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Upon hearing the question of Luo Wei, Chu Xingyun was immediately happy.

Chu Xingyun also asked Luo Jing a similar question in the past.

Absolutely didn’t expect, in this world, the person who asked questions actually turned into Luo, and had to say that the world’s affairs are really wonderful and unpredictable.

Feel the hot eyes of Luo Xiao, Chu Xingyun said: “Save more, more reasons, if you really want an answer, it will be my last life owe you.”

“Ah?” Luo Yan opened his mouth, the whole face was even more puzzled. This look made Chu Xingyun laugh. It turns out that Luo Wei is not only adorable, but actually has such a cute side.

“What? You still have problems?” Chu Xingyun stopped the laughter and saw Luo Yan still standing still, a look of words and words, could not help but ask.

“Not a problem, there is a request, I hope Chu big brother can promise.” Luo Yan lowered his head, pinching his fingers up and down, some nervous: “I want to stay with Chu big brother, be a little The personal look.”

“Personal?” This time, it was Chu Xingyun’s turn to open his mouth and his eyes were slightly condensed, apparently scared by this.


Luo Yan nodded firmly and seriously: “This time Beast Tide, my family is gone, my mother is dead, if it is not Chu big brother make a move to save, I am afraid I can not escape, since my life is If you save, I naturally have to repay my kindness.”

“But I am penniless now, Martial Spirit Rank is low, the only thing I can do is to stay with Chu Big Brother and take care of your daily life. I hope Chu big brother can promise me this ruthless invitation.”

After that, Luo Xiao directly knees down, this is the way she can think of the only way to repay Chu Xingyun.

When Chu Xingyun saw it, there was a bitter smile on his face.

In the eyes of others, Luo Wei is really unbearable, penniless, Martial Spirit is low, and there is no dependence, just like the little beggar on the street.

But Chu Xingyun knows very well that in the near future, Luo Yi’s nine-star water lily Martial Spirit will shine, and her strength will become even more powerful, becoming the Goddess of countless people.

Even if you give her enough time, you can let the nine-star water lily Martial Spirit advance to the Ninth Grade level, step into the Martial Emperor realm, and even the legendary emperor.

It is such a strange woman who is now in front of Chu Xingyun and wants to be his personal body. Even a character like Chu Xingyun feels a bit whirlwind and can’t accept it.

Seeing Chu Xingyun silent, Luo Yi thought that Chu Xingyun disliked her and hurriedly said: “Chu big brother, I know that I am stupid, there is no innate talent, but I will take care of you in every possible way, meet all your requirements, you Let me do what I do.”

Chu Xingyun also stared at Luo Wei, his head was a bit messy.

He can’t tell Luo Yan that the reason why own make a move to save her is to repay the kindness of the last life. These words are too shocking, no one will believe it, if not, it will make Luo Xun think that Chu Xingyun Abandoning her, I made a ridiculous reason.

Luo Wei is now just a child. He has just experienced a disaster, and both parents are dead. If you suffer another blow, I am afraid it will completely collapse.

“Well, you can stay with me.” Chu Xingyun finally nodded and said: “But you don’t have to be my body, if you don’t mind, you and I are commensurate with your brothers and sisters, how?”

Luo Yan is helpless, so in the flow of the Imperial Dynasty wandering, Chu Xingyun is not at ease, straightforward to leave her around, can take care of it, and second can also help her fully stimulate the potential of the nine-star water lily Martial Spirit .

“I am a younger sister of Chu Big Brother. I can’t afford it. I still want to be close to me. I just want to take care of Chu big brother, so I am very satisfied.” Luo said, his face became a little reddish. The heart beats a lot.

Finally, she stood up and rushed out of the Room.

“This little girl…” Chu Xingyun looked at Luo Wei’s departure, and shook his head helplessly. Hey, hey, it’s all around, it doesn’t make much difference.

Resting in bed for a while, Chu Xingyun thought to move into the inner space of the Samsara stone.

Gū gū 咕!

The pool water violently rolled up, and the flame that enveloped the life source blood essence descended on Chu Xingyun. It was not hot, but it was very warm, helping him to repair the damage inside and outside the body.

Chu Xingyun did not waste time, while recovering the body, while closing eyes and retreating, by absorbing the pure spirit of the spirit stone, nourishing the depleted Linghai, and not delaying.

This state has lasted for two days.

Under the joint efforts of the four major military and Black Water City, the terrifying Beast Tide was finally curbed. Although there were many casualties this time, it is already a great fortune in the result.

On this day, Chu Xingyun walked out of the house, and a warm sunshine spilled on his body, warm and full of comfort.

After the end of Beast Tide, the village of Luo Family was also being repaired intensively. The villagers helped each other and injected a new vitality into the Luo Family Village, which has become a ruin.

“In just two days, it was completely restored?” At this time, Yang Feng was surprised to come over. He looked at Chu Xingyun up and down, and the whole face kept twitching.

Chu Xingyun was hurt, Yang Feng is very clear, even if it is replaced by him, it takes ten days and a half to get out of bed, fully recovered, at least one month.

But Chu Xingyun only took two days to fully recover, which is a bit too awkward, right?

“I took some medicine pill, so I recovered faster.” Chu Xingyun thought about it and shrugged back.

In fact, as early as the night before, Chu Xingyun relied on the life source blood essence to completely recover the injury. He also took a day to cultivate the “Body Tempering”, which made the body of the owner more concise.

Only these, Chu Xingyun is not convenient to say, two days to recover, Yang Feng was so shocked, if telling him the truth, I am afraid I will be scared on the spot.

“Since it has completely recovered, Starts Journey will go to the Imperial City immediately.” Yang Feng recovered from the shock and said to Chu Xingyun: “Because of the sudden emergence of Beast Tide, we have been delayed for three days. Can’t continue to drag, as for the West Wind City, we will send someone to help you settle down.”

When Chu Xingyun heard it, it looked a little embarrassing.

In the case of Chu Town, there are Chu Hu cares, and there is no need to worry. The only thing he is worried about is the inside story of 16 years ago.

According to Shui Chongde, the things of the year, Yunmengwufu and Imperial Family all participated, but who is the specific, the entire water family, only Shui Chongxian knows.

Chu Xingyun must return to Xifeng City to get an answer from Shui Chongxian before he can continue the investigation.

“Yang elder, I have some grudges with the Shuijia, I have to deal with it before going to the Imperial City, and I hope to give it more than one day.” Chu Xingyun is facing Yang Fengdao, with his current strength, one day, enough to get the answer.

Yang Feng looked awkward, thought about it, just wanted to answer, but suddenly heard the voice of Cyan mountain, with a hint of helplessness, said: “Patriarch, your resentment with the water family, in a short time, I am afraid that it is not clear.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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