Chapter 907. What do you think, who am I?


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Mo Fan remembered well how in one cafe on the seaside street with Liu Zhu there was a terrible incident, but even then she remained good-natured, retaining the humanity in herself.

Now it was completely different. The red cape looked seductive on her, and the gloomy atmosphere around her only added to her mystery.

However, when she met Mo Fane, her face lit up with a smile – she smiled like a little child.

“And you really … have changed,” Mo Fan could not find the words when he saw Liu Zhu.

– Seriously? – Liu Zhu was very happy.

Then she made a sharp gesture with her claws that pierced the heads of several black monsters.

Mo Fang’s jaw dropped, now he did not know how to describe this situation.

It looks so fragile and so helpless girl scattered all the monsters here!

– Mo Fan, Mo Fan! You must destroy this insect queen as soon as possible, it is about to enter the next phase of its development, and then its call will spread even beyond the limits of the estate! – Ling Ling’s voice came from the radio.

Mo Fang now no longer had time to chat with Liu Zhu. Judging by her skills, which he had just seen, she had already fully turned, turning into an even stronger vampire.

She arrived just in time: it would have been much more difficult for Mo Fang to break through to the confines of the temple alone.

“I will press from the facade, and you must find the queen, otherwise there will be trouble,” said Mo Fan to the vampire.

Liu Zhu already knew the essence of the situation, so, not to say a lot of words, she scattered monsters and again turned into a bloody fog.

* Sound of wings

Liu Zhu flapped her wings and headed for the temple, in which, according to Ling Ling’s instructions, she had to find the poisonous queen.

The remaining Chernokhserkovniki no longer represented any protection, and Mo Fan, having dealt with them, opened the heavy doors to the temple.

Stepping inside, Mo Fan saw a woman in high heels who was sitting in the very center of the room. Her shoes showed blood, her expression was simple, while the surrounding aura was ominous!

She swayed coolly and arrogantly on her throne.

Her left hand was on her hip, while her right hand had been kissed by a man the whole time. She was not bothered by the fact that so many people died outside the temple, only when she saw Mo Fang going inside she smiled slyly …

“I know who you are,” said Fan Shaoli.

– Yes? – Mo Fan glanced around at the presence of all the adepts and priests present that they had already begun to gather behind the woman’s back. Even black monsters and curse monsters are dragged in there.

“You are Mo Fan from the city of Bo, a man who gives me more and more trouble every time,” the deacon said.

“Everybody likes to call me the Terminator of the Black Church,” answered Mo Fan.

– Just look at yourself! If we wanted to deal with you, you would not have lived a few days. Do you know how much trouble we should have lured you here? Said Fan Shaoli.

– I remember that the last person who spoke to me like that was Moo He … He, too, was a deacon in a blue robe, but eventually died a painful death, scaring me that Salan would figure it out. You, too, are an ordinary deacon in blue, I don’t think that your hierarchy level in the black church is higher than it, ”said Mo Fan.

Mo Fang liked to say this, especially knowing that he had Liu Zhu in the wings.

Phan Shaoli said nothing. She pushed the man close by and threw the earpiece out of her ear into Mo Fang.

Mo Fan did not understand what she was doing. He simply watched the earpiece roll to his feet.

– This is a walkie-talkie. Want to know who the person on the other end is? – defiantly said Fan Shaoli.

Mo Fan raised his earpiece, listening to the sounds emanating from him.

Mo Fan stuck it in his ear when he heard an even, clear hum.

Somewhere far by the cliff of the river there was a house, on a large glass balcony of which a man in a long red robe was walking. The sand-golden hair of this man fluttered in the wind …

It was a woman.

Half a meter of her red robe dragged behind her across the floor.

In her piercing voice, she said: “What do you think, who am I?”.

Who was all this time in the temple of Mo Fan, hearing the voice, immediately darkened.

For some unknown reason, he was absolutely certain that at that end was their death god — Salan!

That’s her!

“You are Lin Si, she is Salan.” It’s sad that you were not executed then – then nothing would have remained of your red cloak, ”said Mo Fan.

Han Ji and the mysterious white were not mistaken then, saying that Salan is in close proximity to them. Only then Mu He appeared, thus allowing Salan to survive.

“I may die, but Salan never!” Salan is a name, a symbol of eternal death. Anyone who caused a disaster can be called Salan, but I turned out to be the most outstanding of them all, ”said Salan.

“I don’t really like to read, so I have no idea what you are carrying there.” If nothing important, then I, perhaps, will hang up, because first I need to deal with your subordinates, said Mo Fan.

– Are you afraid of me?

– So-so. Just do not like all these florid conversations of yours. How about making an appointment, and already then communicate normally? – suggested Mo Fan.

– coming. Only now, if you appoint the place, the whole magical court will wait for me there, so I choose the meeting place … – said Salan.

“I don’t care,” said Mo Fan.

– It’s okay when you can finally see me, I hope you will recognize me. Fang Shaoli is my student, and the poisonous queen is the task I gave her, and today you are their guest. Of course, if you can somehow get out of there, then I myself will make you repay for everything!

– Do not be ill there, I do not want to find in your place your people …

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