Chapter 915. The rout of the Egyptian team


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– Drag here even stronger from your team! If the strongest of the Egyptian team is you, then I advise your team not to go to Venice at all! Then go back to your desert and after 10-20 years of commercials you can try again! – Mo Fan didn’t shut up, vilifying the national magic team of Egypt.

– Said in our team is considered a middling, and the fact that he lost to you, still does not say anything! Now I will enter the arena! – Shizhuyf appeared in the arena.

He differed from Said in his joyful physiognomy. He was glad that now he had the opportunity to prove himself.

Shijuyfu thought that these were simple guards from the magical protection of China … well, you think this fellow has elements of fire and space – what is so supernatural about it?

He walked slowly around the arena.

Mo Fan became even more impatient after seeing this tanned, toothy foreigner.

“Call that girl here, in small fish like you, I’m not interested,” said Mo Fan, pointing to Myaosy.

– Hey, can not be so! She is the deputy captain on our team, and before you meet her, you should taste my curse element! – answered Shizhuyfu.

The elements of the curse and the necromancy are very similar – both of these elements are aimed at putting spiritual and mental torments.

The Egyptian decided to use the veil of fear (* magic element of the curse).

The veil of fear can penetrate the soul of man. If the victim is a high-level magician, then a veil of fear can produce nightmares, destroying the soul.

After releasing this curse, Mo Fan heard a voice …

This voice of Mo Fan heard in the manor – it was a low female voice.

– I will slowly pay you back for all that you have done to me! And you’d better stay alive as long as possible, otherwise then I will take up your relatives!

That was the message of Salan!

Obviously, the curse element is capable of harboring fears and horrors from the very depths of the human soul.

Mo Fan understood that this was only an auditory hallucination, and one should not pay attention to it.

A female voice resounded in Mo Fang’s head. Indeed, Salan was the one whom Mo Fan thought about the most. She absolutely does not care who to kill, magicians or ordinary people, her bloodlust knows no bounds … this also applies to the disaster in the city of Bo, and the tragedy in Xi’an.

Shizhuyfu thought that his magic of curse had its effect, so I decided to set up another trap – a deadly spider trap!

And what if Mo Fan falls into that fear trap?

Salan does not frighten him, but causes anger and disgust in him!

Mo Fan did not fall for this trick, only anger began to cover him – now he was looking at Shizhuyf with a chill look.

“Did you want to curse me like that?” Said Mo Fan dismissively.

Now Mo Fan was a high-level magician of two elements, therefore his spirit was more enduring than a high-level magician of one element.

– Get out of here! – shouted fiercely Mo Fan. The silver glow shone again, and now Shijuyf also rejected the magic of space.

Shizhuyfu was dumb from what was happening. He immediately rushed to activate the shield.

He could not believe that they could attack him so easily! He is the curse element magician!

Of course, the shield was able to protect him from the magic of Mo Fan’s space, except that Shijuyf completely forgot that the rival’s beast was still present in the arena!

The agile wolf waited all this time, and when all attention to Shijuyf would be completely focused on Mo Fana. It was at that moment that he jumped and rushed towards the Egyptian. The wolf clutched at his shoulder with his sharp fangs!

Shijuyfu managed to react by activating his armor and switching the curse of the deadly spider trap to the wolf!

The agile wolf quickly jumped away, almost hitting the bloody cobweb of a curse – he again rushed at Shizhuyf!

The Egyptian was in armor, so these attacks of the beast were now no fear for him.

While Shizhuyfu was distracted, six shadow spikes flew from different sides, piercing his armor and piercing them.

The magic of the shadow blocked both his body and his mind.

The Egyptian could not even give a retaliatory strike, and at that time a flaming fist was already flying into him!

* Wham

Shizhuyfu flew up from this blow, and the resulting fire just hit the public!

He slowly rose. The thorns of the shadow no longer shackled him, and the flame no longer burned, but his body underwent hellish agony.

This time, Mo Fan split a little bit, crippling his opponent so seriously ….

Well, who asked him to climb into the arena? You asked for it.

“Is this … does the Egyptian team have such a crazy reaction?” – asked someone from the state security team.

– This is all Mo Fan!

– The curse element didn’t work on Mo Fan, it means that he is superior in his cultivation to his rival! A trap of the curse element could just kill a man!

– He has already laid down two Egyptians, even scary to think how strong he is! – the crowd of guards went talking.

This is a real shame for the Egyptian team!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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