Chapter 91: Two holy swords


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The Laos, who were directly struck by black lightning, blew from the square to the other side, crashing into the building and finally stopping.

They become black and fall to the ground, making it difficult to continue even the earliest battle.

But at the next moment, its body is wrapped in visible light.

Recovery magic.

“Hmm. I thought those four kept the < Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) >, but it doesn’t look like it”

< Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) > sharpens the power of the Demonic Nation and enhances human power. Recovery magic would be one of its effects. If we stay within this bond, we can instantly heal our wounds as many times as we want to, unless we die.

The magic of the junction must always continue to send magic to the surgical ceremony in order to maintain the junction. If those four had used the Four Genus Bonds Seal (De Ijeria), the Bonds would have been broken by the blow of the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Girasd).

“It’s the other students who are building the bond?

Misha asks me.

“Seems so.”


When Misha said so, the Ice Demon King Castle was finished in the square.

Countless ice crystals are depicted on the ground, spreading to underwater cities as they have become paths. From the path of ice grow ice trees, flowers and buildings, forming a castle town.

Misha puts her fingertips on the castle of the demon king and stares at the demon eye.

Ice castles and cities made of are, to say the least, boundaries. The eyes of Misha are good throughout the land.

I guess I’m going to look for an operator who’s building the Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) and disable it.

“Can’t find it”

You’re quite the magician to escape Misha’s demon eye.

“But I get it”

in a pale tone, she says.

“Only one of Jergacannon’s students can hide himself from me”

Hmm. That’s something like Misha. I guess I had in mind the number of Jergacannon students and their faces. In other words, there is no mistake in thinking that one of them, who cannot be found, is making a < Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) >.



I see.

Well, he’s enough to get a first-hand look at the root.

Is it any wonder that you are exercising the Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria), which simultaneously develops four types of attribute magic?

“Leave it to me.”

“He’s pretty tough.”

The sequence seems to be below the Redrianos, but not necessarily below to strength.

Anyway, you’re a misfit with me.

“Good luck”

Misha puts up her left hand ring and pours her magic into the ice castle town.

This means competing for the creation of a magical kingdom in a place where the Four Kingdoms Seal (De Ijeria) and the Demon King’s Castle are not visible to each other.

Quite a sight, isn’t it?

“… Chi… Damn, there’s more to monsters… if it weren’t for the Four Kingdoms Seal (De Ijeria), they’d probably be dead.”

Away from the square, Laos, who had been black-covered until just now, rises as if nothing had happened.

“… it’s going to stop. He’s not a little sloppy that junctional magic doesn’t work on the Demon Clan’s kure…?

Haine blows herself up on the other side as well.

“I don’t care… it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been hit this way, no matter how strong I am. Let’s try to get him to hang out as many times as we can until he runs out of breath.”

“I’m sorry, though.”

A girl comes down from the sky and stands in front of Laos.

Now that Misha has completed the Demon King’s Castle, the effect of the Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) on the Demon Nation has almost been offset.

“Miscellaneous fish like you don’t even bother Anos’ hands.”

Sasha grabbed the hem of her skirt and bowed gracefully.

“Make it the eldest daughter of the Necron family, and there is one Elder Seven Demons, the direct line of Ives Necron, Sasha Necron, the ruined witch. Remember that. From now on I will strike you into the abyss of despair.”

Fist as Laos enters a battlefield posture.

“Ha! You’re not superior. Hey, Heineh. One of the generations of chaos appeared. I’m going to play a little bit, so you and Redriano can rendezvous.”

Laos flies.

“Fine, but just come clean up, right? Or we’ll take him down alone. Come on.”

I don’t think that’s possible.

Heine makes her gaze harder.

Until just now, there was no one in front of him.

There’s no sign of using magic.

Even so, there was a demon clan with gray hair there, as if it had been an instantaneous move.

“You can’t beat him. You’re not the only ones. I don’t think anyone can beat him.”

With a refreshing grin, Ray pulled out the unique sword Sigshesta.

“Heh, it’s seven stars in black, brother.”

