Chapter 917. I can destroy with one fist (part 2)


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– The fire!

The feathers of the wings behind Mo Fan seemed to explode, which is why the magician himself turned into a powerful fire shell. And now he was heading towards Mäosi!

Such speed simply struck the people around: the fiery sea remained in its place, whereas Mo Fan was already at a distance of one hundred meters from him, so that he could not even see it!

The sand was still spinning around the arena, closing it all with a thin veil.

Miaosy, seeing the possibilities of Mo Fan, hurried to make a shield from her sand.

A huge shield appeared in front of the sorceress, but from a distance he looked more like a golden wall.

Such protection will not be easy to break!

Although the girl was behind a huge shield, Mo Fan was already aiming at her head!

– Wing – crashing fist! – in flight, Mo Fan gave a cry, and after that the elemental system began to line up right around him.

Those present continued to ofigevat. Mo Fan turned into a high-speed fiery creature that was gripped by a thick, destructive breath!

* Wham

Facing the sandy shield, Mo Fan did not even think of retreating ….

He struck it with a collapsing fist, whose power was not inferior to the high-level magic of the fire – the shield fell apart, missing a blow to its owner.

Myaos was shocked. She hurried to activate a protective artifact that covered her whole body, and now her body was in golden mail. Having barely managed to do this, her body was already thrown into the air by a blow. Her speed was fast, flying barriers, she swept over the heads of her own team and just slammed into the wall of the state security building ….

The whole crowd fell silent.

It doesn’t matter if they were members of the Egyptian team or guards, none of them could even match a few words to describe what they saw!

– One fist … really one blow? – Dun Fan Le recalled his fight with Mo Fan.

But today, Mo Fan’s magic was even more brutal and destructive. Even sand structures, which are not so easy to destroy, could not resist it.

In the arena, Mo Fan has already managed to extinguish all his flames, removing the remnants of smoke.

“Even after having cultivated for several decades, you will never be able to do anything you want on this earth,” Mo Fan shouted, addressing the team from Egypt.

At one point, he turned into a super-readable member of the team of state guards – none of the guys had ever seen magic like that!

– Friend, why be so intolerant of other people? You are certainly not a simple guard, ”said Sind, getting up from his seat.

“Hey, hey, you cornered here and started blaspheming our country — I didn’t show intolerance, but taught you a lesson.” If something does not suit, then come here to the arena! Another garbage for today does not take away a lot of my strength! – Mo Fan was clearly not friendly.

Everyone now knew about Mo Fan’s temperament. A person who managed to liquidate a black church, will he fear any foreign students?

“Ha, do you really think that there is no one among us who can put you to bed?” “Sindh was angry now too.” He took a step forward.

“Captain, you cannot fight, we may have problems during a meeting with national teams,” another member of the Egyptian team reassured Sindh.

This time, the Egyptian team was lowered below the baseboard …

Sind, exhaling, said, turning to Mo Fang: “Today we will assume that you have won. But keep in mind that in real competitions I will fully repay your national team! My revenge will be terrible! ”

– Enough to brag. You could not even beat the state security team, do you think you can resist our national team? – smiled Dun Fan Le.

– Think what you want, but I warned! Shouted Sind.

– Yes, on the drum. But this is a state security, you lost again, which means you won’t get badges. Have a good trip! How to meet our team, it is better to immediately get around it. If our Mo Fan is there, then I think by that time he will be even stronger! – shouted Dun Fang Le.

Dong Fang Le’s words only once again amused the state security team.

Mo Fan, who was standing on the podium, shouted with a smirk: “You know, and I’m not even the strongest!”.

Sindh was furious, but he was dragged off in time by the other team members.

Mo Fan was not cunning: Ai Jiang Tu was the strongest in the national team, as he made a breakthrough to a high level of two elements much earlier than him, and now his power could be compared to a real commander-level animal! Mo Fan did not think that Ai Jiang Tu could win, because he still leaves much to be desired to control the magic of space.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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