Chapter 914. Defeat Sayid!


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– Mo Fan, be careful! This sword mummy is very strong! – Mu Nu Jiao decided to warn Mo Fang about the danger.

Mo Fan only smiled: “I don’t even consider it with such garbage!”

The sword-mummy moved very slowly, but from each of its steps, the arena shook.

– Well, well, we’ll see! – said Sayid coldly.

Mummy raised her black sword, and you could see his shadow.

She only swung her huge instrument, and Mo Fan, who was standing far away, already knew that wherever he went, this mummy would be able to block his path everywhere.

* Mooing

The mummy made a cow sound, again raising its sword … now the shadow of the sword increased to a hundred meters and was directed towards Mo Fanya!

Mo Fan stood in the same place. He decided to split using the shadow element.

Mo Fan was surprised that the shadow of the mummy’s sword could also be torn apart, and there was nothing left for him but to use the shield of Gloom to move further away.

Now that Mo Fan understood how much the power of the mummy exceeds the strength of an ordinary creature as the leader of the pack.

– Burial celestial flame!

The fire hit the arena, and the flames spilled like a rain of fire.

In order for the magic of fire to have a stronger effect, Mo Fan kept the fire cloud above the mummy’s head, so the flames could completely absorb the enemy.

Bandages on the body of the mummy quickly burned through, and she herself now looked like an awakened volcano!

A sword-mummy mummy can easily withstand mid-level magic, but high-level magic can already present a real problem to her!

– Mag … high level mage ?! – Said was just amazed at what he saw.

How? How can high level mages be on the state security team? For the speed with which Mo Fan released high-level fire magic, it was clear that he had made a breakthrough long ago.

The flames continued to flare up, and everyone present simply had no words.

Especially strongly the jaw dropped at Dun Fan Le, who quite recently reproached Mo Fang that his forces would not be enough to fight the Egyptians.

From their last meeting, Mo Fan has already managed to make a breakthrough to a high level, and even improve the speed of the release of magic!

The flames enveloped the mummy, and Saeed hurried to return it to the necromancy element space.

The fire is very detrimental to the creatures of necromancy, even a little bit and the mummy could have burned to the ground.

– Attack him! – Said was angry. He furiously shouted at his other ghoul to attack Mo Fang.

The dead man threw the agile wolf back and moved towards the mage.

Mo Fan didn’t even think about hiding.

The silver glow poured from the ghoul’s eye sockets – Mo Fan blocked it, and then shouted: “Scram!”

The control seized the ghoul, and the wolf immediately attacked him, tearing him apart.

Seeing that this ghoul fell, the students began to exult.

– The element of space! He is the magician of the element of space! – admired Mo Fan Bai Dongway.

Mo Fan used fake claws to tilt the immobile dead still further.

– Do not rush! – Said shouted, calling someone else with his element of necromancy.

His sword-mummy mummy was restored in the space of an element of necromancy. All that was needed was for the flames on her to completely go out, and then she would again be able to enter the arena.

“I don’t want to waste time on someone like you, all your crucians have already disappeared,” said Mo Fan, pushing a spatial wave with his hand.

The wave immediately threw the mummy along with Sayid to the side, thus clearing the site.

Said fell outside the arena, he could not believe his eyes!

He was again taken care of by a guard from the state team?

“Professor Bai, announce the result,” Mo Fan turned to him with a face full of self-confidence.

However, Bai Dunway and the state guards were all in shock …

Did this little boy give Said so fast?

Is this the same Mo Fan? A born magician of two elements?

All were students, so the names of most of the innate magicians of the two elements among the students were well-known.

A lot of people recognized him after hearing the name of Mo Fan, only now they could not have thought that it would take him much less time to devote Said along with his mummies than Mu Ning Xue required.

“Mo … Mo Fan won!” – happily exclaimed Bai Dunvey.

– There are no boundaries for perfection! This Mo Fan was even cooler than Mu Ning Xue! How did he get out of the national team?

– Pretty boy! – shouted happily Yue Tansin.

This is the state guard!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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