Chapter 909. Electricity – High Level Magic!


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Mo Fan came down, at that moment Liu Zhu just arrived, grabbed him and in several jumps took her away from the scene of the incident.

“Damn, her fangs are very sharp!”

Mo Fan lowered his head and saw on his serpentine chain mail many holes that were the result of the bite of a poisonous queen.

Knowing that snake hauberk is not under the force to bite even the animal commander-in-chief, and the queen’s teeth managed to leave so many holes on it, shock immediately arises.


The poisonous queen was very evil and even released poisonous fangs-thorns that were on her forearm so that they scattered in different directions.

Mo Fan managed to hide behind a large stone pillar, while Liu Zhu already jumped up and clung to the ceiling.

– Liu Zhu, can you stop her for a while? – asked Mo Fan.

“I can only think that our attacks are not particularly effective against her,” said Liu Zhu.

– Nothing scary, very soon they will become effective, and first I need to pierce her thick skin! Said Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu believed Mo Fang. She flew even higher, and now her miniature body has become a tick, which is firmly fixed on the chest of the poisonous queen. She penetrated to where the queen’s body was not protected by shell.

Who knew that immediately after she made a bite, a huge amount of poisonous liquid could pour on her ???

The liquid turned out to be viscous like jelly, which is why Liu Zhu could be blocked, and it would not be so easy to get out of this liquid.

However, Liu Zhu responded quickly – at some point she abruptly turned into a red bat, so she managed to escape.

– How disgusting! – Liu Zhu has already re-assumed the human form, drawing attention to the fact that the mucus stuck to her hand like a chewing gum.


Rows of fangs reappeared on the forearms of the venomous queen. Directing them together, she could attack again.

Liu Zhu continuously moved in space, and the queen all this time was chasing her, and even managed to demolish all the columns that were in the temple, causing the building to begin to falter.

“The star cloud is being created very slowly, but the effect is clearly worth it,” Mo Fan thought to himself, standing at the same place, and seven star elemental systems had already gathered around him.

Each system perfectly harmoniously complemented the other, surrounding the mage by 360 degrees with its own glow, which made it look even more ominous now.

Lightning flashed so brightly that they blinded their eyes.

At that moment, when the lightning reached its maximum brightness, they turned into one electric stream!

This stream could go a hundred meters ahead!

Of course, the poisonous queen felt Mo Fan release the powerful magic of the lightning element. She wanted to take shelter from this blow and had already turned, but at that moment the stream of lightning rapidly collapsed her.

The magic of lightning pierced the body of the poisonous queen, and from the force of the blow threw her out of the temple!

The black poisonous liquid was now spreading on the ground, and Liu Zhu looked at Mo Fang in surprise.

“And the power of high-level lightning magic is truly amazing!” – Mo Fan was agitated.

It was the first time for his use of high-level lightning magic after a breakthrough. By the principle of action, it is similar to the rumble of thunder, but its strength is much more powerful – no matter how much the opponent has reliable protection, this stream will penetrate any!

The poisonous queen rose and looked at her body, in which she was gaping from lightning. She could not believe her eyes!

The lightning had its effect: the queen’s face disappeared, and in its place Fang Shaoli’s face reappeared!

A woman’s face expressed fury, not believing that such a massive body could be broken with just one attack.

– Misty attack!

Liu Zhu, seeing a good opportunity, immediately went ahead, becoming a flock of bats.

Small bats, thickening the fog, pounced on the poisonous queen.

– Burial celestial flame!

After the release of lightning magic, Mo Fan still had the strength to release high-level fire magic.

The cloud of fire opened right above the queen’s carcass, enveloping the area around her in flames.

The queen was seriously injured, so the fire could easily penetrate even into her body, striking her insides.

Her armor-clad skin under the influence of fire began to fall apart into pieces, crumbling to the ground.

And then Liu Zhu once again took advantage of a good opportunity: she pulled out a small dirk, with which she pierced the back of the body of the poisonous queen!

Fang Shaoli, realizing that her body, in which the queen was in, was burning through the flames, decided to attack with her last strength. Her goal was Mo Fan, but at the same time she clearly remembered the words of the mentor that he should stay alive!

Mo Fan, seeing that this half-half-man approaching him, did not even hide.

– Getterka, add fire! Mo Fang shouted, embodying the flames of a fiery rose and heterki, turning into a fiery man.

– Blowing fist / nine dragons!

The queen’s body was still filled with poisonous liquid, which did not allow the carcass to burn to the ground. The queen had about the same strength as Mo Fang’s fist, so she was able to repel the attack of fire dragons.

Mo Fan, using control, gathered stones in front of him, creating a stone wall from them.

* Wham!

The wall was destroyed, and Mo Fan in his serpentine mail flew so high that he could see buildings outside the temple!

Even being in the mail, Mo Fan is still subject to external influences.

He jumped right after the fall, and in the corners of his mouth blood had already appeared: “Where did she have so much strength ?! We squeezed her so well, but she still continues to fight! ”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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