Chapter 912. The Egyptian Team Challenges Again


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Myaosy was sad.

She was the deputy commander of the Egyptian team. Initially, Said, whose strength was outstanding, was sent to battle with the Chinese state security team. Therefore, the other participants had time that could be spent on other things. The members of the Egyptian team believed that Saeed could cope with everything alone.

Who knew that Saeed would be defeated.

They did not even receive the badge of the Chinese state guard, for the Egyptian team it was a real shame.

* Jin

The little girl got on Mo Fang’s shoulder, as if she had seen a foreigner for the first time. And without waiting for Mo Fan’s permission, she began to circle around Miaosy.

– What a stupid animal! – Miaosy got angry, releasing a lightning seal in a little jacket.

The heat player had already reached the power level of the commander-in-chief, and this entry-level magic could not hit her. Deviating from the lightning press, she made a sound that came out in the event of an insult and flew back to her daddy’s shoulder.

But Mo Fan was really angry!

Damn it, you could scold a little girl, but why raise a hand against this harmless creature? If you want to take out your offense on someone, then obviously you don’t need to do it on a little girl!

– You, yes, precisely you! Do not look around, I just call you! Are you tired of living or what? Dare to offend my little girl? – Mo Fan didn’t even notice how many people were around. He walked to the girl with long steps.

Mo Fan spoke Chinese, so he had to make sure that the foreigner understood him.

Arrived in a foreign country and still behaving arrogantly?

– Who the hell are you? – anger and disgust were written on the face of Myaos.

“This is a scoundrel, do you want me to hit you so that you fly back to Egypt?” – Mo Fan was very quick-tempered, he did not like people who tried his patience.

– Yes, I will destroy you with one finger! And until I changed my mind, get out of my sight! What an uncultured country, how am I fed up with all this! – swore Myaosy.

Mo Fan was furious.

Does she have anything wrong with her head? She doesn’t even understand what’s wrong! There is also enough audacity to behave like that in a foreign country. I would look at myself, think that if I put a golden tiara on my head, I immediately became a queen?

– Mo Fan, what are you doing up here? – At that moment Mu Nujiao approached, who saw how loud-voiced Mo Fan cursing with a foreigner.

Mu Nujiao thought that it was Mo Fan that angered the girl on purpose. But as soon as I saw a familiar blue-eyed guy in the crowd, I immediately understood everything.

Said, hated member of the Egyptian team. Why did he come here? Yes, and took with him the other members of his team!

– Why did you come here? Is it all over? – asked dissatisfied with Mu Nujiao.

It was written on Said’s face that he was very embarrassed. But Mäosi was very arrogant. She said to Mu Nujiao: “Each country has three chances to fight with the enemy, we recognize that Said was defeated. But we still want to take with you the badge of your tiny country. ”

– An insignificant country? – having heard these words, Mu Nujiao could no longer tolerate.

China is a big and majestic country! And in the area of its territory, and in the number of outstanding magicians, it is several times greater than Egypt. And what is their country? Solid desert. Besides the pyramids, they have nothing more to be proud of!

In the end, who do they despise: the state security team or the whole country?

– Jiaojiao, do not stand on ceremony with her! Better break her leg, see how she speaks afterwards! – Mo Fan was very angry and did not choose expressions.

– Are you a competitor too? – Myaosy looked at Mo Fan, and immediately thought that she did not like his style of dress, the manner of his behavior. Yes, and swearing like a shoemaker!

– Yeah, but let’s not drag out, there’s nothing more to talk about, it’s better to fight right away in a battle! – said straight to Mo Fan.

– Yes, we will. I don’t want to waste time with you, Mjosa answered.

Said and Shijuyfu glared at Mo Fang.

Said approached Miaosy, warning her: “I think that the state security team in their team is the most powerful magician, this girl of the ice element. I do not know why, but her power to control the element of ice exceeds the average. If you’re going to fight her, be careful. ”

– Pf, do you think that I will lose? Even if you are members of the state security team, I will let you taste the grief. – said Miaosy.

– Of course, you will not lose. I just warned.

Because of your helplessness, we have already spent one attempt to fight! – answered Miaosy without a twinge of conscience.

Said did not answer. Before the battle, no one warned him that there was a witch like Mu Ning Xue in the Chinese team of state guards.

“Then I was alone against three … – Said somehow found the argument to get out.

– And who is that moron? Miaosi asked, pointing to Mo Fan.

– I do not know, did not see him. Most likely, he is not the strongest of their team, after all, not as strong as that girl of the ice element. If it were not for her, then I’d be the only one to overwhelm their entire team – Said dissipated.

– I used to think that the state security team is very strong, but it turns out that only one person is strong in it. – said Miaosy.

– It is possible that you are also the most powerful magician in our team! You do not even know how powerful your magic is – Said tried to keep up with Miaosy and fawned on her.

– Come on, Miaosy. Do you want to fight alone without help? – asked the commander of the detachment Sind.

Sind looked very young, his skin was golden, his eyebrows thick. When Myaosy and Mo Fan cursed, he stood nearby and chuckled. He was very amused by this whole situation.

– Yeah, I do not want to waste time. And I do not want to make the same mistake as this stupid Said. I will make an effort to get this Chinese badge! – said Miaosy.

“Okay, then go out and fight.”


The Egyptian team haughtily entered the territory of state protection. It is not clear why, but all of them had such arrogant expressions of their faces, as if they were not competitors, but princes and princesses.

As soon as Master Bai saw this arrogant son of a bitch Said and Yue Tansin, who was just getting up, his face turned white with anger!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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