Heine lifts her lips in delight.

“I know, one of the generations of chaos. Ray Grandsdry, right? He says he’s a lot better at swords.”

“Not so much, but better than you”

Like a cock, Heine’s grin freezes.

“Then come on.”

Heine wields the Great Sanctuary Sword Zele.

Holy magic gathered in the dark green body.

“Prevent this zele, everyone!!

Heine waves down the Holy Sword as she thinks.

At that moment, Ray’s hand was brilliant and the flash ran.


While holding Zele, Heine’s right arm was severed and he was dancing through the universe.

Heine would not have even been able to grasp the moment of his slaughter.

“With those arms, the sword is crying. Because it’s a good sword.”

“… this ooh… just my subordinate, you annoying guy…!!

The right arm of Heine immediately regenerates with the effect of the < Four Genus Junction Seal (De Ijeria) >.

He drew three magic formations at his feet.

“I know, Kensei the Demon, what’s your weakness? You don’t like magic. Besides, your class, from what I’ve seen, is Demon Swordsman (Cavalier), right? Maybe you can improve your physical abilities and move faster than me, but for that matter, you won’t be able to use any more bad magic, will you?


A refreshing grin, says Ray.

“What are you laughing at? I’m annoyed. Am I stupid? Don’t you see? I mean, you have no way of preventing our junction magic!!

Water gushes from Heine’s feet. Holy water.

From there he absorbs magic.


The ground trembles unnaturally only within a radius of about thirty meters of Doddo, Gugagagagagagagagagagaga and Heine.

It is a junctional magic that binds the feet of the demon clan by earthquakes and deprives them of their power.

“Look, you can’t move, brother. How many sword arms did you have? That’s all.”

In the midst of a severe earthquake, Heine walks leisurely and picks up the Great Holy Land Sword Zele.

“I’ll show you another good one.”

That’s what he said, and Heine raised her left hand.

There the holy light gathers, and the sword of magic materializes.

“Come. My other holy sword. Grand Holy Land Sword (Daisy Dungeon) Zeleo”

Heine holds the Great Holy Land Sword Zeleo in her right hand and the Great Holy Land Sword Zeleo in her left hand.

“I’ll tell you. Slash and tear the marks you put on with Zeleo, and the marks will become holy marks. Then the healing magic won’t work anymore. Whoever was slaughtered will cry out for help. Kihaha.”

He makes a distorted laugh.

“I can’t cure you for saying that. ‘Cause I don’t know how to cure holy marks.”

Heine unmasterfully approaches by Ray and sets up a double sword.

“Look, you tell me. I’m the best at using this holy sword. Otherwise, brother, you’re gonna have a rough time, aren’t you?

He stared at Ray like a lick.

“Heine, was that you?

“Yeah, but?

“I knew your sword was crying.”

Unique sword sigshesta brilliant.

Heine’s left arm was slashed off and Zereo pierced the ground.

“… ahhh… the pain… this ooh… why…!?

Heine jumps away as surprised.

The left arm played back quickly.

“… how come…!?

Ray takes a step forward.

with a cool face, he said.

“What’s wrong?

“How can you move in < seismic junction (agoras) >…!? I’m not even wrapped up in a lot of anti-magic…!

“I thought you were free to move through the Seismic Boundary (Agoras) because you have holy magic. So I decided to use holy magic, too.”

Heine distorts her expression.

“This demon sword, the unique sword, changes as I think it is. So I tried to give it a holy magic. I’m glad it worked out.”

Holy light is overflowing from the unique sword.

Ray, who has been transformed into a sword body, benefits from it, meaning that he is a Demon, but not affected by < seismic junction (Agoras) >.

“Oh, yeah. Hmm. But you can’t beat me with a fake sword like that, can you?

“Well, let’s use the real one”

Ray hands the Great Holy Land Sword Zeleo pierced to the ground.

At that moment Heine laughed.

“Ha-ha-ha! What are you doing, brother? Fine, but if the Demons use the Holy Sword, their bodies are eroded and they’re in trouble. Okay? An earlier 3rd regenerator tried to use holy water, and you didn’t see it? Don’t worry about it.”

