Chapter 910. Trash people like you!


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The hole that was left of the dagger on the back of the head of the venomous queen had no effect on the creature itself – the venomous queen still retained her former ugly look.

This creature cannot be sorted out by ordinary methods.

– Mo Fan, how are you doing there? – I heard the voice of Ling Ling.

“Oh, not really, this thing is not even going to die,” said Mo Fan.

He has even used high-level lightning magic, why is nothing happening to her ???

– Here, too, everything is bad. People of the magical court stumbled upon poisonous corpses, ”said Lin Ling.

– Yes, no, it will not work. Then the dance went at least a million for a hundred – such a thing I can not entrust to anyone! – answered Mo Fan.

The money raised for the murder of Fan Shaoli, Mo Fan planned to send for the return of Mu Ning Xue to the national team.

It is good that Liu Zhu was in support. At first glance, it was clear to her that she was already equal in strength to the essence of a commander-in-chief level. The only question is why she cannot destroy the poisonous queen, who also belongs to the commander in chief?

While the queen assumed from time to time she was pulling over Liu Zhu. Once the burial of the heavenly flame was not enough, then you can release another one.

Mo Fan directed all his flames in the direction to which the poisonous queen was heading, creating a fiery sea there.

– Burial celestial flame!

Mo Fan again released the magic of fire, and the flame, which had not yet been extinguished after the previous spell, lit up with a new force.

The flames engulfed the poisonous queen from all sides, she let out a growl, and her movements were sharp …

– Liu Zhu, can you immobilize her again for a while? I want to launch high-level lightning magic into her head! Said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan had scrolls of star clouds of lightning magic, which Tang Yue gave him in the amount of five pieces, and most recently he used one of them.

Even before that, when Mo Fan was not strong enough to produce high-level magic, he used these things to make his magic more explosive.

Judging by the appearance of the queen, it was absolutely not affected by the fact that her body was pierced with high-level lightning magic.

“Maybe I won’t be able to hold her back,” Liu Zhu said.

She could twist the queen, but she could not completely immobilize.

– Let go of your fire, I’ll take it! – At this moment outside the temple came a clear voice.

Mo Fan turned around and saw Mu Ning Xue there.

Ling Ling was next to Mu Ning Xue too – it seems that her antidote was effective!

Mo Fan could not believe what was happening. Seeing that Mu Ning Xue is in order, he felt relieved from his heart.

Well, if so, now he can, without haste, slowly kill this poisonous creature – if he does not die the first time, there is still a second and third!

Mo Fan dispersed his burial with a celestial flame – the fire apparently did not have a significant effect on a creature of this kind, so he provided the scene for Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue began to release her ice sphere, causing the area to be filled with ice crystals …

Black monsters, who were driven by the agile wolf Mo Fan, ran up to the temple, however, having seen that he was completely covered with ice, they did not risk entering inside – after a while these monsters turned into ice sculptures.


From frost that punches to the bone, freezing absolutely any flesh, no chainmail or breastplate will save, no matter how thick and powerful it may be.

Fang Shaoli, feeling the cold, immediately retreated from Mo Fang’s persecution and switched to Mu Ning Xue.

The mucus in the body of the poisonous queen took the form of a ball, thanks to which she easily rose into the air, and also easily sank directly in front of the girl.

The poisonous liquid could still creep away, rolling toward Mu Ning Xue from both sides like water …

Mu Ning Xue, fortunately, also possessed an element of wind with which she could move this fluid so that she did not even come close to her.

– Ling Ling, will it be good if you punch the queen’s head? – was interested in Mo Fan.

– I do not know, we must try! – said Lin Lin, standing in the distance. As a hunter, she knew that first of all she had to take care of her own safety.

“Ten more seconds, and I can completely freeze her!” Only now I can not keep her in this state for a long time! – said Mu Ning Xue.

Ten seconds … Even the ice sphere of Mu Ning Xue can only temporarily immobilize an animal of a commander-in-chief level, like a poisonous queen.

Mo Fan had already prepared a scroll in advance, thanks to which he could now release high-level lightning magic.

The electric current again prokin a hundred meters long, aiming at Fan Shaol.

As a result, the magic has made a hole in the queen’s forehead – there was no blood, no poisonous liquid, only a hole.

This time the queen did not move as before ….

Her body did not even fall as it was completely frozen.

– Has died? – asked Mo Fan.

– I do not know, first you need to cut it! – Liu Zhu has already prepared her claws with which she walked along this carcass.

– Do not touch your head, it is worth a hundred million! – warned Mo Fan.

“She’s inside,” Liu Zhu said.

Opening the body of the queen, they discovered that Fang Shaoli was still alive, only her body was completely covered with poisonous mucus.

Liu Zhu pulled her out of there, but Fang Shaoli still seems to have not recovered. With a pale face, she looked at Mo Fan.

– You, Chernokerkovniki, are not afraid to flirt with such demons at all! Inside such a creature could be just trash people like you! Said Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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