Chapter 913. One Against Three


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– This is the same Egyptian, why did he bring his team this time too? Are they no longer considered losers? Dun Fang-le asked, looking at Sayid.

– They want to fight again. It seems that no country had such tricks, ”said Mu Nu Jiao.

– He is completely unscrupulous! He himself said at the very beginning that if our team won, then his entire team could be counted as a defeat. And what is the result? As a result, he lost and brought his entire team here! – was outraged by Dun Fan Le.

– Mu Ning Xue is not here? What are we going to do? Asked Yue Tansin.

Only now the team of state guards really remembered that Mu Ning Xue had not been there for several days, since she persistently cultivates.

If not she, then this Said will be able to lay the whole team!

– If I’m here, then you have nothing to fear! – Mo Fan got out, hitting his chest.

“Who are you?”

– Oh, yes, we have not seen you yet …

Dong Fang Le recognized Mo Fang by telling him: “Your abilities are not enough, what attitude do you have to the state security team?”

“My abilities actually once wiped your nose,” Mo Fan replied.

Bai Dongwei, opening his eyes in surprise, asked: “So are you the same student who was in the reserve of the national team with Mu Ning Xue?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Mo Fan replied.

“You haven’t announced for so long that I was about to drop you off the lists,” said Bai Dongway.

– Here I am, come.

While the team of guards was going through a heated discussion, the Egyptians had already begun to show their impatience, Said was especially angry: “What, were you scared? Now you do not want to climb the arena? ”

“Hey, even if you pinned up again, do not think that your team will be able to get our badges,” said Dong Fan Le.

– Well, then let’s start! How are we going to fight – you decide, you are the main here! – Said growled.

Bai Dunway was clearly not happy about the situation.

Since Mu Ning Xue is not here, then the chances of winning against the Egyptians, respectively, too.

While Bai Dongwei was wondering how he should be, Mo Fan had already climbed into the arena.

– Hey! Where are you going? Did I really tell you to go there? – asked Bai Dunway.

“Teacher Bai, Mu Nu Jiao said that last time this guy pinned one to fight three guards from our team, didn’t he? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes. Damn you! Let’s go down from there, we have not even decided how we will hold the fight, and without it I cannot announce the beginning of the battle! Shouted Bai Dunway.

– Well, then do it. Today I’ll be alone against three, and if they can beat me, it means they won! Mo Fan said fiercely.

– Who do you think you are?

– I was going to fight the three of them … yes, even I can not overcome one. Mo Fan, let’s not mislead our guys here, ”said Dong Fan Le.

– Do not go! – excused Mo Fan.

“Instructor Bai, let him try,” Mu Nu Tzio entered into the conversation now.

– Do not joke like that! Our rivals are magicians from the national team of another country. Mo Fan has already flown out of our team, so how can he defeat the three? – Bai Dunway was clearly skeptical.

The Egyptians were already losing patience. Myaosy asked Mo Fan: “Well, have you figured it out already or not?”

– Already decided. Three mages from your team will fight with me one by one, defeat me alone – it means the victory is yours, ”answered Mo Fan.

The Egyptians only sniffed such a suggestion.

Sick cocky crank!

– Are you sure about your decision? – Myaosy laughed.

“You carry so much nonsense, stop talking already!” Pull your man into the arena, I can’t wait to see the moment when I start decorating you! China is not happy about you! – Mo Fan is already boiling.

– You yourself made a death sentence yourself, finish it off! Myaos, let me be the first to fight him! – Said jumped.

“It goes, these crazy fools are not interested in me,” Miaosy had already decided for herself that she did not want to dirty her hands about this idiot.

The fact remains: members of the national team cannot be weaker than guards from the state magical guards.

Said will certainly deal with him, and they will not even have to use all three of their attempts!

Said was already in the arena, not paying attention to the fact that the Chinese team of security guards was still undecided.

Bai Dongwei could not understand where this boy came from, he does not know him, and now this Mo Fan says that he will fight for the whole team ?!

Mo Fan told him: “Instructor Bai, you rose right here in time – you will judge this fight!”

Bai Dunway just went numb with such audacity. At that moment, when his mind returned to him, Mo Fan had already released his flaming fist to Said!

“I haven’t even announced the start of the battle yet!” – the teacher was indignant.

Said also did not hesitate for a long time, since the rival started a fight, will he not stand like an idol and wait for the official start?

Seeing the glow of magic around Mo Fan, Sayid immediately turned into a shadow that began to move quickly.

Said used the shadow, although his main combat power was the call of the creatures of the element of necromancy.

Very soon a huge ghoul appeared in the arena, and Said himself was already at a safe distance, controlling his being.

– Agile wolf, this corpse remains on you!

Mo Fan also did not delay and called the wolf!

The agile wolf is one of the most powerful members of the animal in the level of the pack leader, so it quickly began to deal with the mummy.

– Kapets! – Said did not expect his opponent to be a magician of the summoning element, therefore he immediately called on the sword mummy.

Mo Fan rarely encountered the element of necromancy, but he was able to sense that this sword mummy was close in power to the level of the commander in chief, and this surprised him greatly.

The guards usually reach only the average level, so how was he going to fight three at once?

However, for Mo Fan, this sword mummy was certainly far from the commanders he encountered!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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