Chapter 908. Transformation into a Monster


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No sounds came from there, but it was clear that Salan was watching everything.

But there was nothing to be afraid of, in the country now there was no former influence of the black church. Salan wanted to escape, and it would take years for her to renew her power. After all, right before her eyes, there is a reprisal with the last group of adherents of the black church.

“Mo Fan, I did not find the queen, but I feel that this girl’s blood is very unusual.” – Liu Zhu flew up to Mo Fang to tell him about it.

– Unusual? – asked Mo Fan.

Having become a high level bloodsucker, Liu Zhu can hear the heartbeat and blood circulation of people. Therefore, she felt that the blood of Fang Shaoli, sitting in the middle, was not like that of ordinary people.

At that moment, Fang Shaoli began to rise.

She slowly removed her cape, exposing her bronze skin.

Mo Fan did not understand why this girl wanted to seduce him in such a public place.

– Be careful – Liu quietly said Mo Fang, wrinkled.

Mo Fan continued to look at the girl and saw that her blood vessels began to burst, they were green …

The veins burst one after another, the vessels seemed to crawl out. Her skin was enveloped in something black, layer by layer. The skin color of the girl became similar to the color of charcoal.


Fan Shaoli suddenly began to turn!

– Mo Fan, the queen is inside this girl. The body of Fan Shaoli has become a refuge for the queen! – said Liu Zhu Mo Fang.

Mo Fan was very surprised. He would never have thought that this girl could grow stupid to such an extent by hiding the queen in her body!

Fang Shaoli laughed like crazy. Her voice from thin turned into a rough, she unconsciously growled like a beast. Her muscles became huge and hard, like granite. The body of the girl has increased three times, she turned into a real eight-meter black monster!

Her face has changed beyond recognition. Those tea-colored hairs still showed that Fan Shaoli was a werewolf, but her bulging pupils stared wildly at the magicians in whom rage was read.

Suddenly, the queen grabbed an attractive man standing next to her. As if she needed to renew energy, she began to chew on this man.

The man had not yet understood what was happening, as he immediately found himself in the queen’s mouth. A couple of seconds and as if this man was never in the world.

– Mo Fan, what is going on there? Said Ling Ling’s voice on the radio.

The queen captured the body of Phan Shaoli and ate the man. – Mo Fan could not look without loathing at this queen in the body of Fan Shaol.

“I think this is the creature that ate the horse that Guo Weni was talking about.” But the queen is still very weak. Rather, look for Mu Ning Xue, and I will see if the antidote will work on her. – said Ling Ling.

– Well, I can handle, Liu Zhu will help me. – answered Mo Fan.

Attaching the walkie-talkie, Mo Fan saw that the queen had already swallowed four people, she had eaten all alive.

The remaining members of the black church were trembling with fear, they did not dare to run, but it was terrible to think that the next second you would be eaten by your own boss.

– You can not let her gobble up everyone, otherwise she will become stronger! – said Liu Zhu.

The girl turned into a flying arrow that flew 100 meters. Her right hand turned into a clawed paw.

Liu Zhu’s bloody claws touched the queen’s skin and made a sharp sound. There are only a few scratches on the hard shell.

– Very strong defensive ability! – Liu Zhu was surprised.

Even creatures at the level of the commander-in-chief died of being struck with claws, but this queen was not the one who did not die, but even almost did not feel anything!

The queen opened a huge mouth covered with sores and laughed hoarsely, showing her disdain for Liu Zhu.

Suddenly, she raised her hand and directed her to Liu Zhu, trying to crush the girl!


The main hall of the temple was set in motion. The place where Liu Zhu stood was crushed.

Fortunately, Liu Zhu had a very fast reaction, she managed to bounce back 50 meters.

– Let’s try it together! – Mo Fan arrived in time to help.

– Come on!

Two magicians – one on the left, the other on the right struck from two sides.

Mo Fan used the lightning element, firing electrical discharges throughout the large hall. All these adherents of the black church could not survive.

Liu Zhu used another method of attack – she made the sword out of her blood, the blade of the sword was very thin and sharp. With her watchful eyes she tried to find the weak points of this werewolf in order to launch her sword there.

An electric discharge could not penetrate such protection and Liu Zhu could not find the weak points of this monster. At that very moment, the queen created a poisonous stream of wind that carried Liu Zhu and Mo Fang away from where they were located.

Mo Fan felt it was hard for him to breathe, his throat seemed to be glued together with saliva.

The magician was scared, did he, too, die from this poison? But fortunately, this feeling soon passed and it became easy to breathe again.

Lin Lin was right. The queen’s toxicity didn’t hurt Mo Fan because he had the blood circulation of a demon.

Since Liu Zhu was a bloodsucker, she also had immunity. The poisonous wind had no effect on the girl.

The toxicity that the queen was proud of had no effect. Choking with rage, the monster decided to eat Mo Fanya alive.

Mo Fan stepped into the shadow, divided in two.

But the queen’s eyes were very sharp, and she immediately understood where Mo Fang is, and where his shadow is. The queen was quickly beside the magician.

Mo Fan realized that he was uncovered and climbed onto the tall column of the main hall of the temple. As a result, the queen raised her palms, completely covered with sharp teeth, and violently began to whip them on the column with Mo Fang.

Mo Fan tried to escape in fear, invoking snake mail.

Snake mail was protecting Mo Fan, but he was seized by the opponent’s teeth and could not move.

– Lightning!

Mo Fan released an electrical discharge, striking thunder and countless lightning at the queen. After Mo Fan saw that the most powerful lightning bolt had an effect, he used the element of space and tore the queen’s fanged hands to pieces!

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