Chapter 918. A Good Gift


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“I should definitely kill him!” – screamed Myaosy, being in hysterics.

She could not calm down – this defeat for her was harder than death. There was no one in the whole team who could compete with her, not counting Sind.

In the end, she lost to the Chinese security team!

After Mo Fan told her that she would destroy her with one blow, she hurried to activate all the defenses she had, but as a result she still lost!

Myaos was so evil that even if she would have killed him a hundred times, that would not be enough!

“Myaos, you must calm down to begin with.” Such a power as this kid has … I do not know what she is doing among the simple state protection, but in any case she will meet us at the competitions themselves. The Chinese, too, are not fools, just to let go of such power from under their noses. As soon as you see him in competitions, you can immediately take revenge, and then you will prove your strength to everyone! – reassured girl Said.

Said also wanted revenge.

What does it matter that this kid has such power? None of the Egyptian team has yet shown itself in full power, which they will manifest in Venice ….

After these words, Miaosy calmed down a bit.

After these few days, she realized that she could not be so weak and fragile, she had to write to Cairo that she needed more resources !!!

Myaos really thought that not a single state security team would be able to resist it. Who knew that the Chinese will be from another test … Every time she remembered what had happened, anger again began to boil in her!

After the expulsion of the Egyptian team, joyful rumors also began among the state guards.

At first they thought that only Ning Xue was in their team, which was capable of not losing to rivals, as soon as Mo Fan arose, whose power simply amazed.

Bai Dongwei was also very pleased, even though he had no idea that this boy Mo Fan was so irresponsible, and he ran away from the national team.

Well and good. Now all the next guests of the state security are facing hard trials – even if they don’t think about getting the badges!

Thinking that the state security team of China finally got the opportunity to improve their situation, Bai Dongwei’s heart began to quietly rejoice at the flood of good luck!

After Egypt, another team from some small country appeared. The forces of the participants could not be called outstanding, so Mo Fan won even without the use of special force.

Mo Fan remembered that he came to the state security team not to raise her ratings, but to improve his cultivation and get more of the necessary resources.

From the moment of the incident with the black church, a month has already passed, and Mo Fane’s phone has now been torn from the calls of various bank managers because of the money received!

Mo Fan decided to dispose of the money as planned before: for one hundred million yuan he thought to buy one galactic vein in order to make a breakthrough to a high level in the magic of shadow, and for the remaining thirty million to pump his element of space.

He also continued to cultivate in the three-stage tower, which recently managed to become his second home. Every time he wanted to cultivate in her, Director Xiao happily gave him the green light. Mo Fan thought about how he would crush the team back!

Unfortunately, Mo Fan failed during a breakthrough attempt.

Mo Fan thought that he simply didn’t have enough strength to break the barrier that had formed in his shadow nebula. He used the galactic vein, but only a breach appeared in the barrier from this! Mo Fan’s self-esteem plummeted.

He spent so much money, and in the end everything went down the drain !!!

In fact, the use of the galactic vein was not a waste of money. Mo Fan felt that the shadow nebula was changing in his inner world, and it was quite far from a high level, and the galactic vein helped to shorten this distance significantly!

Mo Fan, naturally, he himself understood that a breakthrough to a high level is not an easy thing, and even the presence of a galactic vein does not guarantee a result.

Being in a dejected mood, he could not have imagined that Liu Zhu would bring him good news.

Investigation of persons involved in the incident on the estate of the island of Chunming, led the investigation to the person who owned the second largest controlling stake in land holdings.

The identity of this person was very controversial. He was a vampire, and the incident at the manor touched him.

Liu Zhu told Mo Fang that this man was willing to pay him very good money if he helped him to avoid the secret investigation of the magical court.

Needless to say, Mo Fan was very flattered by such a suggestion ….

Even if he needs money, he still needs to find out if this person is not connected with the black church, so he decided to find out information that is known to her through Len Qing.

– His name is Pi Noke. We have information that Salan managed to escape from the manor only due to the fact that this vampire provided her with data. He himself is not drawn into the black church, but there is nothing particularly good about him either. It is advisable to detain him, if you do not succeed, then let your girlfriend deal with him, – said Len Qing.

In the big cities there are a lot of dark forces hiding, and, of course, the magical court can completely eliminate everything, and as they say, it is impossible to catch it. People like Pi Noke do not pose a particular threat to the population, only with their light hand the evil goes unpunished and even gets further developed.

Len Qing – Deputy magical court, which operates in Shanghai. Since it was decided to carry out all this in secret, then Len Qing was also willing to let Liu Zhu take up this vampire.

“Liu Zhu now belongs to strong vampires, I think she can keep him under control,” answered Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu will not deceive Mo Fang in this matter. Even if this Pi Noke turns out to be a kind and decent person and just wanted to earn money on this business, the persuasion between two vampires will not harm anyone, but you can be sure that the vampire will not want to violate it, since punishment will follow.

Pi Noke explained the situation, and the land plot also remained behind him. Pi Noke, having learned from the words of Liu Zhu that Mo Fang would like to make a breakthrough to a high level, creaking his heart, presented the galactic vein as a token of his gratitude.

Mo Fan, seeing a new high-quality galactic vein in front of him, was greatly delighted.

“After every certain time, this vampire should bring me a tribute as a sign of his respect and reverence.” I do not even know how I will spend this money! Perhaps you will help me with their consideration, ”Liu Zhu said with a smile.

For her, every little thing she could do for Mo Fang was a joy.

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