Chapter 911. Revenge


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The remaining adherents of the black church wanted to flee, but all they had to do was just hide among ordinary visitors.

The only question was what to do with checking the magical court, which they cannot avoid, since Mo Fan saw them all!

After the death of the poisonous queen, the poisoning will no longer manifest, which means that it will not be able to harm people either.

After Mo Fan transferred Fang Shaoli to the night hawk from the magical court, he returned to the main building of the manor.

Pushing the door to the place where the curse reservoir was located, Mo Fan looked at the girl who was in it.

“You … did you come to save me?” – asked happily Wang Xuxuy.

Mo Fan agreed to nod his head. He pulled the girl out, doused her with clean water, and then gave her clean warm clothes.

Virtually nothing was left of her skin, and Mo Fan himself did not know how deep the curse fluid could penetrate her body. All he could do was take her to a member of the magical court, Len Qing, in the hope that at least she would help.

– Thank you! I am so grateful to you! – Wang Xu Xiuu thanked Mo Fanya without stopping.

Rong Sheng and Guo Weni, too, without ceasing, thanked Mo Fang. These two could not even think that this place could have been somehow connected with the black church. Seeing what beautiful Wang Xu-xu turned into, they hated Zhao Pinglin even more.

As for the hunters of the golden rati, their chief commander, Ge Min, has already returned to life.

The commander’s cultivation level was relatively high, which is why he could control his body well, so that the poison did not spread so quickly. The hunters of the golden ratiy, having learned that Mo Fan killed the poisonous queen, and their commander returns to life, were incredibly happy!

However, the golden army was actually exterminated – many hunters were irretrievably lost.

Ge Ming, Pan Jin and the others were very grateful to Mo Fang and the others. They could not have imagined that there were other people besides them who were closely involved in this matter.

– Heaven blessed us. This time we survived only thanks to this kid! Otherwise, we would all just die here! Of course, we will not send you money, but if you need our help, just call! – exclaimed Ge Min, thanks to Mo Fan.

“Be careful with the Black Churchies, their strongest staff includes not only deacons in blue attire, but they can do more serious things,” warned Mo Fan.

Well, that was all over, and now Fan Shaoli was transferred to the right place.

With other things like clearing the territory, identifying corpses, etc. now the magical court must be engaged, and now Mo Fanya was only worried about his reward.

Mo Fan didn’t really count the number of adepts he had killed in black, but only the priests in gray should have been 80-90 million! Here is a profit!

There were many priests in gray who were killed by Mo Fan. Lin Lin and Len Qing were quick to count, because for each of them, if the identity of the priest and his activities were established, gave about nine million!

For the head of one Fan Shaoli gave two hundred million. Mo Fan spent a lot of energy on her!

The magical court, after confirming that Fang Shaoli really was deacon in blue, immediately charged the fee to Mo Fang.

Only now the remuneration for the killed priests and adepts had to be carefully calculated before paying off with Mo Fan.

Yes, and the money, according to estimates Lin Lin, was supposed to be about three hundred million!

First, Mo Fan gave money to Mu Ning Xue so that she could buy herself a galactic vein and make a breakthrough to a high level.

Mo Fan kept the rest of the money for himself, even without having figured out what he would spend it on.

And the point is not that he didn’t know what to spend them on, but that there was too much necessary spending!

First, he will deal with this glutton – a little hetero. Spiritual fiery seeds will have to take a million for a hundred – you cannot save! It is necessary that as soon as possible she entered the next phase of her development!

Summoning magic should also be brought to a high level so that Mo Fan can release it.

The shadow element also required attention and resources! Mo Fan remembered that the old teacher had told him about this element. He said that with a breakthrough to a high level of shadow, cardinal progress awaits him!

The element of space … he demanded a lot of money too! Mo Fan, up to this point, could not really learn the magic of the middle level of this element, and all because of the breakthrough to the middle level, resources are needed!

“The money this time will be about three hundred million. Heaters will have to buy food all the time, I will spend a hundred million to buy the galactic vein – I will try to make a breakthrough in the magic of the shadow, I will spend another thirty million on cultivating space to an average level – it will be much better! – Mo Fan in his head has already made approximate calculations.

Moo Ning Xue engaged in her cultivation, for which she had not spent time last week.

Mo Fan, in anticipation of a part-time job, did not reach the state security office, and the teacher must have already considered him as retired!

After lunch, Mo Fan hurried to the state security office. In Shanghai, he was very well oriented, so it was easy to find the necessary address.

Seeing the spherical building, Mo Fan, nodding his head, went inside. Who knew that here he would see foreigners with interesting skin color.

– Said, is it here? The cat-eyed girl asked.

– Yes, it is here! Today, of course, we must take revenge! – Said maliciously.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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