their magic. The speed of their compilation of elemental systems was very high, so in a short period of time Mo Fan underwent attacks, the number of which exceeded ten.

The wind, ice and fire were set in motion, while the priests themselves tried to discern through this whole veil how their enemy was doing there.

– Where did he go? – asked one of them.

– I do not know!

– There!

Very soon, they again released magic.

Several intermediate-level magicians, standing in one row and releasing magic at the same time, undoubtedly presented a threat, but Mo Fan still found the opportunity to attack.

– Control!

Mo Fan retreated toward the bridge, stumbling upon a huge rock.

He released the magic of space, so it was not difficult for him to take control of this stone.

He grabbed this stone, and then some silvery power threw it up.

– Forward!

A huge stone flew straight at the priests!

Two of them managed to quickly respond and hide from the blow.

– Again!

Mo Fan used control again. He grabbed more and more new stones from bridge mounts, setting them in motion.

Stone rain literally made these clergy churches take flight …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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