Chapter 906. Bloody Whirlwind, Liu Zhu!


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The butler, although he was a magician of the element of earth, could not fully resist Mo Phan’s stone rain with his released stone barrier.

The rest of the priests in gray hurried to hide behind the protection, thereby making Mo Fanya laugh.

– Flaming sword!

Mo Fan raised both hands, joining them, and the next moment a fire appeared in them that formed a sword 10 meters long!

The sword consisted of two types of flame – brown and red. As soon as the formation of the sword was completed, Mo Fan directed him directly to the stone barrier.

The chernozerkovniki thought that the stone barrier would be able to protect them, while Mo Fan thought that they themselves had climbed into their crypt! With one blow he will be able to destroy them all!

The sword easily passed through the stone, and its flame instantly incinerated two priests standing nearby!

– But what kind of magician is he? The butler shouted in fright.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s about the wings of fire or the flaming sword, Mo Fang’s rivals were amazed at the global nature of this magic and its level of control!

“Sir, there is elemental breathing on his body, I suspect that he uses the power of the elemental beast with the element of summoning,” said Qin Ji.

The butler turned dark.

– Destroy it, otherwise a deacon in blue won’t leave us a living place! He shouted.

The ground under the butler’s feet had already begun to freeze, and the next moment he released two ice chains.

The butler thought that he would be able to drag the superiority in battle onto himself if he stopped Mo Fan with chains while he was fighting the monsters of the curse.

Mo Fan, feeling the chill behind his back, immediately hurried to activate the bloody boots.

The feet of the magician were now moving as they were: Mo Fan was not only able to avoid the ice trap, but even threw back the monster curse that was coming at him!

– Break up!

– Control: retreat! (the magic of the space of the initial level of the second stage)

A silvery luminescence began to appear around Mo Fan, which acquired shock force in the air. This strike force literally threw ten black monsters who were trying to get close to the magician.

The magic of control of the element of space completely depends on the number of nebulae and galaxies in the inner world of the magician – the more of them, the stronger the magic of space. Now Mo Fan is a high-level magician of two elements, and his magic of the entry-level space is doubled. No wonder that a whole crowd of black monsters scattered in different directions!

The magic of space is very cruel, and as soon as its level rises, its scale increases accordingly!

Mo Fan has not used the element of space against such a number of opponents for a long time, so he is a little lost the habit. If there was a grated roll Ai Jiang Tu, then he certainly would have done all the animals with one blow!

– Well … how many little elements does this boy have? The butler swore.

– Fire, call, space, shadow, and yet there is lightning … it seems he … he …

– Did I really tell you to count ??? Go to battle! Shouted the butler angrily.

The magicians of the black church are noticeably superior in their power to ordinary magicians. That only is worth the presence of black monsters and curses monsters. Only here when the monsters are scattered in different directions, the forces of the black church members also noticeably weaken.

Well nothing! Very soon the entire estate will flood the army of poisoned corpses!

– Hurry up, call on all the monsters that are there! – said Qin Ji.

“Sir, all our black monsters have already ended,” the priest in the gray robe answered.

– Your mother! Shouldn’t there be more monsters? – the butler could not stand.

While the butler figured out the situation with the monsters, a red whirlwind appeared over the bridge, which completely covered all the monsters, destroying them.

At first they thought that it was all made by an agile wolf, but he dealt with 40-50 black monsters on the other side of the bridge …

The bloody whirlwind killed several monsters of the curse, spreading drops of blood around the area with a new force. The butler did not understand at all what was going on ….

And only when this red stream began to approach, he saw a girl with long claws who, like axes, streaked everything in their path.

The girl headed towards Mo Fang. Her path was littered with the corpses of monsters ….

At this time, more than ten curse monsters attacked Mo Fan, not giving him the slightest opportunity to release the magic. All that he was capable of at this moment was to release the defense …

At some point, he felt stronger breathing nearby.

Mo Fan could not understand if it was familiar to him, but he certainly felt some connection …

He turned around and noticed how three monsters moved to a female silhouette, the girl turned into a bat, and a bloody mist surrounded her again …

The bat then flew over the monsters and sank beside Mo Fang.

At some point, he was able to see the snow-white sexy female camp.

– Mo Fan! – I heard a female voice.

– Liu … Liu Zhu! – Mo Fan bounced aside from fright.

They have not seen each other for so long that he did not even recognize her right away!

Only then did Mo Fan see how a path of corpses stretched behind her …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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