Heine’s right arm had been slashed down by Zeleo the Great Holy Land Sword in Ray’s hand.


Screaming and holding on to his slashed arm, he retreated.

“… how…? Why not? I don’t think so. No!

After Heine retreats, Ray follows.

“Come back, my holy sword. Under the true owner!!

Stretched his regenerated arm, Heine said.

But nothing happened.

His expression stains despair.

“… what the…!?

“This holy sword seems to like me.”

“Why aren’t you back? Yikes! Zeleo! Oh, come on, you, are you listening?

But the Holy Sword will never respond to Heine.

The Holy Sword chose which one the owner deserved.

“It’s a lie… it’s a lie, it’s a lie… it’s a lie like this! That’s… that’s a holy sword. Yikes…? It’s not just a holy sword… the Great Holy Land Sword can’t be used by any brave man but me…!! It’s not something the Demons can use!!

Heine waves down Zele.

Even as the Magic Sword struck Ray, he slashed and tore it apart with Zereo all the time.


“You don’t seem to understand very well. Shall I teach you how to use the Holy Sword?”

Ray pierces the Great Holy Land Sword Zereo to the ground.

“… Huh!

Flash Zereo pierced the ground.

Moments, the earth rose in vast ranges as if it had been slipped through.

Every body on the ground is turned upside down, and Heine’s body dances through the universe.

“… Wow…!!

Soil, stones, and trees struck Heine, as if they had willed.

All of which are given magic by the Great Holy Land Sword, and he finally looks to prevent it with anti-magic and magic barriers.

“I… can’t believe Zereo has this power… I don’t know -”

Round your eyes like Heine was stunned.

Ray had his unique sword in his sheath, instead holding the Grand Holy Sword Zele, which had fallen to the ground.

“If you slash and tear Zeleo’s flawed mouth with Zele, you’ll have holy marks that won’t work with healing magic, I wonder”

“Why? Okay, it’s impossible… This is impossible. How many years do you think I trained until I can manipulate two holy swords at the same time!! There’s no way I can be a Demon!”

Two swords glowed within one breath.


There were holy marks on both arms of the decapitated Heine.

“… Damn, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit…!!

Heine deploys a magic formation on the holy marks part, trying to slash off the holy marks from arm to arm.

But the holy marks do not remain in the flawed mouth, but widen their range.

“… WHAT!? That’s crazy. I don’t have this power in Zeleo and Zele. Yikes…!? What did you do to my holy sword?

“Originally this holy sword had this much power. You just weren’t using it.”

“So shut up! Damn… this is supposed to happen… I can’t lose… I can’t lose to the Demons!!!

Heine infuses all magic and uses.

I guess I decided that Ray, with his unique sword in his sheath, should be affected.

But the moment he stabbed the two holy swords to the ground, it was easy to stop.

“This is the right way to use it.”

Guru, Heine’s body had been skewered by four or four blades.


A tall scream echoes around.

The sword body of Zele and Zereo that pierced the ground grew and stretched into four or four pieces in the earth and came out of the ground again.

All its flawed mouths had turned into holy marks.

The wound will not heal under the influence of the Four Kingdoms Seal (De Ijeria) beyond the healing magic.

“… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Heine just screams, looking like she couldn’t stand too much pain.

“Oh, come on. You, I’m surrendering! So heal quickly! This is just a counter-examination, and you think you can do this?

Ray had a refreshing grin against Heine, who said a disgusting thing.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t like magic. If you surrendered, why don’t you just cure yourself because I won’t disturb you?

“… stupid… I can’t… Yikes!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

“Does it hurt that much? Doesn’t look like a big scratch, though. Though I think the world has more hellish suffering.”

“… where is that? Yikes…!!

Ray grins.

“Come on. I just kind of thought so.”

He turns back his heel. Heine said on her leaving back.

“Oh, come on, wait… where are you going!! Help me! HELP, HELP!!!

Heine’s screams echoed farther and farther into the underwater city.

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